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Ⅰ.Choose the best answers. 单项选择题。(每小题2分,共30分)

( )1.He will be back ________ few weeks.

A. in B. on


A. knocked down B. knocked out C. run out D. run across

( )3.Look at all the corruption that’s going on. It’s time the city was ________.

A. cleaned out B. cleaned down C. cleaned away D. cleaned up

( )4.How much did you pay ________ that bike?

A. over

A. too B. off C. on D. for D. either ( )5.If you don’t go, I shall not ________. B. also C. neither

( )6.You should ________ that bad habit.

A. get out of B. get down upon

C. get along with D. get away with

( )7.We ________ the stranger, wondering who he was.

A. gaze round B. gaze at

A. as B. while C. gazed at D. since D. gaze a way ( )8.The young American stood quietly ________ British guards searched his clothes. C. when

( )9.Read the letter and ________ him.

A. passed it on to B. pass on it to C. pass it for D. pass it on

( )10.“Why can’t you and Bill go to the movies tonight? ” “We are ________ a history test tomorrow. ”

A. supposed to having

C. supposed to have B. supposedly to have D. supposedly to having C. for D. at ( )2.It was after dark when the two children were both ________ on the safety crossing by a

( )11.We haven’t ________ all the difficulties yet.

A. done without B. out down C. gone through D. got over

( )12.Plato is a thinker that we all should ________.

A. look up to

C. look through

A. rain B. look into D. look down upon D. wouldrain ( )13.If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll not have the meeting. B. rains

C. will rain ( )14.We ________ TV when the telephone rang. A. watched B. were watching C. watch D. are watching

B. where did it happen D. how did it happen ( )15.He asked his father ________ ? A. where it happens C. how it happened

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Ⅱ.Cloze test. 完形填空。(20分)


It was winter, and Mrs. Hermann wanted to do a lot of shopping, so she waited 16 it was Saturday. When her husband 付款) for everything and to carry her bags. They went to a lot of shops, and Mrs. Hermann a lot of things. She often and said, “Look, Joe! Isn’t that beautiful! ”

He then answered, “All right, dear. How 20 is it? ” And took his money 21 to pay for it.

It was dark(黑暗) when they came out of the last 22 , and Mr. Hermann was very 23 and thinking about other things, like a nice drink at home. Suddenly(突然) his wife looked up at the sky and said, “Look that beautiful moon, Joe! ” Without stopping, Mr. Hermann answered. “All right. How

Ⅲ.Reading. 阅读理解(10小题,每题3分,共30分)


During the summer holidays there will be a changed schedule of services for the students. Changes for dining-room and library service hours and for bus schedules will be put up on the wall outside of the dining-hall. Weekly film and concert schedules will be put up each Wednesday outside of the student club.

In the summer holidays, buses going to the town centre will leave the gate every hour on the half hour during the day. The dining room will serve three meals a day from 7: 00 am to 7: 00 pm during the week and two meals from noon to 7: 00 pm on weekends. The library will be open at its usual hours during the week, but have shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend hours are from noon to 5: 00 pm.

Students must have a new summer card if you want to use the library lending services. This announcement will also be seen in the next week’s student newspaper.

( )26.This announcement is to ________.

A. tell students of important schedule changes

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B. tell students of new bus and library services

C. show the excellent services for students

D. ask students to change their library cards

( )27.From this passage we know ________.

A. there is a film each week in the student club

B. there is a film or a concert each week in the student club

C. there is a film or a concert on every Wednesday in the student club

D. there will be no changes about the schedules of the weekly film and concert during the summer holidays

( )28.At which of the following times will the bus leave the gate?

A. 8: 00, 9: 00, 10: 00, 11: 00

C. 8: 00, 9: 00, 10: 30, 11: 00

A. no special hours

B. 8: 30, 9: 30, 10: 30, 11: 30 D. 8: 00, 9: 30, 10: 00, 11: 30 ( )29.In the summer holidays, the library will have ________. B. special hours on weekdays C. special hours on weekends

D. special hours both on weekdays and weekends

( )30.We may know that during the summer holidays ________.

