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1. ---What does Millie say to you?

---Millie says she will help do some s_________ work in the next summer vacation.

2. ---Which girl is Liu Ying?

---The girl with p__________ is Liu Ying. She is my best friend.

3. We all know that our country is b_________ more and more beautiful.

4. We asked Miss Lee to help us w__________ out the Maths problems.

5. Qi Baishi was a f__________ painter and he drew a lot of wonderful pictures.

6. ---Look at the young man’s face. It is as s__________ as a TV.

---Yes, it is. But it is smaller.

7. We can remember the kind man easily because he has s___________ eyes.

8. A good friend should be kind and p__________.

9. That sounds like an e___________ idea to me.


1. ---Look! He is shouting at his mother.

---Why is he so ___________ (polite)?

2. The Three-D film Titanic is the ___________ (wonderful) film I have ever seen.

3. Sometimes it requires courage to tell the ___________ (true).

4. John is so __________ (honest) that no one believes him.


1. ---Do you have __________ to say about your best friend?

---Yes. I want to tell you that my best friend is a helpful person, too.

A. else anything B. anything else C. other anything D. anything other

2. ---We all think skating is _________ swimming.

---But I don’t think so. I think skating is as interesting as swimming.

A. as interesting as B. as not interesting as C. not as interesting as D. not interesting than

3. It is very __________ for me to study with you. We should help each other with our lessons.

A. kind B. sorry C. afraid D. pleasant

4. ---Mum, could I have an MP4 like this?

---Certainly, we can buy ___________ one, but as good as this. The price of this kind is a little higher.

A. a cheap B. a cheaper C. a small D. a smaller

5. ---The food on the plate smells __________. You can’t eat it.

---Yes, I won’t

A. delicious B. badly C. bad D. well

6. ---Is Mr. Franco Hollande __________ honest and capable man?

---Yes. And that is why he was chosen ___________ president of France.

A. a; a B. an; / C. the; the D. a; /

7. Zhang Lili, __________ good teacher, is regarded as _________ most beautiful teacher at present.

A. an; a B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a


8. I think __________ can make Andy change his mind. He is such a person who never gives up easily.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

9. ---It’s said that a foreign English teacher will teach us English next term.

---Wow! _________! We can practice our oral English better.

A. What an excited news B. How excited the news is

C. What exciting news D. How exciting news

10. I had to call a taxi because the box was _________ than I’d expected.

A. heavy B. heavier C. the heavier D. the heaviest

11. She sang a song I believe I can fly in Yangzhou English Classics Reading Contest. I have never heard a _________ voice than that before.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

12. This schoolbag is not expensive. And the price of it is the __________ of the three.

A. lowest B. biggest C. highest D. smallest

13. This maths problem is ___________ that one.

A. so easy as B. as difficult as C. much difficult D. less easier than

14. I always try ___________ to others.

A. to kind B. being kind C. kind D. to be kind

15. ___________ Gina ___________ Tara are studying Chinese history and culture now. They find them rich and amazing.

A. Both; and B. Not only; but also C. Either; or D. Neither; nor

16. __________ the help of the Internet, the news can reach every corner of the world.

A. Under B. In C. To D. With

17. You’d better __________ Tom ___________ his math.

A. help; learn B. to help; learn C. help; learning D. to help; learning

18. ---Do you know what he __________ two years ago?

---Yes, he looked fat then.

A. liked B. is like C. likes D. looked like

19. Can you give me some ___________ when I am in trouble?

A. advices B. words C. ideas D. advice

20. I can’t get on well with my classmates. I don’t know ___________.

A. what to do B. how to do C. what to do it D. how do it

21. The Yellow River is ___________ river in China.

A. the two long B. the second longer C. the second longest D. two longest

22. I’m sorry. I can’t agree __________ you.

A. to B. with C. on D. for

23. The ___________ new is that we have many ___________ to ask.

A. problem; questions B. problems; question

C. question; problems D. questions; problem

24. ---Why is the traffic today moving so slowly? We are running late!

---Calm down. Let’s take ___________ route. Turn left over there.

A. a same B. the same C. a different D. the different

25. ---Would you like to have another apple?

---No, thank. I’m full. I can’t eat ___________.


A. some more B. more some C. more any D. any more

26. I’m surprised than John is only 25. I thought he was ___________, for he seems to be in his 30s.

A. old B. older C. young D. younger

27. There isn’t an airport near where I live. The _________ one is about 90 miles away.

A. busiest B. farthest C. newest D. nearest

28. Peter speaks Chinese well indeed, but of course not __________ a local speaker in China.

A. so fluently as B. more fluent than C. as fluent as D. much fluent than

29. I know this plan is far from perfect, but I just can’t think of _________ one.

A. a better B. the better C. a best D. the best


sing; shop; as popular as; solve problems; travel around the world; sing for people; make people happy; try one’s best; social worker; make friends with

1. ---Would you like _______________ when you’re free, Kitty?

---Yes, I’d love to. I’ll do it with my best friend Jill.

2. Millie enjoys singing, and she would like ________________ in the future.

3. Linda wants to be _______________ Gong Li, one of the greatest actresses in ten years.

4. ---Good morning, Helen. Shall we go _______________ together this weekend?

---I’m sorry I have no time to do it with you. I have too much homework to do this weekend.

5. I think it is great _________________. I’ll sing my favourite songs for them.

6. Millie said she could listen to people’s problems and help them _____________________.

7. We should __________________ to help people when they have problems.

8. Mike is very helpful and polite. We’d like _____________________ him.

9. The girl student would like to be ____________________ after school. She wants to help people if possible.

10. ---What does your best friend Daniel want to be in the future?

---Daniel hopes to become a ____________________ like Yu Quan.


1. He’ll look after the dog for you, because he likes to help others.

He’ll __________ __________ of the dog for you, because he _________ __________ to help others.

2. You are kind to tell us that.

It’s kind __________ __________ __________ __________ us that.

3. I don’t think he is as fast as Tom.

I think he is __________ __________ Tom.

4. He is the most careful boy in his class.

He is __________ ___________ ___________ __________ ___________ boy in his class.

5. Nobody else is as well as Lin Tao in his class.

Lin Tao is __________ _________ in his class.


1. 当你在功课方面有问题的时候,你应该去见老师。


You should go to the teacher when you _______________________ your lessons.

2. 王先生将要给我们做一个怎样记住单词的报告。

Mr. Wang will give us a talk about ___________________________.

3. 凯特的爸爸妈妈都很好看。

Both Kate’s father ________________________________________.

4. 面带微笑的那位男士就是我们的英语老师。

The man ______________________________ is our English teacher.

5. 为什么不尽你最大的努力去帮助需要帮助的人。

__________ __________ ___________ try your best to help people __________ _________?

6. 左边的房子比右边的美。

The houses on the left are __________ __________ than __________ on the right.

7. 请你把你的未来计划告诉我好吗?

____________ you please tell me __________ __________ __________?


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