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出卷人:实验初中 姚爱萍



( )1.What’s the time by your watch now?

A. B. C.

( )2.What’s the weather(天气) like today?

A. B. C.

( )3.How do you usually go to school?

A. B. C.

( )4.How can I go to the post office?


B. C.

( )5.What does Jane want to have?

A.egg B.fish C.meat

( )6.How old is Mary now?

A.23 B.22 C.21

( )7.What’s the woman doing?

A.She is doing her homework.

B.She is cooking .

C.She is watching Tv.

( )8.Where was the girl born ?

A.She was born in England.

B.She was born in China.

C.She was born in America.

( )9.What will you do next,go shopping or go fishing?

A.go shopping B.go swimming C.go fishing

( )10.How much is the book?

A.25 yuan B.65yuan C. 90 yuan

B.根据你所听的对话和短文,选择正确答案(共10小题,每小题1分) 听第一段对话,回答11-12小题

( )11When is Jimmy’s sister’s birthday?

A.This Sunday B.This Thursday C,Very funny

( )12.What are they going to do for her birthday?

A.They are going to have a party

B,They are going to have a picnic

D.They are going to have a big dinner


( )13.When did Jim go to the hospital ?

A.After school B,On Sunday C.After the shop was closed

( )14.What did Jim buy for his uncle?

A,Some fruit and a ticket B.Some flowers and a ticket

C.Some fruit and flowers

( )15.What kind of perpon was the driver?

A.Very careless B.Very helpful C.Very funny

听第三段短文, 回答16-20小题

( )16.When did Peter go to school?

A. at the age of nine

B. at the age of seven

C. at the age of eight

( )17.Where does Peter lives?

A,He lives near the school

B.He lives far away from the school

C.He lives in the school

( )18.Why is Peter often late for school?

A.He goes to bed very late

B.He likes watching Tv

C.He likes to be late for school

( )19.How many minutes was Peter late for his first class yesterday morning?

A.Five B.Ten C.Fifteen

( )20.What did Peter tell his aunt when she asked him why he was often late?

A.He told a story to his aunt

B.He told the truth(事实) to his aunt

C.He told a lie(谎) to his aunt


( )21.—Is this your English book?

—No, it isn’t. ________ is in ________ bag.

A. My…mine B. Mine…my C. Me…my D. Mine…me

( )22.You can _____ it in English. He can’t ______ English at all.

A. speak, speak

C. say, speak B. tells, say D. talks, say

( )23.The 19th World Cup (世界杯) began 10 p.m. ________ the evening of

June 11th in South Africa.

A.on, in B. ,in, at C. at, in D.at, on

( )24. —Mr Wu is in America now.

—Really? When ________ he ________ there?

A. will; go B. is; going C.did; go D. does; go

( )25.I wrote___________passage in English class yesterday.

A. an eight-hundred-word B. an eight-hundred words

C. a eight-hundred-words D. a eight-hundred words

( )26. 7.________ you afraid of __________ late for school?

A. Do … be B. Are … be C. Do … being D. Are … being

( )27. A: __________ do you have a bath in winter?

B: Once three days.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How many

A. have something new B. have new something C. be something new D. be new something

( Sometimes.

A. sing B. sang C. singing D. to sing

A.opens B.is opened C.is open D.is opening

( )31. unusual party we had yesterday !

A.What a B.How an C.What an D.How a

( )32.Some of my classmates are talking .They make so much that I can’t do

my homework.

A.noisy ,noise B,noise, noisy C.noise, noisily D.noisily , noise

( )33.Please tell the boys

A.not to sleep ,on B not sleep ,off C.sleep,on D.not to sleep,0ff

( )34. He makes his class _________, so he always makes the students ____________.

A. interesting … laughing B. interested … laugh

C. interesting … laugh D. interested … laughing

( )35.—Have a good trip!



B.Thank you C.I am sorry to hear that D.You’re welcome


( )36.A.climber B.farmer C. driver D.swimmer

( )37.A.easy B.easily C.difficult D.difficultly

( )38.A.weighs B.weighing C.weight D.weigh

( )39.A.spend B .took C. takes D.spends

( )40.A.river B.tree C. ground D. road

( )41.A.another B.the other C.other D.others

( )42.A.quick B.slow C.fast D. slowly

( )43.A.feeds B.keeps C.owns D. has

( )44.A.buys B.drinks C.eats D. sells

( )4 5.A.too B.also C.either D.as well

( )46.A.seldom B.usually C.never D.always

( )47.A.to B.from C. for D.as

( )48.A.but B.because C.so D,or

( )49.A.where B.how C.when D.which

( )50.A.leaves B.ground C.water D.books

Macrco Polo was born in Venice in 1245.He was the most famous westerner to visit Asia during th Yuan Dynasty(元代).