A. few students will stay in the university

B. no breakfast will be served on weekends

C. the student newspaper will sell more copies

D. there will be a concert or a film each Wednesday


I often dreamed about Pisa when I was a boy. I read about the famous building called the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But when I read the word Pisa, I was thinking of pizza. I thought this tower was a place to buy pizza. It must be the best place to buy pizza in the world, I thought.

Many years later finally saw the Leaning Tower. I knew then that it was Pisa and no pizza. But there was still something special about it for me. The tower got its name because it really does lean to one side. Some people want to try to fix it. They are afraid it may fall over and they don’t like it leans over the city.

I do not think it’s a good idea to try to fix it. The tower probably will not fall down. It is 600 years old. Why should anything happen to it now? And, if you ask me, I like what it looks like. To me it is a very human kind of leaning. Nothing is perfect, it seems to say.

And who cares? Why do people want things to be perfect? Imperfect things may be more interesting. Let’s take the tower in Pisa. Why is it so famous? There are many other older, more beautiful towers in Italy. But Pisa tower is the most famous. People come from all over the world to see it.

( )31.This passage is about ________.

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A. Italian pizza

B. Italy’s problems

C. How the Leaning Tower of Pisa got its name

D. Why the writer likes Pisa

( )32.The writer used to think Pisa ________.

A. in Spain

B. not very famous C. not the same as pizza D. the same as pizza

( )33.The Leaning Tower of Pisa is ________.

A. modern B. falling down C. 600 years old D. 60 years old

( )34.The writer ________.

A. doesn’t like what the tower looks like

B. likes what the tower looks like

C. thinks it’s the most beautiful tower in Italy

D. doesn’t like towers

( )35.The writer likes the Leaning Tower of Pisa because ________.

A. it’s old

B. it’s perfect D. it’s imperfect C. it sells pizza





Ⅰ.1~5 AADDD 6~10 ACBAC

Ⅱ.16~20 ABCAC 21~25 BBDCB

Ⅲ.26~30 ABBCB 31~35 DDCBD

Ⅳ. May 2, 2004 Dear Aunt, 11~15 DABBC Ⅳ.Translate the following letter into English. 把这封信译成英语。(20分)

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Hi! I have made many friends at my school. We are getting along very well. But one day one of my friends lost 100 yuan. He thought I had taken his money and he told others about it. They are not as friendly to me as they were before. I’m very unhappy.

I need your help. Can you give me some advice?


Gao Fei




Midterm Exam(Units 1--5)


Choose the word whose pronunciation is different from the others. 各组单词中,有一个单词划线部分的读音与其他三个单词划线部分的读音不同,请选出。(每个1分,共5分)

Ⅱ.Choose the best answers. 单项选择题。(每个2分,共30分)

( )1.I hear she’ll be back ________ a week.

A. after

A. but B. in C. from

D. at ( )2.Did he give you anything else ________ the book? B. besides C. beside D. except B. nor my brother can

D. my brother can’t, either ( )3.My sister can’t cook, ________ . A. either can my brother C. neither can’t my brother


A. Li Ping and I B. Li Ping and me

C. I and Li Ping D. me and Li Ping

( )5.I ________ a candle and could see well by candlelight.

A. lights B. light C. lighted D. lited

( )6.The old lady can’t hope to ________ her cold in a few days.

A. get away

A. comes B. get off C. get out D. get over C. will come D. coming ( )7.I don’t think he ________ here next week. B. came

( )8.It’s ten o’clock! Are you still ________ TV? ( )4.Every student in our class were out except ________ , because we had something else to

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A. watch B. watches

C. watching D. watched ( )9.Can you tell me ________ at that time? A. what were they doing C. what are they doing B. what they were doing D. what they are doing

( )10.The teacher said light ________ much faster than sound.

A. traveled B. travels C. will travel D. had traveled

( )11.If it ________ , I’ll go to the zoo.

A. won’t rain B. don’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. rain

( )12.You’ll ________ .

