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2013年八年级上期第一次月考英语试题 (考试时间:100分钟,满分:120分) 第一部分 基础知识运用 一. 单项选择。(20分) ( )21、There ______a wonderful volleyball game on TV this weekend. A. is going to have B. is C. will have D. is going to be ( )22、—Would you mind not _____your bike here? It‘s so crowded. —Sorry, I'll do it at once. A. put B. puting C .putting D. to put ( )23、In winter, there is always a heavy snow in my city. So I prefer skiing to _________. A. skate B. skating C .skates D. skated ( )24、Wangling likes singing and she hopes ______a singer when she grows up. A. be B. to be C .be D. is ( )25、Our school will play No.4 Middle school .I think we‘ll win. Please cheer us A. for, on B. against, on C. against ,up D. for, against ( )26、—. Can you tell me why you are so happy? —Sure. I saw an movie just now. It has great fun. A. excite; exciting B. excited; excite C. exciting; excited D. excited; exciting ( )27、 his English in the garden. A. practice B. practicing C.practiced D. to practice ( )28、Lin Tao isn‘t good ________ running, but he knows it‘s good ___ himself. A for, at B in, for C at, for D for, in ( )29. —the high jump in the school sports meet next week. We‘ll cheer her on. —Will you _______ us ? A. take part in, join B. take part in, join in C. join in, take part in D. join, join in ( )30.—Would you mind teaching me how to play soccer ? — . Let‘s practice it together.

A. Never mind B. You‘re welcome C. Of course not D. OK.

( )31、Running makes us _______ very strong.

A. to become B .become C. became D. becoming

( )32、American people always spend much time _______ on weekends?

A. exercise B. do sports C. exercising D. walk

( )33、Michael thinks Kangkang should _________________.

A. to pass the ball him B . to pass the ball to him

C. pass the ball him D. pass him the balll

( )34. —Li Lei is the first _______ the finishing line.


—How great he is!

A. pass B. passing

C. to pass D. past

( )35. Li Ming will take part in the boys‘ _______.

A. 800-meter race B. 800-meters races

C. 800 meter race D. 800 meters race

( )36. Xu Xia and her teammates are _______ the U.S.A. next week.

A. leaving for B. leave for C. leave D. left

( )37. It‘s very important for soccer players_______ as a team.

A. playing B. play C. to play D. plays

( )38. —I‘m so sorry for losing your dictionary.


A. Oh, it‘s nothing. B. You‘re welcome.

C. That‘s OK. D. Thank you all the same.

( )39. —_______ do you play computer games?

— Every night.

A. How long B. When C. How much D. How often

( )40. Don‘t shout at him. He _______.

A. will do his best B. did well in C. is good at D. did his bes

二. 完形填空。(20分)

swimming, and he often goes to the swimming pool near his or two.

One day his mother said, ―You quite well now. And you want to see the sea, don‘t you? Your father and take you there this Sunday. It‘s not cold now you can swim in the sea. It‘s much nicer than a swimming pool.‖

Jimmy‘s parents took him the sea in their car on Sunday. They small harbor(港口the sea for a long time, but he was . Then he asked his mother, ―Which is the shallow(浅的)end(部分)?‖

( ) 41. A. likes B. studies C. starts D. begins

( ) 42. A. club B. gym C. library D. house

( ) 43. A. a day B. a minute C. an hour D. a year

( ) 44.A. swims B. swim C. swam D. swimming

( ) 45.A. am going to B. is going to C. are going to D. want

( ) 46. A. lake B. sea C. river D. swimming pool

( ) 47. A. in B. at C. to D. on

( ) 48. A. arrived B. arrive in C. arrived at D. get to

( ) 49. A. found B. watched C. saw D. looked at

( ) 50. A. happy B. exciting C. angry D. well

三. 阅读理解。(30分)


51. How much does Mr Smith have to pay if he visits the zoo with his son of sixteen and a daughter of ten?

A. 50 ¥ B.60¥ C. 80 ¥ D. 70¥

52. Which of the following is True according to the passage?

A. Harry Potter is a basketball player.

B. If you want to watch the movie Harry Potter, you can go to the theater on Saturday.

C. Mike‘s father will spend twenty yuan if he wants to watch animals.

D. There is much rain in the mountains.

53. Jane‘s father is always busy on weekends, so what can he do ?

A. go for a picnic B. watch a movie

C. climb mountains D. visit the zoo

54. YuTing doesn‘t like living in big cities. She wants to go to somewhere quiet.

Where should she go?.

A. She should go to the movie theater.

B. She had better visit the zoo.

C. She can go to the West Hill.

D. She should stay at home.


55. Bruce likes science very much. Which is the best thing for him to do ?

A. go for a picnic B. watch Harry Potter with his friends

C. climb mountains D. visit the zoo with his family


Sports are very popular and they are always around us. Many people like doing sports and watching games.We watch and read sports news. There are also sports clubs and sports channels (频道) on TV. In many countries, players get millions of dollars every year.

What do people think of sports ?

