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2013外研版英语七年级下册 Module 8 Unit 3

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Language in use


part n. 部分;地区;地方
Part of the building was destroyed in the fire. 大楼的一部份毁于火灾。 This is one of the nicest parts of San Francisco. 这是旧金山最好的地方之一。

Language practice
1. Finally, she pushed the door. 2. She didn’t like the middle bed or the big bed.

3. Did she pick any flowers in the

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.

answer enter hurry jump like notice
point return try 1. Baby Bear pointed ______ at the girl in his bed. 2. She _______ entered the house. 3. Goldilocks _______ jumped out of bed. 4. She _______ hurried to the little house.

5. The Three Bears didn’t _______ answer the

door because they were out in the
forest. notice 6. The Three Bears didn’t ______ Goldilocks in bed at first.

7. Goldilocks didn’t ______ return to that part
of the forest again.

8. — Did she ___ try the small chair first?
— No, she didn’t. She tried the big

chair first.
9. — Did she ____ like the small bed?

— Yes, she did.

Complete the passage with the correct

form of the words from the box.

Once upon a time there was a small boy
called Tom. One day Tom (1) ______ wanted to go for a walk in the dark forest. He (2) ______ walked for a short time and then he (3) ______ picked some flowers. Next, he (4) _______ knocked noticed a little house. He (5) ________ on the door but nobody (6) ________. answered He

(7) ______ entered the house. There (8) _____ was a

a big table, a big chair, a big bowl and a big bear. Then Tom (9) ______ looked at the bowl of food with big eyes. The bear (10) _____ asked Tom, “Are you hungry? Try some of my food.” Tom tried the food. Then

they were good friends.

Now work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. 1. Did Tom want to go for a walk in the dark forest? Yes, he did. 2. Did he pick a lot of blue flowers? No, he didn’t. 3. Did he notice a house? Yes, he did. 4. Did he knock on the door first?Yes, he did.

Fairy tales
All around the world parents tell their children fairy tales. The stories are exciting and children enjoy listening to them again and again. In the stories, animals often speak and sometimes people become animals. The stories usually begin with “Once upon a time …”

Module task:
Telling a story

Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and
make sentences. Use the words given.

Put the sentences together to make a story. Remember to use words like and, so, but, because, first, next, and then and finally.

You can start like this:
Once upon a time there was a little girl

called Nü wa. Her father was Emperor Yan
and he loved…

Free talk
Read your story to another pair and

listen to theirs.
Once upon a time...


dark 形容词,意为: “黑暗的” ,它的

反义词是 bright,形容词,意为 “明亮的”。 例如:
1. This room is dark but that one is bright. 这个房间是黑暗的而那个房 间却

是明亮的。 2. The day is bright and the night is dark.


little 形容词,意为:“小的” ,它的 反义词是 big 或 large,形容词,意为 “大 的”。 例如:
1. My schoolbag is little but his is big. 我的书包小但他的大。 2. My cup is little but my father’s is big. 我的杯子小但我爸爸的大。

right 形容词,在本模块的意思是:“合 适 的;恰当的” 。常与 just 连用,just right 意为 :“正好合适”。


wrong,意为 “错误的”。
如:You are right and I am wrong.

¤“右边的”、“右面的”反义词是 left,
意为 “左边的” 、“左面的” 。 如: You are right, and I am left. 你在右边而我在左边。

left 左

right 右

形容词 right 用法整理

wrong, 意为 “错误的”。 ¤“右边的”、“右面的”,反义词是 left,

意为 “左边的” 、“左面的” 。

hungry 形容词,意为: “感到饿的”;“
饥饿的” ,它所对应的词是 thirsty,意为

例如: 1. The little boy is hungry and he wants to eat. 这个小男孩饿了,他想吃东西。

2. She is thirsty and she wants to drink. 她

上个模块中,我们学习了 be 动词 的过去式,那么一般动词的过去

式是如何构成呢?请同学们观察 下面的例句:

Jack often goes to school by bike, but today he walked to school. 杰克经常骑自行车去学校,但是今天他 是步行去的学校。 I live in Beijing now, but I lived in Shanghai three years ago. 我现在住在北京,但是三年前我住在上 海。




一般动词结尾 加-ed

walk, listen, look, finish

walked, listened, looked, finished

以“不发音的字 live, notice, lived, noticed, 母e结尾”的动 decide decided 词后加-d



hurried, married

以“辅音字母+y结尾” hurry, 的动词,y变为i,再加 marry ed

以“元音字母+一个辅 音字母结尾”的重读闭 音节动词,先双写辅音 字母,再加ed

stop, step

stopped, stepped

一、写出下列动词的过去式。 is\am _______ was plant ________ planted drink ________ drank go ________ went fly _______ flied are _______ were play _______ played make _______ made

does _____ did
worry ________ worried

dance _______ danced
ask ______ asked

二、用 be 动词的适当形式填空。

1. I ____ am an English teacher now.
2. She ____ was happy yesterday.

3. They _____ were glad to see each other last

4. Helen

and Nancy ____ are good friends.
5. The little dog _____ was two years old last year.

三、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. I ________ watched (watch) a cartoon on Saturday.

2. Her father _____ read (read) a
newspaper last night.

3. We _____ went to zoo yesterday. (go)
4. ____ visit (visit) your Did you _______

relatives last Spring Festival?

Review and recite the important points of Unit 3. 复习并记忆Unit 3 重点内容。

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