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Unit 7 You’re supposed to shake hands.

Section A

Period One

Tell what you are supposed to do.

? be supposed to do 被期 望或要求;应该做…
Everyone is supposed to know the law.

? be not supposed to do 不被许可做…
We are not supposed to play basketball in the classroom.

School Rules
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Get to school on time. Be friendly and helpful to others. Clean the classroom every day. Listen carefully in class. Don’t be late for school. Don’t copy others’ homework. Don’t spit everywhere. Don’t fight with your classmates.

New Words and phrases
shake n. shake hands custom n. bow v. kiss v.&n.
be supposed to do be not supposed to do


the United States




Different countries have Different customs

What are they doing?


What are you supposed to do when you meet people from France for the first time?

What are they doing? (shake hands)

What are you supposed to do when you meet him for the first time?

They should shake hands. = They are supposed to shake hands.

In U.S.A and Mexico

In Brazil

They are supposed to kiss.

In India

They are supposed to put hands together in front of the chest.

In Japan and Korea

They are supposed to bow.

Always remember:


The United States

bow shake hands kiss


----What are people in …… (Brazil) supposed to do when they meet for the first time? ----They’re supposed to ……. (kiss)

1c. Pairwork
A: What are people in Korea supposed to do when they meet for the first time? B: They’re supposed to bow.

Talk about exchange students experience in different countries.

Maria’s story
2a. Listen carefully and check the mistakes Mari made.

? be a disaster 灾难、祸患 ? a fancy dress (化妆舞会等的)化 妆服装 ? in my country, it’s different. ? be supposed to …instead ? wear-wore-worn ? a barbecue 户外烤肉野餐

Maria’s mistakes
______ arrived late √ ______ ate the wrong food √ ______ greeted Paul’s mother the wrong way √ ______ wore the wrong clothes

2b. Listen again! Fill in the blanks.
Maria: I was supposed to ______________, but I arrive at 7:00

arrived at 8:00.
Maria: In my country, it’s different. When you’re

come later invited for 7:00, you’re supposed to ___________.
Dan: And you were supposed to _____________instead. shake hands Dan: I guess you should have asked what you were wear supposed to _________.

2c. Pairwork
A: How was the dinner at Paul's house last night? B: Well, it was OK, but I made some mistakes. I was supposed to arrive at 7:00, but I arrive at 8:00.

What are you supposed to do when you see a thief stealing someone’s wallet?

What are you supposed to do when you find rubbish everywhere?

What are you supposed to do when your classmate is ill or hurt in hospital?

What are you supposed to do when someone asks you the way?

Look at these photos, talk about what you are supp

osed to do if you meet these situations.

? Make six sentences using be supposed to do and be not supposed to do. ? Revise Grammar Focus. ? Exercise Book ? Prepare 3a of Page 54.

Discussion:What students in our school are (aren’t)supposed to do?
situations You are supposed to do
Study hard

When you are in class
When you do homework When you meet the teacher When you find the rubbish

You aren’t supposed to do speak dirty words

?Write a daily report according to the results of discussion

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