A. late

A. all B. later B. on

C. are late C. for D. be late D. around ( )13.I traveled ________ the world for a few years. ( )14.There is a blackboard ________ our classroom. A. in front of B. in front off

D. the front of

C. besides D. excepts C. in the front of A. except ( )15.We are all here ________ Tom, because he is ill at home. B. beside

Ⅲ.Cloze test. 完形填空。


Once(从前)there was a king. He was very rich(富有)and 1 great power(权力). But he wasn’t happy. He was made him feel sad all the time. No doctor knewwas wrong with him. One day one of them him, “After much thought and study, I have found out that there is only one way for you to get

So the king sent(派)his men to every part of his land 6 a happy man. First, they visited the rich and powerful(有权势的人). They asked these people if(是否)they were happy, each of them answered that they didn’t know real happiness meant(意味).

One day, one of the king’s men met a woodcutter. “Are you happy? ”asked the king’s men. “As happy as the day is long, ”answered the woodcutter.

“Oh, good! ”said the man, “ 9 me your shirt. ”“Why? ”said the woodcutter, “I haven’t got 10 .”

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Ⅳ.Reading. 阅读理解。



Mr and Mrs Brown lived in a small town near London with their child. Sometimes Mr Brown came back home from work very late, when his wife and the child were asleep, and then he opened the front door of this house with his key(钥匙)and came in very quiet.

But one night when he was coming home very late, he lost(丢)his key, so when he reached his house, he rang the bell. Nothing happened. He rang it again. Again nothing happened.

Nobody moved inside the house. Mr Brown knocked at(敲)the bedroom window, he spoke to his wife, he shouted, but she didn’t wake up. At last he stopped and thought for a moment. Then he began to speak like a small child. \! Mother! ”he said. \! I want to go to the toilet! ”He spoke quite quietly but at once(立刻)Mrs Brown woke up. Then he spoke to her, and she opened the door for him.

( )1.The Browns lived in a small town near London.

( )2.Mr Brown’s wife and his child went to sleep after he came back from work.

( )3.One night Mr Brown lost his key to the door, so he knocked at the front door and the bedroom window.

( )4.Mr Brown said\! Mother”like a small child because he wanted his wife to wake up.

( )5.Mrs Brown woke up at once when she heard the bell rang. She opened the door for her husband.


The sun is always shining. But it can only shine on one side of the earth at one time. When the sun is shining on one side of the earth, it is night on the other side.

At night, you can see the stars(星星). The stars are in the sky all day. But the light from the sun is so bright that you can’t see them. When night come, there is no light, and the stars are bright enough to see. The stars look very small. But some of them are even bigger than the sun. They look small because they are so far away from you. Big things look much smaller when they are far away. The sun is closer(近)to the earth than other stars, so it looks bigger.

( )6.When it is night, the sun ________ .

A. doesn’t shine

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B. shines for a short time

C. disappears(消失)

D. shines on the other side of the earth

( )7.We can’t see the stars in the sky at daytime(白天)because ________ .

A. there are no stars there

B. the stars are much smaller than the sun

C. the bright light from the sun makes them not seen(被看见)

D. the stars come out only at night

( )8.The stars look small because ________ .

A. they are far away

B. they are small

C. they have no light

D. they are in the sky

( )9.Small things may look ________ when they are close.

A. bigger B. small

C. near

D. far away ( )10.The sun looks bigger than other stars because ________ . A. it’s bigger B. it’s far away in the sky D. it’s closer to the earth than other stars C. it gives much bright light

Ⅴ.Writing. 书面表达。(共25分)

Dear Editor:

I quarreled with a friend but I knew deep down that it was my fault. So I tried to talk to him, but he paid no attention to me. Maybe I hurt him too much. I tried talking to him again and he did the same thing. Is our friendship over?

Gao Yang, Shananxi




Ⅱ.1~5 BBDBC 6~10 DCCBB 11~15 CDDCA

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Ⅲ.1~5 BCCDD 6~10 BCBAA

Ⅳ.1~5 TFFTF 6~10 DCAAD

Ⅴ.One possible version:

Dear Gao Yang,

I think it is too early to say whether or not your friendship is over. I don’t know what you said to your friend, but if he does not want to talk to you, I think you must have upset him a great deal. You need to give him more time to forgive you. People often say things they don’t mean but a few words in anger do not last for ever.