Pala Kowa from Ukrainev (乌克兰)

Sports bring people together. In 2006, our team was able to play in the 2006 World Cup for the first time. Everyone was happy. Rich and poor, old and young, men and women. They celebrated in the streets together.

Mike from the U.S.A.

There are fans of different teams.During a game,they always fight all the time—they shout and hit each other. And here‘s another example: My brother playsbaseball in the high school . Last on … baseball is only a game! Sports are so competitive (有竞争力的) these days. It‘s all about winning. Then the game isn‘t fun.

Kumiko from Japan

Sporting events are important. Like the World Cup,it brings much for the countries which will hold the World Cup .For example, many people will come to watch the games.Then they will eat here ang live here for a long time.All these are good for the country and bring a lot of money for the people in these countries. Just like the Olympic Games, Japan will hold the 2016 Olympic Games .No doubt it is a good chance for Japan to develop(发展). I believe it will be better for these countries which have a chance to hold an important game.

( )56.What‘s the idea of Pala Kowa to the sports?

A.They make people rich.

B.They make people happy all the time.

C.They make people younger.

D.They bring people together.

( )57. What does Mike think of a game when players and fans only think about winning?

A. It‘s important. B.It‘s exciting.

C. It‘s not fun. D.It‘s not competitive

( )58.Why are sports important for Kumiko?

A. Because sports are competitive these days.

B. Because sports can make money for a country.

C. Because sports can make players rich every year.

D. Because sports can make people happy.

( )59.Which word has the same meaning as the underlined word“score”?

A. point B. kick C.soccer D.game


( )60.What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Sports are popular all over the world.

B. Sports bring people from different countries together.

C. People have different ideas about sports.

D. Sports bring money for people.

(C) Dear Jack,

How are you? I have been in the USA for six months. I like the life here. I have a few friends. I don‘t have much homework. There are a lot of sports at my school, but I don‘t like sports at all. I like the food very much. I eat a lot of different kinds of food every day. I like coke(可乐)very much. I don‘t drink water. I drink coke instead(代替). I’m enjoying my life here. But I am getting too fat and I often fall ill. I don‘t know why. My parents say I must do more sports and lose my weight. Must I?

Yours, David

According to the passage,make T(true) or F(false).

( )61. David doesn‘t like staying in America.

( )62. David has to do much homework.

( )63. There are many sports at David‘s school.

( )64. David prefers water to coke.

( )65. Now, it‘s very important for David to do sports .



Many people like playing football all over the world. In their free time, they will buy tickets to watch football matches. Do you know there are two kinds of football games ? One is American football and the other is soccer. In China ,many young men like playing soccer. It is very popular in China. But the Chinese don‘t call it soccer. They call it football. There are eleven players in a can play football with their hands .If others do like this , he will break the rules.

66. From the passage, what‘s the Chinese meaning of the

underlined word ?goalkeeper‘ ?


67. Do Chinese people call it‘soccer’?


68. How many players are there in a soccer game?



第三部分 综合运用(44分)

一. 情景交际。(5分)

Mike:Hi, Jim. Jim:I am going to play football in the gym. Because I‘m going to take part in the football

match next week. Mike:I have nothing to do.


Mike:Of course.

Jim:Oh. It‘s very good.

Mike:Yes, I do. But I don‘t play very well.

Jim:Never mind. You need more practice.

Mike:Yes, you‘re right. Jim:At five o‘clock at the bus stop.

69. 70.


74. The boy will go to the movies. (改为否定句)

The boy _______ _______ to the movies.


_______ ________ Kangkang and Michael going to swim ?

76. Jane will join in the relay race. (改为同义句)

Jane will _______ _______ in her homework after dinner. 77. 我马上就去打扫房间

I‘ll clean my bedroom ______ ________.


There are many kinds of sports in the world, such as soccer, basketball, table tennis and so on. Many people like playing soccer and they think soccer is one of the most sports. But I famous running of China. His feet was hurt in a game but he keeps practicing. When I grow up, I am going to be a famous person Liu Xiang. Last Sunday, our school ___82___a sports meet. In the relay race, I ran and we won the game. Lin Tao is my best friend. He is very good at and won in the high jump. I hope I will take part in the Olympic Games in the


78. 79. 82. 83. 四. 书面表达 (15分)

假如你叫Peter, 你校下周末将在操场举办一场运动会。根据表格信息并发挥想象写一篇作文。要求80词左右。


听 力 材 料

Unit 1 Topic 3

Ⅰ. 听句子,选择正确图片。每个句子读一遍。

1. The girl does badly in swimming.

2. The boy got a gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

3. Kangkang was able to play basketball when he was very young.

4. Li Bing is the winner in this game.

5. My father bought a gold ring for my mother yesterday.

Ⅱ. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读一遍。

6. Could you tell me your age?

7. Who won in the long jump?

8. Would you like to go to the zoo with me?

9. When shall we meet?

10. Shall we meet at my home?

Ⅲ. 听对话,判断正(T)误(F)。对话读两遍。

W: Hello! Can I speak to Li Kang?

