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【2011湖南株洲】1. This is ______ story-book. It was written by Yang Hongying.

【2012江苏盐城】24China has area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers. A. a B. an C. the D. /

【2012江苏扬州25..It takes us about hour to get to the Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport from Yangzhou by 【2012贵州毕节】2. —Who’s that girl?—You mean ______ one with long blond hair? That's Jack’s daughter. 【2012贵州铜仁】3. —Be careful ! There is _____dog lying on the ground.—Thanks a lot.

【2012贵州贵阳】4 Victor can play ______ piano. He can join the music club. 【2012福建福州】5. There is no living thing on __________moon.

【2012甘肃鸡西市】6. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn’t like playing_____piano. 【2012广东】7. ______ Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

【2012广西玉林】8. -----What _____bad weather it is today! -------Yes, _________ weather makes me so sad. 【2012贵州安顺】9. —_____ is your mother? — She is _____ English teacher.

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】10. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn’t like playing_____piano.

【2011湖北恩施】11. —Would you like to have ______ cake? —No, thanks. I’m full. A. more

B. another

C. other

【2011湖北恩施】12. ____ girl who will perform at the party tomorrow comes from ____ European country. 【2012 湖北黄石】13._______new bridage has been built over______Changjiang River in Huangshi. 【2012湖北十堰】14. –People can’t live without _________________ water. ---Yes, I think so. 【2012湖北咸宁】15.―What do you want to be in the future, John?

― I want to be _____ fashion designer. It is ______ amazing job. 【2012湖北孝感】16. -Tina, are you going to play chess on School Day?

-Yes, and I’ll also play violin that afternoon.

【2012湖南永州】17. There is _____ old bridge near my house.

【2012江苏淮安】18 This summer, I’m going to visit Great wall. 【2012江苏连云港】19.—Is Mr. Franco Hollande honest and capable man? —Yes. And that is why he was chosen president of France. A. a ; a B. an ; \ C. the ; the D. a ; \ 【2012江苏南京】20. -----What do you want to be when you grow up?

social worker. Many people are in great need of our help.

【2012江苏苏州】21.In order to find ______ better job, she planned to learn ______ second foreign language.【2012江苏宿迁】22,I often have egg and a glass of milk for breakfast every day. A. an; / B. a; / C. an; the D. a; the

【2012江苏徐州】23 ―Will the charity show be success? ‖I kept asking myself. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

bus.A. an; a

B. a; an

C. an; /

D. a; /

【2012江苏镇江】26. Helen has ____ lovely pet dog._____ dog is clever。 1.My mother is ____ English teacher in a university in Beijing.

【2012 内蒙古包头】27. For a long time they walked without saying word. John was the first to

break silence. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; / D. the; /

【2012 呼和浩特】28.we will see ______ even stronger China in ______ near future. A. a; the B. an; the C. the; a D. an; a 【2012年福建省福州市】29. There is no living thing on _______ moon.

【2012年广东省】30_____Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

【2012 广西桂林】31. — Excuse me, is this egg? — No, it’s cake.A. an, a B. a, a C. a, an D. an, an 【2012黔西南】32. _______girl riding a bike is ________university student.

26. The children stood in_______circle and danced to music. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

【2011河南】33—Would you like _____red dress as a birthday present, Mary?

— Sorry, mom. I prefer _____orange one.A. an; an B. a; a C. an; a D. a; an

1 【2012 山东滨州】34. —Listen! Someone is playing ______ piano.—Wow! ______beautiful music! I like it

very much A. a; what B. an; How C. the; What D. /; How

【2012.山东菏泽】35My host family is taking me to ______English film festival next weekend. (P49) A. an B. a C. the D.不填

【2012山东济南】36. I want to have ______ English pen pal.

【2012山东济宁】37._______15th International Film Festival will be held in Shanghai.

【2012山东聊城】38. Peer is ____________ honest boy and ___________ good friend of mine. 16.________old man in ________ brown coat over there is Mr. Jackson. 【2012 烟台中考】39. —Do you often play ______soccer with your friends? —No, I don’t like sports. I often play_____ piano in my free time. 【2012陕西】40. Look at _____ eraser on the floor. Whose is it? 【 2012四川成都】41. —Maria, here is my new house.

