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1. __________ an English party in our school this evening.

A. There will be B. There is going to have C. There will have D. There is going have 2. The boys often play ______ tennis after school. A. a B. / C. the D. that 3. Alan is as _______ as Lucy in their class. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

4. ______ you _____ free next weekend? A. will, have B. will, be C. Do, be D. Are, be 5. He _____ in three days.

A. coming back B. came back C. will come back D. is going to coming back 6. There will be _______ people and _____ pollution in 50 years.

A. less, more B. fewer, less C. more, more D. less, less 7. Why not ____ to thank you teachers?

A. making cards B. to make cards C. make cards D. made cards 8. There will _____ robots in people’s homes. A. be B. is C. are D. have 9. My life will be _____ better than it is now! A. a lot of B. a lot C. more D. less 10. ------- ____do you go to see your parents? ------- Once a week.

A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How often 11. Flying to the moon for vacation will ____ one day.

A. come on B. come over C. come up D. come true 12. You ____ wash your hands before meals A. should B. could C. would

13. _____ he was very thirsty, he didn’t drink water. A. Though B. As C. So D. But 14. You should _____ sorry to him.

A. talk B. speak C. say D. tell 15. Please call me ______ this afternoon.

A. to B. for C. up D. with 16. Mother told her son ______ at home.

A. stayed B. to stay C. stays D. staying 17. Your clothes are ______ of style.

A. away B. far C. out D. in 18. Would you please _____ on the road?

A. not to play B. to not play C. not play D. don’t play 19. She has ____ haircut ____ I do.

A. the same, as B. the same, with C. same, as D. same, with 20. We are friends, we can ________.

A. get on well B. get well C. get on well with D. on well get 21. This is _____ boy. That girl is _______.

A. an 8-year-old, 7 years old. B. an 8-years-old, 7 years old

C. an 8-year-old, 7-year-old D. a 8-year-old, 7- year-old

22. You can ____ some money from Jim. I think he may _____ the money to you. A. lend, borrow B. borrow, borrow C. borrow, lend D. lend, lend 23. I don’t have a pen. He doesn’t have a pen, _____. A. too B. also C. as well as D. either 24. Everyone is here _____ Lily, she is ill.

A. beside B. besides C. outside D. except 25. She was cleaning her room __ I arrived at her room. A. When B. while C. as soon as D. but

26. When the UFO arrived, I was standing ____ the big tree.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. front D. in a front 27. My best friend visited my house while I ____ dinner in the kitchen. A. cooked B. cooking C. was cooking D. cook 28. I was very _____ at the ____ news.

A. surprised, surprised B. surprising, surprising C. surprised, surprising D. surprising, surprised

29. _____ I was walking to school, I saw a cat climbing a tree. A. When B. while C. before D. After 30. What _____ while Linda was ____ the phone?

A. happened, on B. happen, on C. happened, at D. happen, at 31. An alien got out _____ the UFO and walked ____ the street.

A. off, on B. from, along C. of, down D. in, in 32. They arrived ___ Paris ______ a winter evening. A. at, in B. to, on C. in, on D. in, at 33. ---- What were you doing at this time yesterday? ---- I _______.

A. sleep B. slept C. was sleeping D. sleeping 34. If you ____ the station, please call me.

A. get B. arrive C. reach D. arrive to 35. The thief _____ the purse and _______.

A. drops, run after B. droped, ran away C. dropped, ran away D. dropped, run away 36. We’ll go for a walk if it _____ tomorrow.

A. will not rain B. isn’t raining C. doesn’t rain D. isn’t rain 37. She said she ____ flying to shanghai next weekend. A. will be B. was C. is D. are 38. Please _____ the message _____ Tim.

A. pass, to B. pass, on C. pass, with D. pass, in 39. He told me he _____ call his brother tomorrow. A. will B. would C. shall D. can

40. ______, you should cut the bananas, then you can make the banana pie. A. The first day B. At last C. In the end D. First of all 41. He asked his classmate where _________.

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A. does his teacher see the film B. his teacher saw the film C. did his teacher see the film D. his teacher sees the film

42. He is ____ at ______ than ______.

A. good, read, listen B. better, reading, listening C. well, reading, listening D. better, read, listen

43. Jim does ____ in math. I do ____ in math. Mary does ____ of all. A. good, better, best B. well, better, well C. well, good, best D. well, better, best

44. I must get up early_____ I won’t be late for school. A. and B. but C. so D. or 45. I have _____ to tell you.

A. something excited B. exciting something C. excited something D. something exciting 46. I said I _______ to have the party for you

A. going B. go C. was doing D. am going 47. I found ____ difficult to learn science well. A. it B. this C. that D. me 48. I want you _____ happy.

