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Unit10 By the time I got outside ,the bus had already left .

1.by the time 到..时候

2.go off 闹响

3.run off/run away 跑掉 离开

4.on time 准时

5.break down 损坏

6.show up 出席 露面

7.April Fool's Day 愚人节

8.set off 激起 引起

9.get married 结婚

10.a piece of 一片 一块

11.Qomolangma mountain 珠穆朗玛峰

12.by mistake 错误的,失误的

by the time 到...时候

13.He often oversleeps 他经常睡过头

14.The alarm clock went off just now. 刚才闹钟响了

15.rush at sb 朝某人冲奔

rush out of 冲出…地方

16.on time 准时

in time 及时

17.The door is locked. 门被锁上了

18.break out 爆发火灾/能量

19.feel/be/get exhausted=feel stressed out 筋疲力尽

20.announce sth / that从句 宣布某事

Flowers announce that spring is coming .


21.convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事

22.set off 激起

set off=set out 出发/起程

23.reveal a hoax 揭露一个谎言

24.flee-fled-fled 逃离 flee from + 地点 从某地逃离

flee away 逃离/逃跑

25.marry sb=get/be married to sb 和某人结婚

26.ask sb to marry sb 求婚

27.in one's forties 在某人的四十多岁

28.have a happy ending 有个美好的结局

have a sad ending 有个悲伤的结局

29.feel embarrassed 感觉尴尬 an embarrassing thing 一件尴尬的事

30.get up 起床

31.fall asleep 睡着

32.look stressed out 看上去筋疲力尽

33.have a bad morning 有个糟糕的早上

34.first of all 首先

35.get in the shower 洗澡 =go into the bathroom 洗澡 get out of the shower 洗完澡 take a quick show 洗一个快澡

36.get dressed 穿衣

37.run all the way to school 一路跑向学校

38.no wonder 难怪

39.run back to school 跑回学校

40.get outside 出去

41.get to school 到达学校

42.leave one's sth at +地点 把某人的某物落在某地

43.make it (to sth) 来的及某事

1)The train will arrive at 10:15.

I think we'll make it. 及时赶到/到达目的

2)We've almost made it . 我们几乎成功了 办成功,做成功

3)Keep on and you'll make it. 坚持就会成功

4)I think we should make it another time 约定时间

44.be late for school 上学迟到

45.come very close 来的非常紧凑

46.wait for sb 等待某人

47.come out 出版/出来

48.run off to 迅速离开去

49.start doing sth 开始做某事

50.in one's car=by car 乘车

51.give sb a ride 顺便载某人一程

52.the final bell 最后的铃声

53.invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事

54.stay up late 熬夜到很迟

55.April Fool 傻瓜 be close to sb 与某人亲密

56.costume party 服装派对

57.fool sb 愚弄某人

58.happen to sb 发生在某人身上

59.change the clock to an hour earlier 调整闹钟提前一个小时

60.stay up all night studying 熬夜学习

61.a radio program 一个广播节目

62.land on the earth 在地球着陆

63.move across 穿过

64.so convinced that… 如此确信以致…

65.hundreds of 成百上千 thousands of 成千上百

66.across the whole country 遍及整个城市

67.in England 在英格兰

68.no more 不再

69.stop doing sth 停止做某事

70.run to the local supermarket 跑去当地的超市

71.across the country 整个城市

72.TV star 电视明星

73.invit sb onto one's show 邀请sb上sb的节目

74.be thrilled 非常兴奋

75.want to do sth 想做某事

76.lose both A and B 失去A和B

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