At least you have tried to say you are sorry. Even though he doesn’t want to talk yet, your friend knows that you want to make up. And if he is a true friend, he will realize that friendship is more importasnt than being angry. Of course, maybe he doesn’t want to talk to you again. This means he doesn’t value your friendship very highly. If so, have you lost anything worth worrying about?








( )1.A.上一堂好课 B.节省时间 C.过得愉快

( )2.

A.现在他外出了 B.他就站在外面 C.一会儿他就要外出

( )3.By thy way, where are you going now?

A.在路的旁边 B.顺便说一下 C.为你指路

( )4.



( )5.. B.九点以前我们必须走

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C.在队列末尾 B.在队列最前面



( )1.Hello! May I speak to Mary, please?

( )2.I’m afraid I can’t go to your birthday party.

( )3.Thank you for asking me to have lunch with you.

( )4.Are you free tomorrow?

( )5.Li Lei, this is my friend, Jim.

( )6.May I have another cake, please?


A.Sure ! Here you are !

B.It’s a pleasure.

C.I’m sorry to hear that.

D.Speaking !

E. Hello, Jim! Nice to meet you.

F. Yes, I think so.


( )1.The farmers are getting ready_________the next year.

A.for B.in C.to D.at

( )2.Jim helped Li Lei __________ his English last week.


A.do B.with C.by D. at B.gets C.get D.take ( )3.The days___________shorter in autumn.

( )4.Your skirt is different__________mine.

A.to B.for C.from D.with

( )5.I’m going to have a birthday party.___________you like to come?

A.Could B.May C.Can D.Would

( )6.Hello! May I___________to Wei Jing, please?

A.talk B.say C.tell D.speak

( )7.Would you like____________more milk?

A.much B.some C.many D.a few

( )8.You want to get your book back,___________?

A.don’t B.do you C.aren’t D.are you

( )9.Turn___________the radio, please, I want to listen to the weather report.

A.in B.on C.to D.at

( )10.I can’t leave__________six.

A.when B.from C.before D.to

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( )11.____________bad weather!

A.What a B.How a C.How D.What

( ) 12.—In the USA, people eat a lot of beef.


A.are B.does C.do D.and

( )13.A:In England, people eat fish and chips.

B:Oh, we________. We eat a lot of chicken.

A.don’t B.eat not C.haven’t D.aren’t

( )14.I’d like a cup of tea_________nothing__________it.

A.with, on B.have, in C.has, in D.with, in

( )15.Which is__________food in the USA?

A.the most popular B.more popular

C.the popularest D.popular

( )16.Let’s give him___________to eat.

A.different something B.something different

C.different anything D.anything different

( )17.I often help my mother _________the washing

A.does B.do C.did D.is doing

( )18.There are only three cups here. We need one_________.

A.more B.most C.another

( )19.I need____________some shopping.

A.does B.do C.am doing D.to do

( ) 20. Uncle Wang worked ____________.

A.careful B.carefully C.be careful D.care


1. farmers, help, needed, the, apple, the, with, harvest.


2.the, best, is, of, spring, the, year, season


3.like, Australia, weather, is, what, in, the?


4.I, a, can, take, message?


5.only, it, to, will, ten, there, take, walk, minutes.


(1) A:Can I____________you?

B:Yes, please, I want to buy a sweater. D.other

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A:What____________do you want?

B:I’d like a red one.

A:Sorry. We don’t have red sweaters, but we have blue ones and yellow ones.

B:All right. I’d like to have a yellow one.

A:Here you____________!

B :How____________is it?

A:Thirty yuan.

B:That’s cheap. Here is the money.

A:Thank you.

(2) A:Which is your favourite_________?

B:I think October is the best.

A:Why do you think so?

B:_________it’s very cool in October. And I can have a lot of fruit.

A:__________is your worst month?

B:August. It’s too hot ________August.

A:I think so.


Lucy and Lily had a good time last Sunday. They got up very early. After breakfast they went to a park.

In the park, they saw a lot of flowers. Lucy wanted to pick one of them. But Lily stopped her. Then they went to the river. By the river they found a small boat. They got into (进入) the boat and started boating on the river. Two hours later, they left the boat and began to climb the hill near the river. They reached (到达) the top (頂部) at half past eleven. There they had their lunch. What did they have for lunch? Eggs, bread and some oranges.

