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M3U1 一 1. in my class 2. in your classroom 3. how many students 4. a lot of 5. on the classroom walls 6. a map of the world 7.像…/ 是什么样子 8.在老师的书桌上 9. 在每人的书桌上 10. 在教室前面

二 1. It is really big. 2. Yes, there are. 3. Yes, there are. 4. They are on the classroom walls. 5. There is a map of England in Linda’s classroom.

三 1. I am fine. 2. Yes, I do. 3. What’s your classroom like? 4. How many students are there in your class? 5. No, there isn’t.

四 1. There are forty 2. What’s your classroom like 3. there is a computer 4. Are there any pictures

M3U2 一 1. a map of the world 2. in the middle of the school 3. on the left of the playground 4. near the school gate 5. between the building and the library 6. on the right of the library 7. science lab 8. computer room 9. 科学楼 10. 餐厅

二 1. It is about our school. 2. Six. 3. It’s in the middle of the school. 4.It’s on the left of the playground. 5.It is the sports hall. 三 (略) 四 BABC

M3综合训练 一 BBCC AAAC 二 1. There is a library behind 2. Where is the library / behind 3. between the classroom building and the library. 4. Are there any 5. next to

三 ACC 四 BCABC DACDA 五 1. Yes, there is. 2. Because the neck of the bottle is long. 3. He has got a small stone. 4. He puts the stone into the bottle. 5. Yes, he can. 六 (略)

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