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Module 7


play computer games

listen to music

read books or newpapers

see films / movies

write emails

talk with your friends

write homework

Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer?

Do you know these parts of a computer?
1. screen
2. printer

3. mouse

4. keyboard

1 Listen and number the words as you hear them.


keyboard mouse

What should we do before we play a computer ?

First Next connect … to …(把…连接…起来) Then Finally turn on …(打开)

3 Complete the sentences with the word and expression from the box.
connect turn on

1 First, _______ the screen to the computer. connect 2 Next, _______ the keyboard and the connect mouse to the computer. 3 Finally, _______ the computer. turn on

Words and expressions
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? keyboard n. 键盘 use the keyborad use v. 使用 mouse n. 鼠标; 老鼠 click the mouse click v. 点击 document n. 文件 save v. 保存;挽救 save the document print v. 打印 print the document box n. 盒子; (电脑屏幕上的)框 finally adv. 最后 paper n. 纸 screen n. 屏幕 connect …to… connect v. 连接 turn on 打开 learn v. 学;学习

Listen and number the instructions as you hear them.
2 Next Next Then Finally 5 1 3

a) Write your homework. b) Print your document. c) Open a new document. d) Save the document. e) Put some paper in.

Read and answer the questions
1. How do you open a new document? Click the mouse on “new document”. 2. Where do you write your homework? Write it in the new document. 3. How do you save the document? Click “save”, and write a name for it. 4. Where do you write its name? Write it in the box. 5. How do you print the document? Click “print” and “OK”.

Pair work
You can choose one topic:
watch TV play games How do you write emails do homework listen to music
Sample :

on the computer?

A :What do you usually do on the computer? B :I usually see a movie on the computer. A :How do you see a film on the computer? B :First ,I turn on the computer. Next, I open the document with the movies in it.Then , I click a movie. Finally, I can see the movie. A :Oh, I see.

Exercise : 1. Do you know how to c__________ the onnect mouse to the computer? 2. You can use the k eyboard to type your homework on your computer. 3. Can you tell me how to use rinter the p_________. urn 4.It’s too dark. Please t__________ on the lights in the room. 5.下一步我该做什么? What do I do _______________________________ next? 6.我怎么在我的电脑上写作业呢? on the computer How do I write my homework ______________?

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today. 2. Think about in what ways computers are used today.

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