M: Speaking.

W: Hi, Li Kang, this is Wang Fang. Would you like to go skating with me?

M: Yes, I‘d love to. When shall we meet?

W: Let‘s make it three o‘clock this afternoon.

M: Where shall we meet?

W: At my home. Don‘t forget to take skating shoes.

M: OK.

Ⅳ. 听短文,回答问题。短文读三遍。

Jack is a basketball fan. He is good at playing basketball. Michael Jordan is his favorite basketball player. Jim is on the school basketball team. Every Friday afternoon they play basketball after class. Jack‘s friend Mike doesn‘t play basketball well, but he is good at football. Ronaldo is his favorite football star. Mike is a member of the school football team. They often watch football matches on Tuesday evenings.


Unit 1 Topic 3

第一部分 听力


Ⅰ. 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B

Ⅱ. 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B

Ⅲ. 11. F 12. T 13. F 14. F 15. T

Ⅳ. 16. No, he isn‘t.

17. Every Friday afternoon.

18. Michael Jordan.

19. They watch football matches.

20. Yes, he is.

第二部分 基础知识运用

Ⅰ. 1. B 考查join in + races的用法。

2. B 考查奥运会的格言: Faster, higher, stronger.

3. C 考查有关奥运的常识,第一届奥运会是在雅典举办。

4. C 根据 be the first to do sth.是固定短语可知,故选C。

5. A 考查800-meter race的用法。

6. C 对 Shall we …?提供建议的回答常用Good idea,故选C。

7. B 根据“数词一名”结构做定语可知,故选B。

8. D 根据句意“他病了,我不知道他是否要来上学”可知要填“是否”,故选D。

9. B 根据 excited修饰人,而exciting修饰物可知,故选B。

10. B 根据词组make friends with sb. 意为―和某人交朋友‖可知,故选B。

Ⅱ. 11. Who is that?

12. Would you like to see a film with me?

13. When will it begin?

14. When and where shall we meet?

15. See you then.

Ⅲ. 16. C 因为 one of后跟名词复数,故选C。

17. C 因为 He是单三人称,故不选A、B。根据句意“伴随着晨练他开始了新的一天”


18. D“看英语”常与read连用,故选D。

19. B 因为“It‘s time to do sth”是固定句型,故选B。

20. B 因为eating habits是“饮食习惯”的固定表达法,故选B。

21. A 根据句意“他的饮食习惯很好”可以排除B、D;又因句be动词之后要跟形容词,


22. C 因为康康饮食习惯好,所以他从不吃垃圾食品,故选C。

23. B 因为be bad for+名词是固定短语,故选B。

24. B 因为be able to do是固定短语,故选B。

25. A 因为看电视常与动词watch搭配,故选A。

Ⅳ. (A)

26. D 根据文章中间原句 He is twenty-five years old可知他今年25岁,由此推出他是1988


27. A 根据文章原句 His father, a fan of the NBA, taught him to play basketball when he was


28. C 根据文章原句 He studied at Harvard University (哈佛大学) from the year 2006 to the 9

year 2010可知从2006年至2010年他在哈佛大学学习,故选C。

29. B 根据文章倒数第二句可知他训练刻苦球技很好,故选B。

30. A 根据文章第八句可知在林书豪未出生之前全家便迁往了美国,所以他不是中国人,

故排除B、D;根据第七句可知林书豪并不喜欢人们叫他“姚明第二”,故排除C, 答案选A。


31. C 根据第一段最后一句 ―现在一些人开始寻找新的刺激‖ , 可知选C。

32. B 根据第一段可找到 ―爬最高的山,去世界一些未知的地方旅游, 坐一只小船横渡最

大的海‖ 都是危险的,故选B。

33. B根据第二段第三句可知―蹦极是要把橡胶带子绑在腿上的‖,故选B。

34. A 根据第三段最后一句和倒数第二句可知 ―在过去,人们生活在危险当中,他们不得

不出去寻找食物‖ ,可知,故选A。

35. A 根据最后一段第一句―很多人认为生活中刺激太少‖ , 可知, 故选A。


36. In 1896. 37. An emblem. 38. 108 years. 39. Yes, it does.

40. Faster, higher and stronger.

第三部分 写作

Ⅰ. (A) 1. least 2. chance 3. symbol 4. Theater 5. held

(B) 6. successful 7. lover 8. exciting 9. inventor 10. player

Ⅱ. 11. message 12. modern; players 13. stand 14. will be 15. stand for

Ⅲ. A)1. Kangkang joined in the relay race yesterday.

2. Jack was the first to cross the finishing line.

3. The five rings stand for the five parts of the world.

4. Ling Ling does well in English.

5. Liu Xiang won a gold medal.

B) Last week our school held a sports meet on the playground. All the students were very excited. Kate is good at running and she took part in the girls‘ 400-metre relay race. She won the first place. Lucy joined in the long jump, but she did badly. I was in the boys‘ 100-metre race and I was the first to cross the finish line. At last, our class won the first place.


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