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Unit 14 & Unit 15合

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Unit 14: Have you packed yet? Unit 15: We’re trying to save the manatees.


1. Her new series is a h______________. 2. A bus a_____________ around the corner just now.

3. Who’s playing the l_____________ in the new film?

4. He did so well that he won an a_____________ in the speech contest.

5. Those people who are far away from their h_______________ are always missing it.

6. Have you ever talked about your a_____________ with your family?

7. What should we do next? What’s the next s_____________?

8. I believe s____________ that we shall succeed this time.

9. What is the p___________ of your coming here?

3. The boy ____________________ seeing his mother now. He misses her very much.

4. Robert came to China __________________ his roots last year.

5. It’s getting late, we must _____________ now.

6. I want to be a scientist. And I believe that my dream will come true _______________.

7. Do you think the music can ________________?

8. You should _____________ the kitchen after cooking. 9. She did it ________________, of course.

10. My neighbor didn’t pass the math exam. ____________, he failed his math exam.

11. I’ll tell him about the meeting as soon as he ________________.

1. The manatee w___________ about 1,000 pounds.

2. Why are you wearing a sweater? It’s not very s___________ for this hot weather.

3. I was d_________ when I saw the dirty room. 4. Joe saw a strange e_____________ on her face.

5. We’d better e____________ the public about how to protect the environment.

6. Lots of fish died because of the p____________ water.

7. We should r____________ the waste paper to protect the environment.

8. —Have you ever seen him r____________? —No, I haven’t seen him for a long time.

9. Each of us is a member of s_____________. 10. Lei Feng is an i_____________ to our Chinese.

11. I urged him __________________ (stay) for dinner.

12. The mother ___________________ (关心、照顾) the sick child day and night.

13. I often play soccer ___________________________(在某人的空余时间).

( ) 14. Books are made ___________ paper while paper is mainly made ________ wood.

A. of; of B. from; from C. of; from D. from; of


课文再现:Have you watered the plants yet?(注意yet的用法)

Have you fed the cat yet?(注意feed的用法)

Number of concerts they’ve done…(注意number的用法)

Yes, they’ve been on TV lots of times.(注意延续性动词)

Have you said goodbye to Grandma?(注意say…to sb.的用法)

Have you been back to the place where your ancestors lived, worked, studied and played?(注意关系副词where的用法)

Most, like Robert, can hardly speak any Chinese and have never been to China before.(注意hardly,


注意过去完成时In the last twelve months, they’ve had three major concerts and made a hit CD.

( ) 1. —Excuse me, where is Mr. Brown’s office? —Sorry, I don’t know. I ________ here for only a few days. A. work B. worked C. have worked D. will work

( ) 2. Joe, my close friend, moved to Beijing years ago, and I _________ him since then.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

( ) 3. —Look! The light is still on in Mr. Zhang’s office. —I’m afraid he ________ his work yet.

A. doesn’t finish B. didn’t finish C. hasn’t finished D. won’t finish

( ) 4. You are too late. The film ____________ since half an hour ago.

A. has begun B. has been on C. began

( ) 5. Mr. Fan ___________ this watch in 2005. He __________ it for six years.

A. bought; has had B. bought; has C. has bought; had had D. has bought; had

( ) 6. So far this year, many new houses _________ in Wenchuan with the help of the government.

A. build B. are built C. will build D. have been built

( ) 7. —_______ you ever _____ Dali? —Never. But I’m going there this vacation.

A. Do; go to B. Have; been to C. Have; gone to D. Will; go to


I’ll do it in a minute. (注意in+一段时间)

And they they’re going to go on a world tourthey will perform in ten different cities.(注意介词+关系代词的用法)

( ) 1. —________ will your father be back? —In two months.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How many

( ) 2. Do you know the reason ________ he was late?

A. for which B. for what C. which D. of which


( ) 2013.1. —What ______ the noise, Bill? —Sorry, I broke my glass.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

( ) 2. —Hey, Tom. Let’s go swimming. —Just a moment, I ________ a message.

A. send B. sent C. am sending D. have sent

( ) 3. —Excuse me, I’m looking for Be the Best of Yourself. —Sorry. The book you ask for ____out.

A. is selling B. is sold C. was selling D. will be sold

( ) 2012. 1. —I’d like to introduce my best friend to you, Peter. —Thank you, Lucy. But we _____ already. A. meet B. met C. will meet D. have met

( ) 2. —Can you answer the door, Jim? I _______ the dishes. —I’m coming, dad.

A. do B. did C. have done D. am doing

( ) 3. —Have you heard of Earth Day? —Yes. The first Earth Day ______ in 1970 to educate us to protect our planet. A. celebrates B. celebrated C. is celebrated D. was celebrated

( ) 2011. 1. —I called your at 4:00 yesterday afternoon, but no one answered. —Sorry, I ____ with my friends at that time. A. swim B. swam C. will swim D. was swimming

( ) 2. Soft drinks _______ to children for free in some restaurants on Children’s Day.

A. offer B. have offered C. are offered D. will be offered

( ) 3. —Excuse me, where is Mr Brown’s office? —Sorry, I don’t know. I ____ here for only a few days. A. work B. worked C. have worked D. will work

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