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comic strip


1.掌握一些词汇、短语和句子: past,present, since, Have you seen my food? I’ve just eaten it. I used to go to school by bike. 2.初步了解现在完成时态。 3.谈论不同时期的交通工具。

过去,往事 现在, 目前 刚才 曾经,过去常常 运输, 交通工具 past


used to

(复数) 时期, 时代 times coach 长途汽车 地铁 underground



Listen and answer 1.How was Eddie in the past?
He was kind in the past

2. How is Eddie at present? He is not kind . 3. How was Hobo in the past? He used to share food with Eddie. 4. How is Hobo at present? He has changed too.He used to be so kind to Eddie.

was 1.Hobbo’s food ______(be) in the bowl an hour ago?Now it _______(be not) in it. isn’t has eaten Hobbo’s food Eddie _________(eat) 2.Eddie was ______(be)kind to Hobbo in the past.Now he _____(be) so bad.Eddie is ______________ has changed (change). 3.Hobbo_________(want)to play with wanted Eddie in the past.But now he doesn ’t want ______________(not want) to play with him any more.Hobbo __________ has changed (change).


was Hobo’s food _______ in the bowl an hour ago. But it isn’t _______ there now. Why? Eddie has just eaten _______ it because he was hungry Hobo thinks Eddie has ________. _______ changed and he is bad now. He used tobe ___so kind ____ to Eddie.

Language points:
1.ago ……以前(用于一般过去时) E.g. 他一个月前离开的. He left one month ago.

2.just 刚才, 刚刚(常与完成时连用)
E.g. ----Lily 在哪? ----她刚才去了公园. -----Where is Lily?

-----She has just gone to the park.

3. Present Perfect Tense 现在完成 时 构成: 主+ have/has +动词过去分词
定义:过去已经完成的动作并对现在 造成了一定影响

I have just eaten your food.

eg. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Eat your food! I’ve just eaten it! Do your homework! Finish your homework! Read this book! Watch this film! Give your dog some food!

done finished read watched given

tm tn

b ti

p PT U LR f

The plane has introduced to Hong Kong since 1925.

It is the fastest way of traveling.

It’s a safe way to get to someplace

Thousands of people travel to work on it every day.

The light rail has introduced to Hong Kong since 1988.

The train has introduced to Hong Kong since 1910.

The underground has introduced to Hong Kong since 1979.

The bus has introduced to Hong Kong since 1921

Make a conversation
How did you go to school when you were a student? I used to go to school ____. Why didn’t you_____? Because___________.I go to school_____.Now it’s easy and fast.
past go to school on foot,by bike/bus present bybike/bus/ undersground by bus/taxi/car

go around the city

by bus

go to other cities

by coach

bycoach/train/ plane

拓展延伸 since 1988
The bus __________

(be) in use since 1988. The bus has been in use since 1988. = The bus has been in service since 1988.

1 过去现在和未来 past , present and 强化训练 future 2 一个半小时以前 half an hour ago 3你看见我的食物了吗?是的,我刚吃 ---- Have you seen my food? ---- Yes, I have just eaten it. 4你过去常常和我分享食物。 I used to share food with me. 5等下一辆公共汽车花费很长时间。

强化训练 1 What’s in thebowl _______(碗)? present 现在) 2 What are they doing at ________( 3 My father was a teacher in the _____( past 过去). 4 I’ve justeaten ______(吃) a hamburger and a glass of milk. 5 I’ve lived here _____(自从…以来) 1996. since 6 在不同时期 at different times 7 乘长途汽车去上海 take a coach to Shanghai 8我过去常骑自行车到校. I used to go to school by bike.

10. 你吃早饭了吗? 吃了. _____ Have you _____ eaten your breakfast ? have Yes, I ____. 11. 从2003年起我们就学英语了. We have ____ studied ______ English since ______ 2003. 12. 他以前对别人很好. 但现在他变了. was kind _____ to He ______ others, but he has changed ______ _________ now.

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