—Wow, you have beautiful house! A. a B. the C.不填

【2012四川达州】42. —What cold weather!

—Yes. But it’A. /; a B. a; an C. / ; an D. a; the

【2012四川广安】43 —What are you going to be in the future?—I want to be _______ actor.

【2012四川凉山】44. This is ______ interesting movie and it’s also______ most interesting one I’ve ever seen.

【2012绵阳市】45. Hurry up! If we miss ________ last bus, we’ll have to get home by ________taxi.

【2012四川雅安市46. This is ______ banana. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

【2012.安徽省5.. --- Whose pen is this?[www&.zz~*st%ep.com#]--- Oh, it’s ______. I was looking for it everywhere. A.you B. yours C. me D. mine

【2012.安徽省】6. --We have red and yellow T-shirts. Which color do you like?

-- I'm afraid______. 1 think blue will be OK. A. both B. either C. neither D. none 【2012北京7. There were only two paintings for sale and he bought ____.A. all B. anyC. both D. some 【2012甘肃鸡西市】8. I’ll take_____of the cameras, one is for my brother, the other is for Jim. A. either B. both C. all

【2012广东9 — Which basketball player do you like best, Kobe, James or Jordan? — of them. Lin Shuhao is my favorite. A. All B. None C. Either D. Neither 【2012广西玉林】10. ----Sam, who teaches __________Chinese?

---Mrs. White. She has lived in China for years. __________ Chinese is very good. A. you; Her B. your; Hers C. you; Him D. your; She 【2012贵州安顺】11. Would you please lend me _____ English book? _____ isn’t here. A.your; I


【2012四川宜宾】47. My mother cooked ______ delicious meal. After _____ meal, we went shopping. A. a: 不填 B. the; 不填 C. a; the D. an; the

【2012天津】48. —What do you think of _______ film about Zhan Tianyou?

—It’s __________ good film.

【2012浙江杭州】49. They want their daughter to go to _______university, but they also want her to get _______ summer job. A. 不填;a B. the ;a C. an ;a D. a; the

【2012浙江湖州】50. — Do you enjoy your stay in China, Jim — Yes. I've had ___ wonderful time.. 【2012浙江嘉兴】51 —Whose is _ _pen on my desk? —It's Mary's.

【2012浙江丽水】52.- what do you want to be when you grow up, Darning? —Well, scientist like Yuan Longping, I think.

【2012浙江衢州】53. Li Na is one of_______most popular lennis players in China. 2012浙江温州】54. — Who's that man? He's _____ American basketball player. 【2012重庆市】55. Lin is good basketball player in the NBA.

【2012贵州省毕节市】56. —Who’s that girl? —You mean ______ one with long blond hair?

【2012贵州黔东南州】57, I like; playing _ piano, but my brother likes playing_ _basketball 【2012贵州铜仁】58. —Be careful ! There is _____dog lying on the ground.—Thanks a lot.

【2012黑龙江黑河市】59. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn’t like playing_____piano. 【2012湖南省岳阳】 60. A new road was built between our village and the town。 _____ road is wide and clean. 【2012山东·东营市】61. London held 30th Olympic Games in July, 2012.

【2012山东日照】62. Here is _______ bike my uncle sent me last week. I believe it’s ________ fantastic one. 2012四川省乐山市63. One of the advantage of playing guitar is that it can give you a great deal of pleasure. 代词

【2012福建福州1. — Here is a schoolbag. Whose is it? — Oh, it's_________. Thank you. A. my B. mine C. me

【2012福建福州】2. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook__________for me .A. something different B. anything different C. noting different

【2012贵州贵阳】3. It’s polite to take ______ flowers as a gift when you go to visit a friend. A. little B. any C. some

【2012.安徽省4.--- How is Helen in the new school?--- She is doing very well. There is ______ to worry about. A.something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

B.you; My C.yours; Mine D.your; Mine

【2012贵州安顺】12. ——Would you like to have _____ coffee?

——No, thanks. I don’t want _____ drinks now. A.any; any B.any; some C.some; some 【2012贵州铜仁】13. My English is so poor, please help________ to improve it.. 【2012贵州铜仁】14 —Where is my pen? —Oh, sorry, I have taken________ by mistake. A. yours

B. mine C. hers

D. his

D.some; any

【2012·湖北·荆州】15. — Is your father or mother a teacher?

