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提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班


满分120分 时间120分钟


一 选出你听到的单词(听两遍,每题1分,共5分)

1 A thirty B thirteen C three

2 A lunch B breakfast C dinner

3 A rice B ruler C red

4 A their B they C them

5 A Friday B Sunday C Saturday

二 听句子,选出答语(听两遍,每题1分,共5分)

6 A I am fine. B Thanks C A bag

7 A How are you ? B How do you do ? C Good afternoon. 8 A carrots B bananas C rice

9 A yellow B ten dollars C five

10 A Yes, it is. B It’s a pen. C No, she isn’t

三 听短文,选出答案(听两遍 每题2分共10分)

11 How old is Tom ?

A 12 B 13 C 14

12 Does Tom has a sister ?

A Yes,he does, B No, he doesn’t. C We don’t know

13 Who is Tom’s Chinese teacher ?

A Mr Huang B Mrs Huang C Mr Brown

14 Does Tom like eggs for lunch ?

A Yes, he does. B No, he doesn’t. C We don’t know. 15 Is Tom in No. 1 Middle School ?

A Yes, he is. B No, he isn’t. C We don’t know. 第二部分:基础知识


( ) 1. —What color is it? — It’s___ orange.

A. an B. a C. / D. the

( ) 2. —____is your father ? — He is 42 years old.

A. How B. How much C. How old D. How

( ) 3. The pants ____nice, I’ll take______.

A. look; them B. looks; it C. look; it D. looks; them

( ) 4. Broccoli and carrots are ______

A. fruit B. dessert C. food D. vegetables

( ) 5. Some food ____ on the table.

A. be B. is C. are D. will be

( ) 6. —Let’s play ping-pong ! — Good idea! ___I don’t have a bat.

A. So B. Or C. And D. But 1

提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班

( ) 7. My son is ____. Today is his _____birthday.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelfth; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelfth

( ) 8. —Hello, are you good friends? —_____

A. Yes, I am B. No, I don’t C. Yes, we are D. No. we don’t

( ) 9 —.______ — Yes, please. I want a pair of sports shoes.

A. Can I help you? B. Do you have a pair of shoes?

C. What do you do? D.Hello!

( ) 10. These green shorts are ____sale ____ $10.

A. on; at B. on; for C. for; of D. in; at

( ) 11. Anne has a son . ____ name is Edward.

A. He’s B. His C. Her D. She’s

( ) 12.—Is this your English-Chinese dictionary? —No, it’s______

A. my sister’s B. a dictionary C. your dictionary D.my dictionary

( ) 13. —Happy birthday, Tom . —________

A. Happy birthday, too. B. Thanks very much

C.The same to you. D.You are welcome.

( ) 14. —Where is the alarm clock ? — Is ____on the desk?

A. that B. this C. the D. it

( ) 15. My brother and I ___sports every day .

A. don’t play B. aren’t play C. plays D. doesn’t play

( ) 16. Look! There are some _____on the plate .

A. orange B. tomatos C. pears D. ice cream

( ) 17. — I don’t know where Wenchuan County(汶川县) is.

—Let me ____a map of China for you.

A. take B. bring C. have D. know

( ) 18. I have ____basketball. Let’s play____ basketball.

A./ ; / B. a; the C. a ; / D. / ; the

( )19. You can ____socks in all colors ____that store.

A. buy; for B. sell; in C. have; to D. buy; from

( ) 20. My baseball is____ the floor, ____the table.

A. on; under B. on; on C. under; under D. under; in


My name is Sandra. I have a brother. is Tom. We like different sports. I like fun, I like tennis,_ I don’t like basketball. It’s eggs, apples and and dinner. For dessert, I Tom likes ( )21. A. He B. She C. Her D. His

( )22. A. volleyball B. TV C. watch D. oranges

( )23. A. and B. with C. but D. of

( )24. A. fun B. boring C. interesting D. fine

( )25. A. likes B. don’t like C. like D. doesn’t like

( )26. A. looks B. knows C. plays D. has

( )27 A. food B. books C. colors D. classes


提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班

( )28 A. in B. on C. for D. at

( )29. A. hamburgers B. chicken C. broccoli D. ice cream

( )30. A. boring B. healthy C. great D. relaxing



Here are my three photos.

This is my friend, Wu Huan. She is a good girl. She is 11 years old. She is in Chongqing with her family. She likes vegetables and chicken. She doesn’t like ice cream or strawberries.

This is me. My name is Chen Ming. I am 12 years old. I’m a middle school student in Suzhou. I like eating fruit and vegetables, but I don’t like eggs or carrots.

This is my friend, too. His name is Doudou. He is 12 years old .He is in Suzhou with me. He likes bones(骨头). He doesn’t like broccoli. He likes playing with balls. He is a nice dog!

( ) 31. How many friends does Chen Ming have?

A. One B. two C. three D. four

( ) 32. Where is Wu Huan ?

