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八年级下册考前复习 未传

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Ⅰ.Choose the best answers. 单项选择题。(每小题2分,共30分)

( )1.He will be back ________ few weeks.

A. in B. on


A. knocked down B. knocked out C. run out D. run across

( )3.Look at all the corruption that’s going on. It’s time the city was ________.

A. cleaned out B. cleaned down C. cleaned away D. cleaned up

( )4.How much did you pay ________ that bike?

A. over

A. too B. off C. on D. for D. either ( )5.If you don’t go, I shall not ________. B. also C. neither

( )6.You should ________ that bad habit.

A. get out of B. get down upon

C. get along with D. get away with

( )7.We ________ the stranger, wondering who he was.

A. gaze round B. gaze at

A. as B. while C. gazed at D. since D. gaze a way ( )8.The young American stood quietly ________ British guards searched his clothes. C. when

( )9.Read the letter and ________ him.

A. passed it on to B. pass on it to C. pass it for D. pass it on

( )10.“Why can’t you and Bill go to the movies tonight? ” “We are ________ a history test tomorrow. ”

A. supposed to having

C. supposed to have B. supposedly to have D. supposedly to having C. for D. at ( )2.It was after dark when the two children were both ________ on the safety crossing by a

( )11.We haven’t ________ all the difficulties yet.

A. done without B. out down C. gone through D. got over

( )12.Plato is a thinker that we all should ________.

A. look up to

C. look through

A. rain B. look into D. look down upon D. wouldrain ( )13.If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll not have the meeting. B. rains

C. will rain ( )14.We ________ TV when the telephone rang. A. watched B. were watching C. watch D. are watching

B. where did it happen ( )15.He asked his father ________ ? A. where it happens

C. how it happened D. how did it happen

Ⅱ.Cloze test. 完形填空。(20分)


It was winter, and Mrs. Hermann wanted to do a lot of shopping, so she waited 16 it was Saturday. When her husband 付款) for everything and to carry her bags. They went to a lot of shops, and Mrs. Hermann a lot of things. She often and said, “Look, Joe! Isn’t that beautiful! ”

He then answered, “All right, dear. How 20 is it? ” And took his money 21 to pay for it.

It was dark(黑暗) when they came out of the last 22 , and Mr. Hermann was very 23 and thinking about other things, like a nice drink at home. Suddenly(突然) his wife looked up at the sky and said, “Look that beautiful moon, Joe! ” Without stopping, Mr. Hermann answered. “All right. How


Ⅰ.1~5 AADDD 6~10 ACBAC

11~15 DABBC

Ⅱ.16~20 ABCAC 21~25 BBDCB

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