— . My father is a doctor and my mother is an office worker. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

【2012湖北十堰】16. Mary and Gina are my cousins. _________ father works in Dongfeng Company. A. Their B. They C. Them D. Theirs

【2012湖北随州】17. —Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a bottle of milk?

—______, thanks. I’d like just a cup of tea.A. Either B. Neither C.Both D. None 【2012·湖北·武汉】18。When the Greens moved into the house last week, _____ was at sixes and sevens, so they did a big cleaning. A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing

【2012湖北咸宁】19.―Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? ―____________. I enjoy chatting on-line. A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

【2012湖北咸宁】20.―Are these CDs ________? ―No, they are not mine. They belong to _______.

A. your; her B. yours; her C. you; hers D. yours; she

【2012湖北孝感】21. I guess Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed at the dancing party.

A. myself B. himself C. herself D. themselves 【2012湖北宜昌】22. —Will you go to the London Olympic Games with your sister?

—Dad can only afford one ticket, so of us has to stay at home. A. either B. all C. both

【2012湖南永州】23. With _____ help, we finished our work on time. A. they B. them C. their 【2011湖南株洲】24. The students are helping the old man clean ______ house now.

A. her

B. him

C. his

【2012 内蒙古包头】36. As for learning English, students who read a lot can do much better

than who don’t.A. those B. that C. these D. them 【2012年福建省福州市】37. -- Here is a schoolbag. Whose is it?

-- Oh, it's ________. Thank you. A. my B. mine C. me 【2012年广东省】38-- Both Li Lei and Han Meimei _______ fond of the TV program A Bite of China.---- I am also deeply moved by its stories. A. is B. am C. was D.are

38. Don't worry about me. I'm old enough to think for______.A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself 39. Could you record the football game for me? I can watch______ later.A. it B. one C. this D. that 【2011河南】40. —How was your trip in Chengdu?

—Not so good. I stayed there for two days, but it rained on _____of the days. A. none B. neither C. both D. all

【2012湖北襄阳】41. —Did Liu Ying and Liu Li come to your birthday party, Tina? —I had invited them, but _____ of them showed up. A. both B. all C. none D. neither

【2012江苏连云港】25.—Have you bought for Linda’s birthday?

A. something unusual B. anything unusual C. unusual something D. unusual anything

【2012江苏南京】26. I think can make Andy change his mind. He is such a person who never gives up easily. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

【2012 山东滨州】42. ______ went hiking last weekend because of the bad weather.

A. Someone B. No one C. Everyone D. Nothing 【2012.山东菏泽】43. -Do you need a new dictionary, Susan?

— Sorry, let’s make it ______ time. A. other’s B. the other C. another D. other

-No, Mum. My uncle bought me ______ yesterday. A. one B. it C. the one D. another 【2012山东济南】44. As volunteers, they should do ______to help the children in trouble. 【2012江苏无锡】28.. She got up to get some sleeping pills but found there was left at home.

A. nothing B. anybody C. something D. somebody

A. nothing B. none C. something D. nobody 3

【2012山东济南】45. There are many flowers and trees on ______sides of the Century Road. A. each B. every C. both D. all 【2012江苏宿迁】29. Peter enjoyed at his birthday party last night.

【2012山东济宁】46. Lily and her sister look the same. I can't tell one from_______.

A. he B. him C. himself D. his

A. other B. another C. the other D. others

【2012山东聊城】47. —Can I come this afternoon or tomorrow morning? 【2012江苏宿迁】30. —Jack, is there in today’s newspaper?—No, nothing.

—____________ is OK. I'm free today and tomorrow.

A. anything important B. something important C. important anything D. important something

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

【2012江苏徐州】31。— How many birds can you see in the tree? — . All the birds have flown away. A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few 【2012 山东临沂】48. Life is ____ dictionary, we should learn directly from it. 【2012江苏盐城】32. We find impossible for us to learn a foreign language well in a short time.

A we B. us C. our D. ours

A. that B. this C. one D. it 【2012江苏苏州】27. — Could we see each other at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning?

