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7A-Unit 3

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思致超越 知行合一

7A Unit 3 Welcome to our school

一、词组 on the Open Day the parents` meeting begin at in the afternoon meet at the school gate show sb around in front of in the front of

on the ground/ first floor clean and bright in a white shirt look beautiful/ young have meetings over there let me see on the wall look at

tell sb about sth tell sb to do sth on the phone get up

walk to school = go to school on foot take a bus home = go home by bus ride a bike to school = go to school by bike all kinds of borrow sth from on one`s way back live far away from 二、重点句型

1.Which of the subjects do you like best? 2.How does she get to school? 坐公交车去学校:



3.How long does it take?



1.My mother often tells me _________________ (listen) to the teacher in class.

2.Can you tell me _______________ (it) name? 3.The door is _____________(open). ______________(come) in, please.

4.What time _____________(do) the fist film ____________(begin)?

5.There is going to be a _______________ (家长会). 6.How about ______________(play) our games?

4.It takes sb some time to do sth

It usually takes me 15 minutes to walk from my home to school.

5.What`s the date tomorrow/ today? 6.What school do you study at?

7.How many classrooms are there at your school? 8.Who`s that man in a white shirt? in 意思是“穿着,戴着” 9.When is it open?


Page 1 of 2 让每一个学生超越老师!

思致超越 知行合一

7.It usually ____________(take) ___________(I) an hour ___________(finish) _______(I) homework. 8. It’s time for ____________(they) ______________ (have) dinner. 单项选择

A. well in B. well at C. good in D. good at 2. I like English, A. when B. but C. so D. or 3. —What’s the date today? — A. It`s Tuesday B. It`s October 10 C. Yes, it`s October 10 D. No, it`s Monday A. look B. looks C. see D. sees

A. from; to B. from; from C. to; to D. to; from every day.

A. spends B. pays C. takes D. costs A. borrow B. borrows C. take D. takes 8. I don’A. in B. at C. on D. by

after class.

A. they B. them C. their D. theirs A. Which B. What C. Where D. When

1. I usually come to school by bus.(就画线部分提问) _______ _______ you usually come to school? 2.阅览室什么时间开放?


4. He is Mr Smith.(就画线部分提问) Page 2 of 2 让每一个学生超越老师!

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