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思致超越 知行合一

Unit 7


沿着街道down the street 和我一起come with me 拿所有的包carry all the bags bookshop clothes shop flower shop gift shop shoe shop sports shop supermarket toy shop

给某人买某物buy sb sth =buy sth for sb

对···感兴趣be interested in (doing) sth 不用谢you`re welcome 稍等一会儿just a minute 看一看take a look

不同种类的different kinds of 语法:

1. take, bring, carry, get

take是:意思是带走,拿走。从这到那 bing是:意思是带来,拿来。从那到这

carry是:意思是拿,提,搬。把某人或某物随身带着(不强调方向) get是:意思是拿,取。指离开说话人处,去别处带来某人或某物。 2. Maybe he`s not interested in music. Maybe 用在句首 may be 用在句中 Maybe they are in the classroom. They may be in the classroom. 3. You`re welcome.

用来回答感谢时还可以用:That`s all right. Not at all. 4. How much do they cost? 他们多少钱? = What`s the price of them?


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有足够的钱来买···have enough money for sth 与···不同different from 一双鞋a pair of shoes 另一双another pair 试穿它们try them on 公交车站bus stop 纸杯paper cups 纸杯music boxes

一些其他的好东西some other nice things 远离···far away from 非常合适fit very well 在操场上in the playground 在天空中in the sky

一群小人a group of little people 在一些贫苦地区in some poor areas 今年的卡this year's cards 去年的卡片 last year's cards

思致超越 知行合一

5. They`re two yuan each. 每个2元。

6. match sth well 和···相配 = go well with sth

The hat matches your clothes very well. = 7. That`s enough. 想一想enough的位置?

enough money good enough

be +adj+ enough to do sth

She is old to go to shool.她足够大去上学了。

8. some 和any

9. there be 句型


没有绵羊在田野上。 in the field.


是的,有。 不,没有。


there be 的就近原则

a pear and some apples on the table.

there be 与have/has互换

Nick has no money in his pocket. = no money in Nick`s pocket.

10. try on 试穿

若跟名词,应放在短语后面。 try on the shoes

若跟代词宾格,只能放在短语中间。try them on

11. be interested in (doing) sth 对···感兴趣

the interesting book 那本有趣的书

Unit 7 练习:

1. Please _______ the book to him and ask him to _______ it here tomorrow.

A. take, take B. bring, bring C. take, bring D. bring, take

2. -Which sentence is right? -___________

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思致超越 知行合一

A. Maybe he right. B. He maybe is right. C. He maybe right D. Maybe he is right.

3. —Where is my English book? —__________ it's in your bag or it __________ in your desk.

A. Maybe; may be B. Maybe; maybe C. May be; maybe D. May be; may be

4. You ____ right, but ____ you are wrong.

A. maybe; maybe B. may be; may be C. may be; maybe D. maybe; may be

5. —Thanks a lot. —_____.

A. You're right B. That's all right

6. —Linda, thanks for_____ me. —_____.

A. help, You’re welcome.

7. What's the ____ of these shoes?

A. prize B. price C. much D. many B. helping, No thanks. C. helping, You’re welcome. C. You're welcome D. B and C

8. The price each student is too .

A. for, expensive B. of, cheap C. for, high D. of, low

9. The price of the sweaters _____ $20.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

10. He is _____ to carry _____ for his parents.

A. strong enough, enough box

C. strong enough, enough boxes B. enough strong, enough boxes D. enough strong, boxes enough

to do the work ?

A. enough time; good enough

C. enough time; well enough B. time enough; enough good D. time enough; enough well

12. The coat is ______,but I don't have__________.

A.enough cheap;enough money

C. enough cheap ; money enough B. cheap enough;money enough D. cheap enough;enough money

13. —I want to buy _____ bananas, but I don't have _____ money with me. Can you lend me _____? —Sorry, I don't have _____, either.

A. some; some; any; any

C. some; any; any; any

14. —Can I have _____ sweets?

—Sorry, I don't have _____. I'll buy _____ from the supermarket.

A. some;any:some B. any;any;some C. ant,:some;some D. Some;any;any B. some; any; some; any D. any; some; any; some

15. —Is there _____ tea in the cup?

—Yes, there is _____. Would you like _____?

A. some; any; some B. any; some; any C. any; some; some D. some; any; any

16. —______ two little boys behind the trees?

—No, ______.

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思致超越 知行合一

A. Is there; there is B. There isn't; there are C. Are there; there aren't D. There aren't; there aren't

a pear and some apples on the table.

A. is B. are

some apples and a pear on the table.

A. is B. are

19. This coat is very nice. Can I _____?

A. try on it B. try it on C. try on them D. try them on

20. The pair of new shoes are very nice, could I __________?

A. try on B. try out them C. try on them D. try them on

21. You should__________ .They match your clothes well.

A. try on the pair of shoes

C. try the pair of shoes on B. try on D. try out

22. My hobby is changing all the time. Now I am _____ in collecting coins. It's _____ .

A. interesting; interested

C. interested; interest

B . interested; interesting D. interest; interesting

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