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八年级下册Review of Unit8

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Review the words of Unit8,and use the words to finish the following passage.

gifts Everyone likes (1) _____(礼物).But different people like different kinds of them. Some (2) children _______(孩们)like animals, such as (3) mice pigs ______(老鼠)、(4) rabbits ____(兔)、 (5) ____(猪) snakes even (6) _____(蛇)They think they are lovely enough also (7) _______(足够的).And old people (8)___(也) like animals, because they think they can be their companies(伙伴).Young people like special something(9) _______(特别的). received I’ve (10) ______(收到)many gifts. But one of them is very meaningful. On my tenth birthday gave my father (11) _____(给) it to me.

opened When I (12) _____(打开) it, I was surprised. rather than That’s an English book with CD (13) _________ suggested (而不是) a doll. He (14) _______(建议) me learning English well. And his words (15) encouraged ________ (鼓励) me to learn English. I became interested Besides (16) ________(感趣的) in it. (17) ________(除… 外), there was an MP3 under the book. My father wanted me to listen to English every day. With my father’s help, I made great (18 progress ______(进步). Now I am good at it. And I listen to English every day, until I (19)fall asleep _________(入 make friends with 睡). I also (20)__________ (与…交友) foreigners.

?一些建议 ?不够特别/创意 ?在我的九岁生日 ?一个八岁的女孩 ?整天 ?太…而不能… ?买某物给某人

some suggestions / some advice not special / creative enough on my ninth birthday an 8-year-old girl all day / the whole day too … to … buy sth. for sb.=buy sb. sth. get sth. for sb.= get sb. sth.


?入睡 ?分发、赠送 ?太多礼物 ?太多钱 ?捐钱给慈善机构 ?听说 日历 相册 建议和评论 几条围巾 给某人制作某物 谦虚的

make a special meal for her fall asleep give away too many gifts too much money give money to charity hear of calendar photo album suggestions and comments several scarves/ scarfs make sth. for sb./make sb. sth. be modest

?以不同的方式 ?参加比赛 ?唱得很清楚 ?鼓励某人做某事 ?取得进步 ?全中国 ?对…感兴趣 ?和…交朋友 ?最不同寻常 ?不够友好 ?照顾 ?尽力不去做某事 女子组比赛的冠军

in different ways enter a contest sing clearly encourage sb. to do sth. make progress across China / all over China take an interest in … make friends with … the most unusual not friendly enough take care of try not to do sth. the winner of the women’s competition

eg.我们建议明天去参观博物馆。 We suggest a visit to the museum tomorrow. 我建议将运动会延期。 I suggested putting off the sports meeting. suggest后可接名词或动词的-ing形式作宾语。 当suggest后接that宾语从句时,从句中的谓语动词 常用“should+动词原形

”,should可以省略。 简建议我们早上七点钟到那儿。 Jane suggested that we (should) arrive there at 7:00 am.

? What should I get my mother for her birthday? ?Why don’t you …? / Why not…? ?How about …/ What about …? ?I think you need to … ?I think you should … ?Maybe you could … ?It’s a good idea to … Mary ? What a fine day (it is)=How fine the day is! ? What do you think of…?=How do you like…?

?That’s too expensive. ?It’s/They’re too cheap. ?That’s too boring.

?That’s not interesting enough.
?That’s not special enough. comments

?That’s not creative enough.
?That’s too personal.

?That’s a good idea.
?That sounds good.
enough money/food/… special/creative/interesting/old… enough

Can you choose the correct words?

(after/in) in I’ll meet you _________a few days (besides/except) besides We went to the cinema yesterday _______ Tom. (Tom有去) except We went to the cinema yesterday _______ Tom. (Tom没去) (rather than/ instead of/instead) instead He is too busy, let me go ________. instead of He asked me another question ________ answering me.

根据单词的中文 提示,补全全文。

翻译: 1.除了汉语以外,我还懂英语和日语。 I know English and Japanese besides Chinese. 2.老师经常鼓励我们好好学习。 Our teacher often encourages us to study hard. 3.这些书将会赠送给孩子们。 These books will be given away to children. 4.我有个朋友叫做Ann. I have a friend called/named Ann. 5.那个带着许多书的男人是我们老师。 The man with many books is our teacher.

根据汉语意思,完成句子。 1.你不需要花费太多的钱。相反,做顿饭就足够了。 too much money You don’t need ______________________. Instead _________, making a meal is enough. 2.他对学英语很感兴趣。 He is very _________ __ learning English. interested in

take an interest in…
3.汤姆叫他妈妈把钱捐给慈善机构而不是给他买礼物。 Tom asked his mother to give money to charity rather than buy him gifts. _____ ____ 4.他的英语说得能和以英语为母语的人一样好。 can speak as well as He __________ English_________ native speakers.

? 作文: 母亲是最伟大的。作为一个孩子,你认为 应该怎样报答母亲呢?请写一篇短文谈谈 你的看法。 内容包括:1.母亲的爱表现在什么地方 2.为了报答母亲的爱,你应该做些什么?

Mother’s love is the greatest love in the world. Every mother loves her kids and wants to give everything to them. When you stay up to study, your mother will stay with you and give you a glass of hot water or juice. When you feel sad, your mother will talk with you and make you feel better. Everyone should love his/her mother and make her happy. I will help my mother do some housework, such as cleaning the rooms, cooking, shopping and so on. I think good grades are the

best gift for my mother. So I will study hard and be a good student. I won’t let my mother disappointed.

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