A. In Chongqing B. In Hangzhou C. In Suzhou D. In Zhuzhou

( ) 33. Doudou doesn’t like ______.

A. bones B. ice cream C. eggs D. broccoli

( ) 34. Which(哪一个) sentence(句子) is TRUE (正确的)?

A. Wu Huan is a girl of 12 years old. B .Doudou is Wuhuan’s friend.

C .Doudou is a nice boy. D .Chen Ming and Wu Huan like vegetables.

( ) 35. Which is the best title of the text ?(哪个是文章中最好的标题)

A. My friends and I B. My family C. My dog and I D. My three photos


Hi! I’m Lucy. I am a student in Class5, Grade 1. I have a big backpack. It’s blue and red. The price is $88. I have a nice pencil case in it. It is $10. Its color is white. I buy it in a store. There are four pencils and one pen. Each pencil is $1 and the pen is $12. My eraser is yellow. It is $2. My ruler is orange and very long. I like them very much. I study very hard.

( ) 36. I’m in Class ______

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Five

( ) 37. My backpack is _____

A. big B. small C. lost D. black

( ) 38. What color is my pencil case ? It’s _______

A. red B. blue C. white D. blue and red

( ) 39. How much are my pencils ?

A. $1 B. $2 C. $4 D. $10

( ) 40. The color of my eraser is _____

A. orange B. black C. yellow D. blue


Linda has three dollars. She wants to buy a birthday gift(礼物) for her father. She comes to a big store. She looks at the things and thinks, “I’ll(我将要) buy him something nice.”

“Can I help you?’’ says Mr Smith, the shopkeeper(店主). “Yes, please. I want to buy a gift for my dad’s birthday,” answers Linda, “but I don’t know what to buy.” Mr. Smith gives her a nice shirt and says, “Do you like this shirt? It’s twenty dollars.” “Yes, but I only have three dollars,” says 3

提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班

Linda. Then she sees a nice white tie(领带). She knows her father would like it .She wants to buy it, but the price must be very high.

“How much is it?” She asks .Mr. Smith looks at her, and then he says,“That’s just three dollars.” “Oh, fine!” Linda is very happy. “I’ll take it.”

41. Is it Linda’s father’s birthday today?

42. How much is the shirt?

43. What does Linda buy for her father?

44. Is the tie really three dollars?

45. Is Mr. Smith a very good man?


( )46. What’re these on the sofa? A. She is eleven.

( )47. Do you have an eraser? B. Yes, it is.

( )48. Let’s play soccer. C. You’re welcome.

( )49. How old is she? D. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )50. Thanks a lot. E. They’re eggs.

( )51. When is your birthday? F. Yes ,here you are.

( )52. Is that red skirt 4 dollars? G. That sounds good.

( )53. Can I use(使用) your dictionary? H. It's December 15th.

( )54. Does his mother like apples? I. No, but I have a pen.

( )55. Where’s the baseball? J. No, she doesn’t.


56. Let_____(we) have ice cream.

57. My pants are too old. I want_________(buy) a new pair.

58. This black bag is________, but that white bag is big.

59. Bob (not like) salad or strawberries.

60. Can you_____ (take) the notebook to my brother?

61. Those are her CDs. _____(it) are on the chair.

62. Jim likes bananas and Tom likes _____(they), too.

63. February is the _______(two) month of the year.

64. How much_____(be) the shorts?

65. These are our_______(room)


66. Tom doesn’t have any soccer balls. (肯定句)

Tom soccer balls.

67. This yellow sweater is

is this yellow sweater?

68. Are your books on the bed? (否定回答)

69. The school trip is(对划线部分提问)


提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班

the school trip?

70.My father is a teacher and my mother is a teacher, too. (同义句)

are both(都) teachers.


假设Sally是你的好朋友,请根据下面表格的提示,以My good friend为题,写一篇50词


提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班












56. _____57._________58. ________59. 60._____

61. _____62._____63. _______64._____65. _______


66. 67 68. , 69.


初一英语考试 听力材料

一 选出你听到的单词(听两遍)

1 My sister is only three.


提分快 找凹凸 到凤凰 VIP1对1,精品小班

2 I have milk and bread for breakfast.

3 Do you like rice ?

4 I’ll take them.

5 Sunday is the first day of a week.

二 听句子,选出答语(听两遍)

6 What’s this ?

7 Good afternoon.

8 What fruit do you like ?

9 How much is it ?

10 Is this a pencil ?

三 听短文,选出答案(听两遍)

My name is Tom, I’m a student of No. 1 Middle School. I’m 12 years old. At school, I like Chinese. My Chinese teacher is Mrs Huang, she is a very good teacher.

I like eggs and milk for breakfast, but my sister Mary doesn’t . For lunch, I only like rice and vegetables, but Mary likes chicken and rice. She doesn’t like vegetables. For dinner, we both like salad, milk and bread.


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