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Unit 6
By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.

Past perfect Tense 过去完成时
一、概念 过去完成时表示过去某一时间或某一 动作之前已经发生的动作或状态,即 过去的过去。图示如下: 过去完成 过去 现在 将来




By the time I got up, my sister had already washed all the clothes.

By the time I went out, I realized that I had left my umbrella at home.

1.过去完成时的构成 助动词 had (用于各种人称和数) + 过去分词

When I got to school, the bell had rung.

2. 过去完成时的用法: 主要是表示在过去某个时间,或是动作之前 已经发生或完成的动作.也就是过去的过去.

在过去不同时间发生的两个动作中,发生在 先,用过去完成时;发生在后,用一般过 去时。例如: When the police arrived, the thieves had run away.

用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. We ___________ (learn) over 1,000 had learned English words by the end of last term. 2. When I got to the station, the train ________ (leave). had left 3. I ____________ (finish) my homework had finished before I went to bed last night. 4. He said he ____________ (work) in had worked that company for ten years. 5. I returned the book that Ihad borrowed ___________ (borrow) from the library.

ring get go leave start be take run wake

rang got went left started was/were took ran woke

rung gotten gone left started been taken run woken

What do you usually do in the morning before school?

What do you usually do in the morning?

fold the quilt make the bed exercise in the park brush my teeth wash my face take a shower have a quick breakfast do some reading clean up the bedroom

made the bed. folded the quilt. exercised in the park. brushed my teeth. washed my face. taken a shower. done some reading. cleaned up the bedroom.

1b Listen to Tina talking about her morning. Complete the sentences.
had 1.By the time I got up, my brother ____ already gotten in the shower. _____

2. By the time I got outside, the bus had ___ already ____. left 3. When I got to school, I realized I had left ____ ____ my backpack at home.

Tina _____ got up late.

By the time she got up, had her brother _______ gotten already _________ in the shower.

By the time she got outside, the had bus ______ left already ____.

ran She _____ all the way to school.

When she got to school, she realized that she had left her backpack at home.

1c Take turns being Tina. Look at the pictures above and tell what happened to you this morning. A: What happened? B: I overslept. And by the time I got up, my brother had already gotten in the shower.

2a Listen and number. 3

4 2

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks.
got home 1. When I ________ (get home), I _______(realize) I _______ (leave) my realized had left keys in the backpack. got 2. By the time I ____ (get) back to school, the bell had rung (ring). ___

_____ 3. By the time I _______ (walk) into class, walked the teacher __________ (start) teaching had started already.


pair work

Make up an ending for the story and share it with the rest of the class.

The teacher looked at Tina and asked her to sit back her seat. After class, the teacher asked Tina to come to her office and why she was late. Tina told her the whole story this morning. The teacher asked her to get up earlier and not to be late for class.

1. — Do you know ___ the MP3 player last week? (07’北京) — Sorry, I have no idea. A. how much did she pay for B. how much will she pay for C. how much she paid for D. how much she will pay for

2. — Would you like to see the film with me? — I’m sorry I __________it twice. A. see B. will see C. have seen D. am seeing (07’北京) 3.— ________ is your new watch? — It’s only twenty yuan. (07’重庆) A. How B. How long C. How much D. How many

4. — Would you like some more fruit? — _________. (07’北京) A. Fine, thanks B. No, thanks

C. Sorry, I won’t D. That’s right 5. I’d like to go shopping with you, ___ I’m too busy today. (07’北京)
A. but B. and C. so D. or

汉译英练习。 1. 等我吃完饭,新闻已经播完了。

By the time I finished dinner, the news had been over. 2. 当我听到妈妈叫我的时候,我知道我 又睡过头了。 When I heard my mother call me, I knew I had overslept.

3. 到了学校之后,我发现我把书落在家了。 After I got to school, I found I had left my book at home. 4. 等我赶到,汽车已经走了。

By the time I arrived, the bus had gone.
5. 他打电话的时候,我已经写完作业了。 When he called, I had finished my homework.

Write down Tina’s whole morning.

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