【2012江苏扬州】33.—A latest Yangzhou Daily, please! —Only one copy left. Would you like to have , sir?A. one B. it C. this D. that

【2012 山东临沂】49. I asked two people the way to the station, but ____ of them could help me.

A. both B. neither C. either D. all

【2012山东泰安】50 —Can I help you, boy? —Yes. There is ______ wrong with my bike.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

51.My first teacher,Ms Yao,was very strict with________.A.us B.we C.our D.ours 52.Lincoln came from nothing,yet he did________ that changed the world. A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything

【2012 烟台中考】53. Do you like communicating with your friends on QQ or MSN?

【2012江苏镇江】34. – Excuse me, how can I get to Nanshan Mountain?

- Oh, ____ of these two buses will take you there. You must go and take No.3 bus. A. neither B. all C. none D. both

【2012江西】35. It’s easy to find a good hotel in our city because we have _______ of them here. A. none B. few C. many D. each

—_____. I’d rather ______ mobile phone.

A. Either, use B. Neither, use C. Both, not to use D. Neither, to use 【 2012四川成都】53. —Peter, is this your pen?

—Yes, it’s A. mine B. me C.I

【2012四川达州】54. — Is there in today’s magazine?

—Yes. Premier Wen Jiabao saw ―stay-home children‖ May,25th. A. anything special; hundreds of; on B. something special; hundred of; at C. special anything; hundreds; on D. anything special; hundreds of; in

【2012四川广安】55. —Who taught you Japanese?—Nobody. I learned it by __________.

【2012四川广安】56. —When are you going camping? —______today or tomorrow? We’ll be free these days. A. Neither B. Either C. Both

【2012四川凉山】57. —Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily?

—It’s hot here. I’d like to go ________.A. anywhere cool B. cool somewhere C. somewhere cool

【2012绵阳市】58. Everyone in the hall knew me, but I did not know ________.

A. him B. her C. them D. those

【2012四川南充59. They can wear______ clothes. A. themselves

B. they own C. their own

【2012四川自贡】60. Did you find very interesting to play volleyball?A. this B. that C. it 【2012四川自贡】61. -- Who also did this wonderful job?-- It's . A. me B. I C. my 【2012四川雅安市】62. I have some good news for _____. __________ is good news. A. your; It B. your; They C. you; It D. you; They

【2012四川雅安市】63. I hope I can find ____for my son in the shop.

A. good something B. something good C. many thing D. good anything

【2012四川宜宾】64. —It’s too far. I’m afraid I can’t walk to the square. —You can ride _____ bike. My aunt’s bike is here, so I can use _______. A. my; hers B. mine; hers C. mine; her D. my; her

【2012天津】65. They were all very tired, but _______ of them took a rest.

A. none B. all C. both D. either 【2012浙江杭州】66.You look worried! Is___________ all right? A. everything B. something C. anything D.nothing

【2012浙江嘉兴】67. — May I use your calculator? —Sorry. I left _ at home. A. it B. one C. this D. that

【2012浙江丽水】68. — Can you come on Monday or Tuesday. John? -- I’m afraid ___day is possible. 1 will be very busy in these two days. A. every B. some C either D. neither

【2012浙江宁波】69. — Is this your notebook?—No, it isn't. Ask Bill. He is looking for__________

A. mine B. yours C. hers D. his 【2012重庆市】70. Reading more helps learn better.

A. we B. our C. us D. ours

【2012重庆市】71. There must be wrong with the clock. It doesn’t work. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything 【2012贵州六盘水】72. -Jack ,who helped____ make the model ship? -Nobody! I made it all by _______________.

A, your,; my B. your , mine C. you ,myself D. you , mine【2012贵州黔东南州】73. This isn't_____ football. Tom, You left______ at school. A. you, your B. your, yours C. yours, your D. your, you

【2012湖北省荆州市】74. — Is your father or mother a teachers?

— . My father is a doctor and my mother is an office worker.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None 【2012湖南省岳阳】 75. —What else do you need for your trip?

— _____else. I’ve packed everything. A. Something B. Everything C. Nothing 【2012山东·东营市】76. – What’s on side of the hill, mum?--A big lake.