A. be B. to be C. are D. to are

49. If it _____ fine, We’ll go to Money Island tomorrow. A. is B. was B. is going to be D. will be 50. My father enjoys _____ to light music.

A. listens B. to listen C. listening D. listened 51. If Mary is late tomorrow, the teacher won’t _____.

A. let in her B. let her in C. let she in D. let into her

52. Look! The traffic is moving fast. It’s ____dangerous ________ cross the street now. A. such, to B. so, to C. much, too D. too, to 53. We ____ go on a picnic if it ____ rain next Sunday.

A. don’t, isn’t B. don’t, stop C. shall, doesn’t D. aren’t, doesn’t 54. He was ____ tired ____ he couldn’t go on working. A. too, to B. such, that C. so, that D. too, that

55. The radio was too noisy. Would you turn _____ a little, please? A. down it B. it off C. off it D. it down

56. _____ bad news! We can’t go to Hainan for our holiday. A. What B. How C. What a D. How a 57. What _____ if I _____ the food to the party?

A. will happen, take B. happen, take C. happen, will take D. happens, will take 58. We will ____ work outside sometimes.

A. able to B. are able to C. be able to D. can 59. People will watch them _______.

A. all the time B. always C. often D. sometimes 60. _____ the students has his duty.

A. Each B. Every C. Each of D. Every of 61. There are about _____ students in our school.

A. two thousand B. two thousands C. two thousand of D. two thousand of 62. ---- ____ did they play basketball? ----- For an hour.

A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often 63. Amy has been skating _____ two hours.

A. for about B. for since C. since D. about 64. We have been walking _____ 8 o’clock. A. for B. at C. since D. during 65. She ____ in Beijing since 1985.

A. lives B. are living C. lived D. has been living 66. _____ the way, have you seen John lately? A. On B. In C. By D. To

67. How long have you been ______ English?

A. collecting B. collected C. to collect D. collects 68. It’s very kind ___ you ____ so much money for us.

A. for, to raise B. of, to raise C. for, raising D. of, raising 69. Did you see him _____ on the rail tracks just now? A. sitting B. to sit C. sat D. sits 70. Beihai Park is ______ years old.

A. hundred of B. hundreds C. three hundreds D. hundreds of 71. ------ It’s too hot, would you mind _____ the door? ------ ______, please do it now.

A. to open, OK B. opening, Certainly not C. opening, Of course D. to open, Good 72. I’m afraid I can’t really agree _____ you. A. for B. with C. on D. in 73. _____ you mind _____ me the way?

A. Would, to tell B. Would, telling C. Will, tell D. Will, to tell 74. Would you mind ______ the windows. It’s too cold.

A. not open B. not opening C. don’t open D. opening not 75. Would you please _____ in class?

A. don’t talk B. not talk C. not to talk D. not talking 76. Before you go out of the house at night, please ____ the light. A. turn off B. turn on C. turn down D. turn up 77. Don’t be angry, Mom. I’ll clean my room______. A. now B. right away C. away D. just now

78. I want to get the book back, please ____ when you finish reading.

A. return me it B. return it to me C. return it back to me D. return it me 79. ----- Stop ____, Peter. Go on with your lessons. ----- Sorry, sir. I stopped______ an eraser.

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A. to talk, to borrow B. talking, to borrow C. to talk, borrowing D. talking, borrowing 80. Doing too much homework is _____ children. A. good for B. bad for C. bad at D. good at 81. Do you know _____ yesterday afternoon?

A. what happened him B. what he happened C. what happened to him D. what happened to he 82. They ____ asleep for an hour.

A. have fallen B. have been C. fall D. are 83. ---- Would you mind not playing the guitar here? ---- ______.

A. Yes, I would B. No, I wouldn’t C. Yes, of course D. Sorry, I won’t do it 84. What should we ___ our teacher ___Teachers’ Day? A. take, on B. buy, from C. get, for D. give, to 85. Why ____ him a gift? That’s a good idea.

A. not buy B. don’t buy C. not you buy D. not to buy 86. This is Gina’s camera. Please ______.

A. give it her B. give it to her C. give her it D. give her to it 87. I’m sorry I don’t have _____ so many good things. A. money enough buy B. enough money to buy C. money enough buying D. enough money buy

88. I have _____ to buy this expensive gift for my mother, but I don’t think it’s ______. A. enough money, personal enough B. enough money, enough personal C. money enough, enough personal D. money enough, personal enough

89. What ____ the best gift Lucy _____ ever received? A. is, has B. has, has C. is, is D. has, is

90. I would receive money ______ the usual gifts for my birthday. A. rather than B. instead C. than 91. ----- What should I get ____ my dad?

