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《目标》M4答案七年级上册 外研版 人教版

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M4U1 一 1. go shopping 2. too much/ so many 3. be good for 4. how about/ what about 5. a lot of / lots of 6. good idea 7. 好吧/全对 8.有,拥有

二 1. chicken 2. oranges 3. orange juice 4. coffee


四 1. We haven’t got any 2. Let’s go shopping for 3. Have we got any 4. is not good for you 5. we have got some milk

M4U2 一 1. eat/ have noodles 2. drink juice 3. keep healthy 4. a bit tired 5. too much meat 6. be good for 7. 健康食品 8. 吃好早饭

二 1. No,it isn’t. 2. Milk is good for our teeth. 3. Chicken soup. 4. Eat well, stay healthy, and don’t get fat. 5. Vegetables and fruit.

三 hamburgers bad candies sugar right soup Carrots potatoes milk fish

四(一)DBBC 四(二) 1. it is not healthy drink 2. are good for our eyes 3. eat rice, vegetables and fruit please 4. It is important 5. It is important for us to have a good breakfast.

M3综合训练 一 ABCB DBCB 二 1. We have got lots of 2. have got some beef and pork 3. is my favourite healthy drink 4. It is good for our health 5. It is important for everyone

三 BACCC 四 1. Danny will receive this letter. 2. A Chinese friend writes the letter. 3. Lunch and dinner are usually big. 4. Breakfast. 5. The writer wants to tell us Chinese meals.

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