A. other B. others C. another D. the other

【2012山东·东营市】77. – Who is it? -- . I took this photo when I was 4. A. I B. Me C. Mine D. Myself 【2012四川省乐山市】78. If you can’t decide which of the two books to borrow, why don’t you take ? I won’t read them this week. A. all B. either C. both 4

【 2012四川成都】79. Please keep quiet, everybody! I have important to tell you. A. nothing B. something C. everything


【2012黔西南】1. ________ visitors come to Xingyi during May Day holidays every year.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousand 【2012广东】2— How was your weekend?

—Great! It was my grandfather's ____ birthday. We enjoyed ourselves.

【2012贵州铜仁】3 About ____of the students in Grade Nine this year were born in the_____.

A. three five; 1996. B. three fifths; 1990s C. third fifth; 1997. D. third fifths; 1990s【2011湖北恩施】4. He wrote his ______ novel when he was ______. A. five; fifties

B. fifth; fifty C. fifth; fiftieth

【2012 湖北黄石】5.Let me tell you ______news about cellphones(手机)—Apple asks Samsung to stop copying, and hundreds of people lined up to buy iPhone 4S. A.a B.many C.some D.few 【2012湖北随州】6.May is the _____ month of a year.

A. fifty B. fifteen C.fifth D. five

【2012甘肃鸡西市】7. A_____girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.

A. three-year-old B. three-years-old C. three years old

【2012湖北宜昌】8 —Our school is going to hold the Culture Festival. —I see. And we can take part in activities.

A. tenth; tenth B. ten; tenth C. tenth; ten D. ten; ten

【2012江苏连云港】9.—The volunteers sent books to a mountain village school on Children’s Day. A. two hundreds of B. two hundred of C. two hundreds D. two hundred

【2012江苏无锡】10. The action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A. 130-minute

B. 130-minutes

C. 130 minute

D.130 minutes

【2012浙江杭州】25.We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen________we speak.

A. as twice much as B. twice an much as C. as much as twice D. as much twice as days, in a week and Tuesday js - day of' the week.

A. seven ,third B. seven ,the third C. seventh ,three D. the seventh, three 27. There _______ twelve months in a year. September is the__________month.

28. A_____girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father. A. three-year-old B. three-years-old C. three years old

【2012四川省乐山市】30. In order to finish the project, we’ll have to work hours a day. A. more two B. two more C. two another

【2012江苏宿迁】11. —There is milk in the fridge. Please buy some on your way home. —All right. A. much B. many C. little D. few


1.—Have you ever been to Disneyland? —No, ______. I hope I can go there next year.

A. always B. sometimes C. never D. often 2.—How often do the students play sports?

【2012江苏镇江】12. Some word puzzles in this book are ____ difficult that _____ students can solve them.

A. Twice a day B. Since last night C. For two hours D. A month ago

3. I play basketball every day because I want to play as ______ as Yao Ming. A. such; few B. such; little C. so; few D. so; little

A. well B. better C. best

【2012湖北黄冈】13. —Do you know that there are many different _____ animals in the zoo?

4. Mike hurt his back seriously and can_____ get out of bed without help. A. quickly B. easily C. nearly D. hardly —Yes, I do. And I also know that some of them are _____ scaring.

5.— Did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titanic last night? A. kinds of; kind of B. kinds of; kinds of C. kind of; kinds of D. kind of; kind of

—No, I_______ go to the cinema. The tickets are too expensive.

【2012 山东滨州】14. I am very thirsty. Could you please give me ______ water?

A. hardly B. nearly C. still D. Only

A. some B. little C. many D. other 5 6.His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they don’t feel _____.

A.lonely; alone B.alone; lonely C.lonely; lonely D.alone; alone 【2012山东聊城】15.Please turn to page __________ and look at the ____________ picture in this unit.

7.The 3D Titanic is a moving film. My parents have seen it twice _______. A. twentieth; one B. twenty; one C. twentieth; first D. twenty; first

A.yet B.already C.never D.almost 2012 烟台中考】16. Between the two hills _____a deep river. A. are B. have C. has D. is

8. — How often do you exercise ?— ever. Because I am very busy with my work

【2012四川广安】17. —Guang’an is a beautiful city, isn’t it ?—Yes. There are about two ______ visitors here

A. Hardly B. Nearly C. Always D. Almost 9.—I didn’t know you go to school by taxi. every week. A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand

—Oh, I take a taxi to school, but my bike needs repairing. 【2012四川凉山】18. There are ___teachers in our school, _____of them are women teachers.

