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7a-unit 6

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思致超越 知行合一

Unit 6


吃一个汉堡 have a hamburger

每天跳舞半小时 dance for half an hour a day

饭间 between meals

有太多的糖份 have too much sugar

喜欢打电脑游戏 like playing computer games

两片面包 two pieces of bread

一盘子鸡肉 a plate of chicken

三杯茶 three cups of tea

五盒牛奶 five cartons of milk

一周不足三次 less than three times

更多锻炼 exercise more

看一看菜单 have a look at the menu

踢足球来保持健康 play football to keep fit 对我们的身体有益 be good for our health 需要保健 need to keep fit/healthy 很少吃蛋糕和糖果 seldom eat cakes or sweets 对你的牙齿有害 be bad for your teeth 改变生活方式 change one’s lifestyle 一杯水 a glass of water 一袋盐 a packet of salt 四公斤肉 four kilos of meat 六瓶果汁 six bottles of juice 10多小时 more than 10 hours 你想点什么菜? What would you like to order? 尝起来味道好 taste good 开始良好的一天 start the day well 一日一苹果,医生远离我 An apple a day keeps the doctor away

早餐喝牛奶吃面包 have milk and bread for breakfast

晚饭吃鱼和蔬菜 have fish and vegetables for dinner

计划多吃水果和蔬菜 plan to eat more fruit and vegetables

为我整个下午提供能量 give me energy for the whole afternoon

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 吃苹果使我们远离医生。(吃苹果有助于保持身体健康。) keep···away 使···远离

Keep your long hair far away from the fire.

2. I need to keep fit.

need to do sth 需要做某事 keep fit 保持健康

他需要吃一顿大餐。I a big dinner.

3. for + 时间段

for half an hour for an hour for two days for a week

4. plan to do sth 打算做某事

他打算去上学。He to school.

5. sweet n. 糖果(可数) adj. 甜的,甜美的

There are some on the table.

6. meat n. 肉(肉类的总称)(不可数)

7. be ··· for sb

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思致超越 知行合一

be good for sb

be important for sb

be bad for sb

苹果对你有好处。Apples are .

8.It`s good for our health.

health n.健康 healthy adj.健康的

in good/bad health身体健康/不健康

她的身体健康。She is =She is .

we should eat 9. I always have milk and bread for breakfast.

10. less than 3 times a week more than 2 hours

less than 小于,少于 more than 多于,超过

11.What would you like to order?

order v.点菜,命令 order sb (not) to do sth 命令某人(不要)做某事

12. All right. 行了,好吧。(交际用语)相当于OK

That`s all right 不客气/ 没关系(用来回答感谢或者道歉)

1 - _______do you _______sports every day? - Less than one hour.

A. How long; do B. How many; play C. How much; do D. How many times; do 2 It's important _______us students _______carefully(认真) in class.

A. for; listening B. of; listen C. for; to listen D. of; to listen

3 My mother never has noodles _______breakfast.

A. of B. on C. in D. for

4 The student _______a lot of money _______books.

A. takes; to B. takes; buying C. spends; on D. spends; to buying

5 - How often do you go to the restaurant? - _______.

A. Three to six times B. In the morning C. Twice a week D. More than two hours 6 Where is _______orange coat? He can't find it. Who can help _______?

A. an; his B. a; him

7 Is watching TV _______too bad _______your eyes?

A. much; to B. much; for C. many; to D. many; for C. the; him D. an; him

8 -Let`s go swimming. -_______

A. All right. B. That`s all right C. Right

D. That`s right.

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