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There are many computers in it.(What’s in it?)

There is a playground.(What’s in it?)

We have lunch here. (What do you do here?)

There is a cupboard and a bookshelf in our school.(What’s in your school?)

It’s our pleasure.(Thank you so much.)

There are many shops near my home. (What’s near your home?) It’s at No.126 Garden Street. (Where is your home?)

A small packet of sweets, please.

Please put the rubbish in the rubbish bin.

They eat hay. (What do they eat?)

These are my horses. (What are these?)

I like horses. (What do you like?)

Let’s go to Century Park and have a picnic.

Century Park is far away from our school. (Where is Century Park?) It’s sunny and warm. (How’s the weather?)


Are there any shops? Yes, there are. No, there aren’t. How much are they? They’re five yuan.

How much is it? It’s twelve yuan.

How’s the weather in Australia? It’s cool and windy.

How’s the weather in December? It’s sunny and hot.

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