A. always B. sometimes C. often D. seldom A. two hundreds; three fourth B. two hundred; three fourths C. two hundred; three forths

.10.—Have you bought for Linda’s birthday? —Not exactly. Just some flowers, 19. I think ______ should not be allowed to drive.

A. something unusual B. anything unusual C. unusual something D. unusual anything A. sixteen years old B. sixteen –year-old C. sixteen-year-olds

11. ----How is Susan? ever see her. 20. -- I hear your friend is visiting San Ya again. Is it the second time for him?-- Yes, and he will come for

A. hardly B. greatly C. clearly D. nearly time next spring. A. a third B. a second C. the third

12. The meat smells A. well B. good C. badly D. bad 22. -- How soon can you finish this job? -- Two days enough for me to finish the work. I need a week.

13. Don’t talk to anyone about the bad news —not my mother.

23【2012四川宜宾】If a = 3 and b = 4, what’s the answer to the problem: a + b + 1 = ? The answer is ______.

A. hardly B. usually C. especially D. simply 14. He said he would go ______, but then he drove very fast. A. twelve B. nine C. eight D. seven

A. early B. quickly C. directly D. slowly

【2012四川宜宾】24. —Would you like to have _____ apples?

15.Laptops are smaller and lighter so that they can be carried very ____. A.clearly B.regularly C.easily D.carefully —No, thank you.. I’ve had enough.

16. Some animals can even see things_______ in the dark A. bad B. badly C. clear D. clearly A. other two B. another two C. more two D. two others

Cathy was born blind so she has ________ seen our beautiful world.

A.often B.sometimes C.seldom D.never 17. Who listens _________, Tom, Jack or Bill?

A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful 18. — Do you consider yourself a rude person?— not. I always have good manners. A. Probably B. Usually C. Generally D. Certainly

19. — How will the boss be back?— In these days. A. far B. soon C. long D. often

20No matter what happens, the fact that Huangyan Island belongs to China will change. A. ever B. never C. still D. hardly 21. I don’t think fast food is good for our health, so I _______ go to MacDonald. A. seldom B. always C. usually D. often


1. Bill has made great progress _____________the help of his teachers. A. for B. with C. under

2. Her mother goes to work ______ bus every morning. A. by B. at C. on D. in

3. --- Tom isn’t feeling very well. --- He seems to have a cold _____ the weather changes suddenly. A. before B. so C. because D. though

4. Welcome to our hotel! I hope you’ll have a good time ____ your stay here. A. after B. during C. with D. since

5.—Is your father home? —No,he’s working late ____ the office. A. on B. at C. of D. to 6. — Why are you standing, Alice? — I can't see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting me.

A. behind B. next to C. between D. in front of 7. Don’t waste water. Water is very important and no one can live __________it. A. without B. with C. except D. besides 8. I like going to school _____my bike. A.in B.on C.by D.at

8.Which would you prefer, orang juic or coffer? Either______OK, but I prefer coffee ____milk. A.are; with B.is; with C.are; to D.is; to

9. — I’ve shown you all the interesting and important places of our school — Thank you for so much time. A. taking B. spending C. costing D. having 10. ---The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it? ---Oh, it is ___________ books. A. filled with B. covered with C. used for D. asked for

11. After a lot of training, Liu Xiang __________ many difficulties. And he is at the top of this game now. A. made of B. heard of C. came over D. got over

12.Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll_____ your classmates if you are kind and friendly to them.

A. catch up with B.get on well with C.agree with D.be strict with

13. -When was David born? -June 12,1989. At B.in C.on D.for 14.― I think drinking milk every morning is good _________ our health.

―Yes. I agree ________ you. A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with 15. The two kids practice spoken English joining the English club.

A. by B. in C. on D. with

16.— the doctors, the most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili is out of danger. —We wish her to live a healthy and happy life in the future.

A. In front of B. Thanks to C. As for D. Across from 17. It’s nice of you _______ me with my maths. A. help B. helping C. to help

18.On the way the mountain village, we found the local houses different from ours. A. to B. by C. at D. on


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