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反意疑问句(tag question)又叫附加疑问句,是 在陈述句后,对陈述句所叙述的事提出的疑问。 其基本结构有两种: 一 “肯定陈述句+简略否定问句”; 二 “否定陈述句+简略肯定问句”。 反意疑问句的前后两部分在时态,人称和数上 都要保持一致。

It looks like rain, doesn’t it? He doesn’t need to work so late, does he?

1.陈述部分的主语是this, that时,疑问部 分的主语多用it;陈述部分的主语是these, those时,疑问部分的主语多用they。 This is a dictionary, isn’t it? Those are shelves, aren’t they?
2.陈述部分是"there be"结构的,疑问部分 用there省略主语代词。 There is something wrong with your watch, isn't there? There will not be any trouble, will there?

3.陈述句中含有not, no, hardly, neither, never, few, little, too…to等否定词或具有否定意 义的词时,疑问部分常用肯定形式。如: Few people knew the news, did they? Tom has never been to England, has he? 4.如果陈述句的主语是something, nothing, anything, everything 等不定代词时,反意疑问 部分的主语多用it。 5. 如果主语是l’m,后反意部分用aren’t l l’ m late , aren’t l?

1.简短问句的否定形式,要用缩写形式,不能 出现not,主语要用人称代词不能用名词. Her mother is a doctor , isn‘t she? There is a book on the desk, isn't there? 2.对反意疑问句的回答,是根据事实,而不是 根据问题的提法。 He isn‘t a doctor, is he ? (他不是医生,是 吗?) Yes, he is . (不,他是医生。) No, he isn't. (是的,他不是医生。)

Fill in the blanks:
①The boy is Japanese, ______he? isn't is ②The book isn't interesting, ______ it? ③He knows a lot about English names, doesn't he? ______
does ④The girl doesn't like apples, ______ she?

aren't ⑤There are two birds in the tree, ______ there?
didn't ⑥The man came to China last month, ______ he?

aren’t you (1)You’re a farmer, _______ ________?
is it (2)The weather isn’t fine, ______ _____?

didn’t she (3)Kate came here last month, _____ ______?
is he (4)I don’t think Tom is at home, _____ _____? were there (5)There weren’t enough nuts, _____ _____? isn’t there (6)There’s a pen in the pencil-box, ____ _____? didn’t he (7)The man had bread for lunch, ______ ____? can she (8)Mary can speak little English , _____ ______? is it (9)Nothing is wrong with the watch, ____ _____?

?中午之前 ?浏览 ?开心过一天 ?在一家书店 ?在电梯里 ?跨过街道 ?低廉的价钱 ?看起来要下雨

by noon look through have a good day in a bookstore in an elevator cross a street low price look like rain

?做某事有困难 ?出现 ?相处 ?想要做... ?周六晚上 ?玩得很开心 ?对某人友好 ?容易得多了 ?至少 ?举行他的90岁生日 聚会

have a hard time

doing … come along get along feel like doing on Saturday night have a wonderful time be friendly to … a lot easier at least have his 90th birthday party

show the way ?指路 be happy to do sth ?很高兴做某事 ?邀请某人做某事 invite sb to do sth win the game ?赢得比赛 on the weekend/ on weekends ?在周末 ?告诉我关于你自己 tell me about yourself help sb do / with sth ?帮某人做某事 be careful ?当心

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