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思致超越 知行合一

Unit 5

dress up as a ghost Let's celebrate the Monkey King ge presents at Christmas all my family get together have a big dinner eat moon cakes enjoy the full moon in the USA wear masks paint our faces make pumpkin lanterns make lanterns out of oranges play a game with sb play a game on sb knock on their doors trick or treat

give us some candies as a treat 语法:

1. Let?s celebrate. Let sb do

让我们去散步吧。 2. That`s not very interesting. interesting: a. (使人)感到有趣的 interested: a. (有趣的) interest: n. 兴趣

对??感兴趣的: have interest in sth. = be interested in sth.

我对那部有趣的电影有兴趣。 = 3. I want to dress up as a ghost.

dress up 打扮 dress up as sth. 打扮成??的样子 dress up in sth. 用??打扮 dress sb. 给某人穿衣服 get dressed 穿衣服 dress myself 给我自己穿衣服

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have a party

on the evening of October 31 ont the morning of 31 October It's great! It's wonderful!

enjoy nice food and drinks New Year's Day May Day Children's Day Teachers' Day National Day the Chinese New Year the Spring Festival the Dragon Boat Festival The Mid-Autumn festival Christmas Halloween Thanksgiving Day at Christmas on Halloween

What a nice cake! happy birthday

go out for a birthday dinner at a restaurant near my home lion dance find out happy New Year on holiday at the party take photos seem very happy around the world at the school hall have a nice day let/set off fireworks red packets a great Spring Gala

思致超越 知行合一

那男孩在聚会上总穿一身特殊的服装。The boy always a special costume at the party. 今天我们会有客人,请打扮一下。 We?ll have guests today, please .

当我只有三岁的时候,我就会自己穿衣服了。 when I was only three years old. 马上穿衣服,因为到了你上学的时间了。 at once, because it?s time for you to go to school. 好吧,那么我将打扮成美猴王(孙悟空)。OK, then I? Monkey King.

4. Thank you for telling me about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

thank sb. for doing sth. 感谢某人做了某事

thank sb. for sth. 因为某事而感谢某人

谢谢你帮助了我。 Thank you for .

谢谢你的帮助。Thank you .

5. We always have a party on the evening of October 31 and enjoy nice food and drinks.

have a party = hold a party 举办聚会

at the party 在聚会上

the Party 中国共产党

6. We knock on their doors and shout “trick or treat”.

knock on / at sth. 敲击某物 knock into sb. / sth. 撞上某人/某物

7. Usually they give us some candy as a treat.

give sb. a treat = treat sb. 招待某人

give sb. sth. as a treat = give sb. a treat of sth. 用某物招待某人

她总是用很多事物来招待我们。She always a lot of .

8. If引导条件状语从句

If they do not give us a treat, we play a trick on them.

9. What do you get as birthday presents?

10. 日期如何写,如何读?

一月-十二月:January February March April May June

July August September November December

写法:2004年11月8日: 月日年写法(美式):November 8th, 2004

日月年写法(英式):8th November, 2004

读法: 月份:直接用英语读出;

日 :读成the +序数词


美式: January 12th, 1993 读成: January the twelfth, nineteen ninety-three

英式: 12th January, 1993 读成: the twelfth of April, nineteen ninety-three

1. I want to _______ as the Monkey King.

A. celebrate B. dress up C. look D. make

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思致超越 知行合一

2. They make_______ dragon boats every year.

A. own their B. own C. them own D. their own

3. Can you make a lantern _______a pumpkin?

A. in B. to C. from D. out of

4. - What are you going to buy? - Some_______ Tomorrow is Easter.

A. rice dumplings B. moon cakes C. chocolate eggs D. pumpkin lanterns

5. - _______are you buying so much food? - Because your uncle is coming for dinner.

A. What B. How C. Where D. Why

6. People do not celebrate_______ in the USA

A. Easter B. the Dragon Boat Festival C. Halloween D. Christmas

7. The children are playing a game _______ "hide and seek".

A. called B. calling C. to call D. calls

8. - Happy Halloween, Kitty! -_______.

A. Yes, I'm very happy B. Thanks. The same to you C. OK, you're right D. Not at all

9. Don't play a trick_______ him.

A. at B. on C. to D. for

10. -_______girl is your sister? - The one under the big tree.

A. What B. Which C. Who D. Whose

11. -_______dress do you like best? - The blue one.

A. What B. Which C. What colour D. Where

12. Every day, I spend two hours _______my homework.

A. finishing to do B. finishing doing C. to finish to do D. to finish doing

13. -_______is the History Museum from here? - About a kilometre away.

A. How far B. How long C. How much D. How often

14. Don't use _______ time to play computer games.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

15. The news is really _______ and everyone is_______ in it.

A interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested

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