He wrote a book about his travels. In his book he wrote all the things that he saw and heard.Many people read the book but few people believed what Marco Polo said .He spokeof the strange people and places .But nobody knew about them at that time.

As a young man ,Marco Polo decided to travel with his father.It took them more than 3 years to

travel to China. He became the Chinese emperor’s (皇帝) friends. He learned the Chinese language when he travels around and talked to many people .Before he reached the age of thirty, he was made a Chinese offical(官员).After nearly seventeen years in the East,Marco Polo and his father dicided to return home.When they finally arrived in Venice,their family and friends were surprisedto see them again.They had been away for almost 25 years.

( )54.What made Marco Polo famous during Yuan Dynasty?

A.His travels to America. B.His travels in the West.

C.His travels in China. D.His visit to Venice

( )55.What did Marco Polo write about in his book?

A.How he travelled to China with his friends.

B.Something too difficult for people to understand..

C.What he did in China. D.Some strange people and places.

A.1254 B.1284 C.1271 D.1279

( )57.Which of the following is the right order for Marco

Polo’s travels?

a.travelled with his father b.because the Chinese empor’s friend

c.wrote a book about his traves d.was made a Chinese offical

e.return to Venice

A.c-a-d-b-e B.c-a-b-e-d C.a-b-d-e-c D.a-d-b-e-c C

Grandma was always forgetting things. “What’s wrong with her?” Anna asked . “We think she’s getting old and she may be ill. We may have to send her to a nursing home.There nursescan take good care of her.But we can go to see her and bring her presents,like ice cream.” Mother said.

One day ,they went to see Grandma at the nursing home.Anna hugged(拥抱)Grandma . “Look,”she said, “we have bought you ice cream!”Grandma didn’t say anything .She just took it and began eating.“Do you know who I am ?”Anna asked.“ You’re the girl .You bring me ice cream..”Grandma said.“Yes,but I’m Anna ,your granddaughter.Don’t you remmember me?”She asked,

throwing her arms around the old laddy.Grandma smiled, “Remmember?Sure.You are the girl .You bring me ice cream.”Suddenly Anna realized (意识) that Grandma would never remmenber her .“Oh,how I love

you,Grandma!”she said .Just the she saw a tear(眼泪)run down Grandma’s face.“Love ,”she said,“ I remmember love.” “ You see, dear, that’s what she wants --love”Mother said .It’s more important to remmember love than someone’s name.

( )58.What was wrong with Grandma?

A.She had a bad cold B.She couldn’t hear

C.She couldn’t walk D.She always forgot things

( )59.What present did Anna bring t o Grandma ?

A.Ice cream B.A card C.Flowers D.Fruit

A.Grandma would never remmember her

B.She had no ice cream

C.Grandma could go home with her

D.She could no longer go to visit Grandma

A.We can remmember others’names.

B.We can remmember love .

C.We can remmember nothing.

D.We can remmember everything.

D. Years ago,I lived in a building in a large city .The building next door was only a few feet away from mine. A woman lived there and I never met her,yet I could ofen see her sit by her window each afternoon, doing some reading.

After several months went by ,I began to notice that her window was dirty .Everything was unclear throught the dirty window,Iwould say to myself ,“I want to know why that woman doesn’t wash her window,It really looks terrible.”

One bright morning I decided to clean my flat,including(包括)washing the window on the inside.Late in the afternoon when I finished the cleaning, I sat down by the window with a cup of coffee for a rest.What a surprise! Across the way, the woman sitting by her window was clearly visible(可看见的). Her window was clean.

批评)her dirty window,but all the time I was watching hers through my own dirty window.

That was quite an important lesson for me.How often did I looked at and criticized others through my own dirty window of my heart,through my own shortcomings(缺点)?

From then on ,when I wanted to judge(判断)someone,I asked myself first,“Am I looking at him through my own dirty window.”

Then I try to clean the window of my own world so that(为了) I may see the world around me more clearly.