In the afternoon, they went home.

Their mother asked them, “Did you enjoy yourselves?”

“Yes, very much. ” They answered.


( )1.Lucy and Lily went to a park last Saturday.

( )2.In the park, Lucy picked some flowers.

( )3.They had lunch before they started to climb the hill.

( )4.They had eggs, bread and some oranges for lunch.



1. A.Tom is from America.

B.Tom is from Canada.

C.Tom is from England.

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D.Tom is from London.

2.A.He is going to play basketball tomorrow.

B.He is going to watch TV tomorrow.

C.He is going to have a swim tomorrow.

D.He is going to play football tomorrow.

3.A.He stayed at home.

B.He bought some books.

C.He went to school.

D.He did his homework.

4.A.It will be fine tomorrow.

B.It will be rainy tomorrow.

C.It will be cloudy tomorrow.

D.It will be snowy tomorrow.

5.A.Some milk, bread and apples.

B.Some bread, eggs and oranges.

C.Some bread, milk and eggs.

D.Some meat, milk and eggs.


1. There was a telephone call for Jim_____________.

A.yesterday morning

C.this morning

2.Jim____________at that moment.

A.was at home B.was in bed

A.67688345 B.66873845

4.Li Lei wanted Jim_______________.

A.to ring him B.to go to see him

A.the school B.the cinema


Next_________is Ann’s birthday. She is going to___________a party in her home at half past four. She___________her friends can come to her party.

This morning Ann__________Bruce and__________him about her birthday party. She asked Bruce to come to her party. Bruce said he would__________to come. Ann aslo_________Kate and asked her to_________too. Kate said she would come_________Jim.

C.to write to him C.the hospital D.to stay at home D.the post office 5.Soon Jim came back from____________. C.was not at home D.was in hospital C.66878345 D.66788345 3.Li Lei’s telephone number is___________. B.yesterday afternoon D.this afternoon

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Ⅰ.1.B 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.B

Ⅱ.1.C2.A 3.B 4.C 5.B

Ⅲ.1.D2.C 3.B 4.F 5.E 6.A

Ⅳ.1.A2.B 3.C 4.C 5.D 6.D 7.B8.A9.B 10.C 11.D 12.C 13.A

14.D 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.A 19.D20. B

Ⅴ .1.The farmers needed help with the apple harvest. 2.Spring is the best season of the year.

3.What’s the weather like in Australia? 4.Can I take a message? 5.It will only take ten minutes to walk there.

Ⅵ. (1)help, colour, are, much (2) month, Because, Which, in



Ⅰ .1.A 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.C


1.A:Are you from England, Tom?

B:No, I’m from America.

Q:Where is Tom from?

2.A:What are you going to do tomorrow?

B:I’m going to have a swim.

Q:What is the man going to do tomorrow?

3.A:Hi, Li Lei. Where were you yesterday? Were you at home?

B:No. I went to a bookshop to buy some books.

Q:What did Li Lei do yesterday?

4.A:What’s the weather like tomorrow?

B:The radio says that it will be cloudy tomorrow.

Q:What’s the weather like tomorrow?

5.A:What do you usually have for breakfast, Wang Hong?

B:I usually have some bread, milk and eggs.

Q:What does Wang Hong usually have for breakfast?

Ⅱ.1.B2.C 3.D 4.A 5.B


There was a telephone call for my brother Jim yesterday afternoon. It was from his friend Li Lei. Jim was not at home at that moment. Li Lei gave me a message. He said his telephone number was66788345.He wanted Jim to call him when he was back. I wrote everything on a piece of paper. Soon Jim came back from the cinema.I passed on the message to him and showed him the piece of paper. Jim thanked me and rang Li Lei.


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Next Sunday is Ann’s birthday. She is going to have a party in her home at half past four. She hopes her friends can come to her party.

This morning Ann met Bruce and told him about her birthday party. She asked Bruce to come to her party. Bruce said he would like to come. Ann also met Kate and asked her to come too. Kate said she would come with Jim.

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