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中小学个性化教育专家 上海市民办兰生复旦中学2010学年第一学期七年级英语期中考试试卷

(杨浦中心 王婷 提供)

Part Two Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar 40%

I. Find out a different sound in each group. 5%

A. in B. on C. at D. to

23. Some shops at Christmas ________ all day long.

A. are opening B. are opened C. will open D. are open

24. My family are going to have a picnic on ________.

A. the coming Sunday B. this weekend C. tomorrow

D. next weekend 1 / 7

中小学个性化教育专家 25. ________ great fun it is to have dinner with family members on New Year's Eve.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

26. If you like the shoes, you can ________.

A. try on it

27. We'll meet ________.

A. in two weeks B. after two weeks C. two weeks ago D. two weeks before B. try it on C. try them on D. try on them

28. ________ the morning of April 20, he got ________ Beijing.

A. On, to B. In, at C. On, in 29. Three of the bowls are dirty, and ________ seven are clean. You can use them.

A. another B. the other C. the others A. call B. invite D. visit

A. used to telling D. was used to telling

A. put up D. set out

B. the Dragon Boat Festival A. stop/ blowing away C. keep/ blowing away D. stop/ to blow

IV. Fill in the blanks with the verbs in their proper forms. 5%

(1) She will be late if she ________. (not hurry)(doesn't hurry)

(2) --- What are the kids doing? --- They ________ fireworks outside. (set off)(are setting off)

(3) --- Mum, I'm hungry. --- Wait a moment. The dinner ________ (be) ready.(will be) C. Yes, please. D. It doesn't matter.

2 / 7

中小学个性化教育专家 (4) When the clock ________ twelve, he set off firecrackers to celebrate the New Year. (strike)(struck)

(5) How happy they are ________ the room with flowers and balloons! (decorate)(to decorate)

V. Rewrite the sentence as required. 10%

(1) The Father Christmas coat fit me well.(改成否定句)

The Father Christmas coat __________ __________ me at all.(didn't fit)

(2) He has few friends to come to visit him on Christmas.(反义疑问句)

(does he)


__________ __________ is it from your home to school?(How far) (4) How about guessing riddles there?(保持原意)

__________ __________ guess riddles there?(Why not) (5) Her bike was lost, and my bike was lost, too.(was mine)

I. Read and judge T or F. it it suspiciously (怀疑地). "You must have washed it in boiling 温的) water, just as the label said she could. Since the salesgirl The either. He did not want to admit that the sweater was not really washable. and asked if it really meant what it said. The manager looked embarrassed (为难的). Then he appeared to notice something. The sweater had a flaw. One of the threads was a different color from the others. Then he said they would exchange the sweater after all. But he emphasized (强调) this was only because of the flaw. Linda stared but could not see the flaw. However, she smiled and said nothing. She had got what she wanted.

36. The sweater shrank and its color ran because Linda had washed it in a wrong way.(B)

3 / 7


37. The salesgirl wouldn't exchange the Sweater for Linda because Linda was not polite.(B) 38. At first the manager wouldn't help Linda though he knew the truth of the sweater.(A) 39. At last Linda got a new sweater because there was a flaw in the sweater.(B) 40. The poster showed that Linda could have a new one because of the flaw.(B)

A. Toronto. B. Tokyo.

C. Seoul.

D. New York.

43. How long will it take to fly from Tokyo to Seoul? ________

A. 65 minutes. B. 85 minutes. C. 95 minutes. 44. How many countries will John go to visit? ________ A. Three. B. Four.

C. Five.

D. Six.

4 / 7

D. 105 minutes.

中小学个性化教育专家 45. How long is John going to travel? ________

A. 10 days.

III. Read and answer. 5%

May Day (May 1st) is celebrated in many places around the world. The traditions and stories about May Day are different from place to place. However, there is one thing that is the same in most celebrations: the use of flowers!

neighbor's doorknob.

A popular activity on May Day is to decorate a pole with colored ribbons. add flowers and around In London, May Day is celebrated by children house and get a little )?

IV. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage. 5%

Policemen were called by a shop in Southland early on Christmas morning. When they __46__ they found two burglars (偷盗者) were kept in a lift with a heavy box of money. The two men were in their twenties. They broke into an office in the shop and took the money box and ran into the lift. They did not see the sign on the door saying that it carries __47__ two people.

"They were kept between the __48__ because they took a heavy box," the police officer said, "they were kept there

5 / 7 B. 11 days. C. 12 days. D. 13 days.

中小学个性化教育专家 for six hours, sitting on __49__ they hoped to be their Christmas present. They were doing this at a time when people were at home for the Christmas with their families. It was a very special moment when the policemen opened the door and they walked out, __50__ out arms. They said they had never been so pleased to see policemen. The policemen said they were pleased to see them too.

Choose the best answer.

46. A. reached

47. A. no more than

48. A. doors

49. A. where B. got B. at least B. boxes B. that C. arrived C. about C. floors C. /

C. was holding D. waited D. no less than D. what 50. A. held B. holding

VDear Zhang Hong,

Moon Festival".

墓地) of their ancestors (先辈) . Family members e________ gifts (eighth days crowd living exchange)


Hyun Jae

VI. Writing 5% Write at least 50 words on the topic My Unforgettable Spring Festival(一个难忘的春节) Suggested outline:

1. When did it happen?

2. Why was it unforgettable? (Give at least two reasons)

6 / 7

中小学个性化教育专家 Extra Test 20%

I. Choose a proper word or a phrase to complete the sentences in their proper forms. 10%

1. New __________ are far more expensive than those on sale.

2. You should make an __________ to Jim for breaking his glasses.

3. Since the earthquake is __________, people can not prepare for it.

4. The Summer Palace shows the __________ of Chinese people.

5. What an __________ talk it was!

7. We all felt __________ sorry to hear the bad new.

9. Jack lost his consciousness when he __________.




9. Although they did not r________ an agreement, the Copenhagen Accord (哥本哈根协议) was an important beginning to save the earth.(reach)

10. The great m________ died and left lots of pieces of music for people to enjoy.(musician)


7 / 7

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