----- A tie, I think he’ll like it. A. to B. of C. from D. for 92. How about _______ with us?

A. going fish B. going fishing C. go fishing D. go fish 93. I played football _________ baseball.

A. instead play B. instead of playing C. instead to play D. instead of play 94. Don’t spend _____ time watching TV.

A. too much B. much too C. many too D. too many 95. I think a dog is a good pet ______ an old person. A. in B. for C. on D. of 96. It’s easy ______ the teacher’s question

A. answer B. answering C. to answer D. answered

97. I learn English by ______, and my brothers teach ______ Japanese.

A. me, them B. me, themselves C. myself, themselves D. myself, them 98. ----- Why don’t _____ get him some fast food? ----- Oh, no. ___________ .

A. That’s not healthy enough B. That’s boring C. That’s too healthy D. That’s delicious 99. ----- _____ you ____ in this school for ten years? ----- Yes, I _____ here in 1994.

A. Did, come, came B. Have, been, came C. Did, come, have been D. Have, come, came 100. ---- Did you have _____ at water world yesterday? ---- Yes, I ____ with my parents there.

A. good time, enjoyed me B. great time, enjoyed myself C. a great time, enjoyed myself D. a good time, enjoyed me 101. It ____ us an hour ____ the other side of the river by boat.

A. spent, to get to B. took, to get to C. paid, getting to D. took, getting to 102. My English teacher is a very clever man. He is good at playing the guitar _____ singing. A. as well as B. as good as C. so well as D. as well like 103. ----- Jim likes music. ----- ______ his sister.

A. Neither do B. So do C. So does D. But does 104. I didn’t go to the cinema. _______ did he. A. So B. Also C. Neither D. And 105. I’ve _____ been to Japan before.

A. usually B. always C. often D. never 106. ---- Have you ever helped _____ you didn’t know? ---- Yes, I have.

A. nobody B. someone C. anyone D. anybody 107. ----- Let’s ______ to the aquarium. ----- That’s a good idea.

A. go B. to go C. going D. goes 108. ----- ______ have you been at this school? ----- Since 1990.

A. How long B. How much C. How soon D. How often 109. I’ve never seen such a fine picture______ . A. ago B. before C. yet D. later 110. The red coat ______ me fifty yuan.

A. cost B. took C. spend D. paid 111. ---- Which is the smallest number of the four? ---- ________.

A. two thirds B. A half C. A quarter D. Three fourths 112. ----- Where is your brother?

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----- He ________ to the park.

A. has been B. has gone C. is going 113. You can watch TV ____ Sunday night, ____ you? A. on, can’t B. at can C. on don’t 114. I think the rain will stop ____ noon. A. by B. until C. in D. on

115. ---- Thanks for _____. ---- It’s my pleasure.

A. your helping B. your help C. help me D. you help me 116. My mother doesn’t feel ____ and she doesn’t feel like _____ anything.

A. good, eating B. well, eating C. good, to eat D. well, to eat 117. ---- How are you ____ your classmates?

---- Very well.

A. getting on to B. getting along with C. making on with D. making along for

118. We waited ____ the bus stop ____ about one hour. A. at, for B. for, for C. for, at D. at, at 119. It seldom rains here in spring, ______?

A. is it B. does it C. isn’t it D. doesn’t it 120. Let’s go swimming,_______ ?

A. will you B. shall we C. won’t you D. will we 121. The bus will stop here, ______?

A. could it. B. won’t it C. is it D. doesn’t it

122. Few of them hurt themselves in the accident last night, ___?

A. did they B. do they C. didn’t they D. don’t they 123. We’ll go shopping _____ the weekend. A. at B. in C. for D. with

124. Nothing grows on top of the mountain,____ ?

A. do it B. doesn’t it C. do they D. does it 125. There were some foreigners in the college, ____ ?

A. weren’t they B. were there C. weren’t there D. doesn’t it

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1 — 5 ABABC 6 — 10 CCABD 11—15 DAACC 16—20 BCCAA 21—25 ACDDA 26—30 BCCBA 31—35 CCCCC 36—40 CBABD 41—45 BBDCD 46—50 CABAC 51—55 BDCCD 56—60 AACAD 61—65 AAACD 66—70 CABAD 71—75 BBBBB

81—85 CBDCA

91—95 DBBAB

101—105 BACCD

111—115 CBAAB

121—125 BAADC

76—80 ABBBB 86—90 BBAAA 96—100 CCABC 106—110 BAABA —120 BBBBB

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