( )62. The writer couldn’t see everything clearly through the window because

A.the woman’s window was dirty

B.the writer’s window was dirty

C.the woman lived nearby

D.the writer’s eyes were not good

A.I began to understand it B. it made me sad

C.I still couldn’t know it D.it began to get dark

( )64.It’s clear that

A.the writer often washed the window

B.they both worked as cleaners

C.they lived in a small town

D.the writer never met the woman before


A.one shouldn’t criticize others very often

B.one shouldn’t often make his window clean

C.one must judge himself before he judges others

D.one must look at others through his dirty windows



It’s a good idea for families to talk about what they would do to escape(逃跑) from a fire.Do you know what to do if there is a fire in your flat?Here are some tips (提示)for you:

1.Shout out.Shout as loudly(大声地) as you can,because people may hear you.

2.Call 119.Don’t try to put out a fire yourself.Tell 119 where you are and what’s on fire.

3.Keep down close to the floor.There is less smoke down there,so it’s easier to breathe(呼吸) and see where you are doing.

4.Test the door. If the door is cool ,open it carefully .If not,do not open it !Try to find a different way out.

5.Get out .Do not stop to pick up anything.A fire can become very big in a few seconds!

6.Don’t use the lift .Always use the stairs.The lift may go wrong and keep you inside.

7.Don’t go back even if (即使) you have left your pet or favourite toy inside,do not go back for it.Animals have a very good sense smell.They ofen get out of buildings before people.

98.暑假就要到了,我正期待着去参观上海世博会(Shanghai World Expo)。


100.因为Daniel 总是想着别人,所以我们将推荐他作为我们的主席。



在学校的情况和假期打算干什么,用英语回个e—mail.(词数80左右) Dear Baker,

Thanks for you e-mail. I’m glad you are enjoying your holiday. Now let me tell you……

Keep in touch!

Li Ling



1. W:What’s time by your watch now?

M:It’s half past three.

2. W:Is it cloudy today ?

M:Non’t ,it isn’t.It’s sunny today.

3.W:How do you usually go to school,Jim?

M:I usually go to school by bike,but by bus.

4.W:Excuse me,can you tell me the way to the post office ?

M:Go straight on,then turn right and you will find it.

5.M:Jane,would you like to have some fish?

M:No,thanks.But I’d like to have some meat,please.

6.M:Mary must be over twenty now.

W:That sounds right.When her father went to England seven years ago,she was


7.M:Shall we go to the cinema?

W:Ok.After I finish doing my homework.

8.M:Were you born in China?

W:No, I was born in America,but now I live in China.

9.W:What will you do next,go shopping or go fishing?

M :I will go fishing with my brother.

10.W:Did you buy the book on computer ?

M:Yes,Mum.You gave me 90 yuan,now I only have 25 yuan.



.W:Jimmy ,your sister’s birthday is coming.

M:Really?When is it ?

W :This Sunday.

M :Oh,what shall we do for her?Shall we have a party?

W: No,we would like to go out to have a picnic.

M :Great!


W:Where did you go yesterday,Jim?

M:I went to the hospital to see my uncle after school.

W:Did you buy something for him?

M:Yes.I bought him some fruit and flowers in a shop.

W:How did you go to hospital?

M:I got on a bus and bought a ticket.Can you guess what happened nex?


M:The drivr asked me to show him the ticket before I got off,but I could not find it.Then he helped me look for it.

W:Where was the ticket ?

M:At last ,I found it in the flowers.


Little Peter is a boy of nine.He began to go to school two years ago.He lives not far from the school,but he’s often late for school.He likes watching Tv in the evening and goes to bed very late,so he can’t get up early in the morning.This term Mrs Black ,Peter’s aunt,works in Peter’s school.She teaches Grade Three maths.She asks him to come to school on time.Yesterday morning Peter got up late again.When he

arrived at school,his aunt was waiting for him at the school gate.

“You are ten minutes late for the first class,Peter.”Mrs Black said angrily. “Why are you often late for class?”

“Every time when I get to the street corner,I see a road sign.It says ,SCHOOL-GO-SLOWLY.”Peter answered















96. 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

0. 5 0.5 0.5 0.5


Now I’m busy with my lessons .Because I will finish our study in Grade One.We must work hard for the coming exans.Every day I have to do lots of exercises and homework.It’s tired and boring.I have no time for my hobbies,but I think study must come first.

I also feel very happy at the same time. Because Summer holiday is coming.I will have enough time to have a rest.I will do my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I will do some sports with my friends or watch TV at home. What’ more,I will go to visit Shanghai Expo with my parents.How excited I am !

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