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八年级 上 Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake Section A

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strawberries tomatoes oranges


bananas watermelon grapes





What kind of the shake

apple shake

mango shake
strawberry shake

How do you make a banana milk shake?

What ingredients do we need?
ice cream

banana banana

milk milk yogurt un blender blender

peel a banana peel a pear

peel an apple


peel some oranges

cut up the bananas

cut it up

cut up

put into

put the bananas and ice-cream into the blender

pour the water into the cup


pour the milk into the blender 倒

turn on/off the blender

turn on 打开
turn off

turn it on/off turn on/off the popper

cup milk shake glass water a bottle of milk bowl tea

drink 喝


cut up



turn on


____ the bananas. Peel

______the bananas. Cut up

____the bananas and Put yogurt in the blender.

Pour _____the milk into the blender.

Turn on _______the blender.

______the shake. Drink

? 首先…

First,… And… Next,… Then,… Finally,…

? 并且… ? 接下来…
? 然后… ? 最后…

first,and, next, then, finally
? First,peel the bananas. ? And,cut up the bananas. ? Next,put the bananas and ice cream into the blender. ? Next,pour the milk into the blender. ? Then,turn on the blender. ? Finally,drink the milk shake.

How to make a banana milk shake?

first and finally

next next

Try to retell the steps!




Cut up

Turn on



Listen and put them into the right order.
Turn on the blender. 2 Cut up the bananas. 6 Drink the milk shake. 4 Pour the milk into the blender.
3 Put the bananas and ice cream into the blender. 1 Peel the bananas.


first and next then finally

? Tell your partner how to make an apple/orange milk shake ? A: How do you make an orange/a pear /a strawberry/… milk shake? B: First peel the oranges, and… next…next…then…finally… A: Thank you! B: You’re welcome!

My kitchen

An apple milk shake

First, peel two apples. And, cut up the apples. Next, put the apples and ice-cream into the blender. Next, pour the milk into the blender. Then, turn on the blender…Finally enjoy it!

Language points 1. Turn on the blender.

祈使句。否定形式在前面加 don’t 。

Put it away, please. Please don’t put it away.

2. How many bananas do we need

? How many 是疑问词, “多少”,
后面跟复数名词。 询问多少人或物的句型是:

How many +复数名词 + 一般疑问

How many boats can you see?
How many apples would you like? How many books are there on the


3. — How much honey do we need?

— We need one teaspoon of
honey. (1) How much “多少”, 后跟 不可数名词。

How much rice do you want?

How much money do you have

头脑风暴: the food in the correct basket. Put 1. milk 2. tomato 3. teaspoon 4. popcorn 5. yogurt 6. salt 7. apple 8. onion 9. d

umpling 10. shake 11. juice 12. meat 13. cup 14. porridge 15. watermelon 16. mutton

2. tomatoes 3. teaspoons 7. apples 8. onions 9. dumplings 10. shakes 13. cups 15. watermelons
1. milk 5. yogurt 11. juice 4. popcorn 6. salt 12. meat

14. porridge 16.mutton

How many

bananas, watermelon, apples, orange

How much

yogurt, honey

one two three one cup two spoons

watermelon bananas orange apples

honey yogurt

2d 1. What does Anna want to make for a party? Russian soup. 2. What do we need to make Russian soup? Some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes,

five tomatoes and one onion.
3. Where do we put them?

Into a pot.
4. How long do we cook them? For 30 minutes.

5. What do we remember to do finally?
We remember to add some salt.

Add these to the sandwich.
“加” add sth. to sth. 将……加在……里。 Will you add more sugar to your coffee?


Complete the questions and
answers. Then match them.

First, put the
popcorn into the popcorn popper.

Next turn on

the popper.

Next pour the popcorn into the bowl.

Then put salt
on the popcorn.

Finally eat the


b How a How much d What e How much c

turn Finally

How do you plant a tree? First, dig a hole. Next, put the tree in the hole. Then, put the soil back. Finally, water the trees. It’s OK now.

1、用祈使句表达说话者的要求: Peel the bananas. Pour the milk in the blender. 2、用 “first, next, then…等来表 达顺序: First, cut up the bananas; then…; next…; last…

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