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7A-Unit 4

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思致超越 知行合一

7A-Unit 4

一、词组 醒来 把我叫醒 起床 去散步 需要良好的休息 have fun= 做早操 二、重点句子 是吃早饭的时间了。





1. 时间介词:in,on,at Children`s Day March 2. would like to do sth

我想要去山上散步。 3. exercise作为名词可数吗? exercise

4. practise doing

你必须练习说一些英语。5. help的三种简单用法:

吃早饭 吃午饭 吃晚饭 做课外活动 去睡觉 8:15 许多(两个)

与某人聊天 在操场上 在校排球队 thanks= 去野餐





做早操、眼保健操 做(书本上的)练习 做运动

思致超越 知行合一


6. It`s time

到了吃早饭的时间了。 7. 频率:

特殊疑问词: 回答方法:多久几次 once/twice/three times/four times a week/ a month/ a year 8. sb spend ···

on sth

(in )doing sth

我花了2小时做家庭作业。 四、练习

1. ________ lunchtime, I often chat ________ my friends in the playground.

A. At; for B. For; with C. At; with D. For; at 2. I love my new school. All my new classmates are ________ me.

A. nice to B. kind of C. kind for D. nice for 3. I like English ________ I think it is interesting. A. so B. but C. because D. or


8. Reading ________ fun. I like ________. A. are, it B. is, it C. is, / D. am, it 9. Who ________ a member of the Computer Club? Please raise your hand!

A. want to B. wants to C. want to be D. wants to be 10. It’s time for class, please wake ________ up. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

4. The school day ________ at eight every morning. 改错 A. starts B. start C. to start D. starting

1. It isn’t good for you to watch too many TV.

5. I spend two hours a day ________ my homework. 2. Is he often take the bus to go to school? A. do B. does C. doing D. to do 6. —How often do you play a ball game at school? —________.

A. All day B. One hour C. Once a day D. Half an hour 7. Sandy likes ________, but Lily likes to ________. A. swimming; play volleyball B. swim; play volleyball C. to swim; playing volleyball D. swim; playing

3. Thank you for give the card to me.

4. Amy spends lots of money to buy her clothes.

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