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初二年级第三周周考 - 副本

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班级____________ 姓名____________成绩____________

一. 写出下列相单词和短语。 (20分)

1.born( ) 2.national( )

3.medal( ) 4.become( )

5.creative( ) 6.outstanding( )

7.university( ) 8.dream( )

9.得到一份兼职( ) 10.获得好成绩( )


( )1.The telephone __by a well-known scientist,Edison.

A.invented B.inventing C.was invented

( )2.-Did you give Dick a call?

-I didn’t need to ,__I’ll see him soon.

A.when B.though C.until D.because

( )3.The girl was ___tired__say anything.

A.so,that B.too,to

C.enought,to D.very ,to

( )4.I’m going to___.

A. interesting somewhere B.somewhere interesting

C.where interesting D.interesting where

( )5.Jill and Katy__with their class tomorrow.

A.are going to hiking B. are going hiking

C.go to hiking D. .go hiking

( )6.The radio is too loud ,please__.

A.turn it up B.turn it down

C.turn down it D.turn up it

( )7.It’s time for school.Why are you ___in bed?

A.ever B.never C.still D.yet

( )8.My brother is __than me.

A.tall B.tallest C.taller D.the tallest

( )9.He didn’t run__,so he fell behind.

A.enough slowly B.enough fast

C.slowly enough C.fast enough

( )10.There is going to ___a fashion show in France next Friday.

A.be B.have C.hold D.held


Jim was a worker. One of his feet was bigger than 1___.

He couldn’t2. __the right shoes3 __his feet.One day his friend Mike said to him ,4__don’t you go to a shoemaker?A good shoemaker can 5__you the right shoes .6___Jim went to the shoemaker near Mike’s home.Very soon the shoemaker finished the work .Jim7__the shoes and wasn’t happy.He8 __the shoemaker , You aren’t a 9__shoemaker!I wanted you to make me one shoe bigger than the other ,10_


__you made me one shoe smaller than the other.

( )1.A.other Bthe other C.another Dthat one

( )2.A.see B.look for C.find D.find out

( )3.A.for B.with C.on D.of

( )4.A.When B.Where C.How D.Why

( )5.A.made B.pass C.do D.give

( )6.A.Then B.But C.So D.Because

( )7.A.saw B.Watched C.found D.looked at

( )8.A.said B.said to C.spoke D.talked

( )9.A.good B.bad C.right D.kind

( )10.A.then B.and C.but D.so

二. 阅读理解(30分)


My name is Max. I am twelve years old. I have many friends. Most of them are as

old as I. Some are older. Some are younger.My best friend is Bill. He lives near me. We go to the same school and we are in the same class. Bill helps me with my maths homework. I help him with his English homework..Bill is taller than me. He is quite fat. He doesn’t like sports, so he doesn’t get much exercise. We both have black eyes, but Bill’s hair is longer. I like sports and I play football or go swimming every day. Every Sunday morning Bill and I play computer games. Sometimes I win. Sometimes he wins.

( )1. The main idea(主题) of the text is ________ .

A. Max has many friends

B. Max and Bill go to the same school

C. Max and Bill are best friends

D. Max and Bill like the same things

( )2. Most of Max’s friends are ________ .

A. twelve years old B. older than Max C. younger than Max D. thirteen years old

( )3. Max and Bill live _________

.A. near each other B. in different towns C. in the same house D. in the school

( )4. Max helps Bill with __________ .

A. his maths homework B. his English homework C. His sports lessons D. His computer lessons

( )5. Max and Bill both like to___________ .


A.swim B.play football C.play computer games D.play sports Do you need friends? I'm sure your answer is "Yes,of course. Everybody does! " You need friends when you play and when you work. If you have friends, you will feel happy. If you have no friends. you will feel lonely (寂寞的).

Do you know how to make friends? There is only one good way—You make friends by being friendly.

A friendly person is interested in other people. He is always helpful If you want to make friends with a new classmate, you can talk with him, tell him about the other classmates in your class and try your best to be helpful to him.

6. We need friends __________.

A. because we must play with them B. Because we must work with them

C. when we play and when we work D. when we talk with them

7. If we want to make friends, we should __________.

A. be politely to them B. be friendly to them.

C. be afraid of them D. when we talk with them.

8. A friendly person is _________ other people.

A. interested in B. worried about

C. surprised at D. like them

9. If we want to make friends with a new classmate, ___________.

A. we can talk with them B. we must try to help him

C. we can tell him about the other classmates in our class

D. A、B and C

10. Which of the following is true?

A. No one needs friends. B. Everyone needs friends.

C. Only classmates need friends. D. Someone needs friends


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