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Units 1—3

Class: Name:

第一部分 听力部分(共25小题,计25分)


( )A. My name is Jane. ( )2.A.Nice to meet you. ( )3.A. OK. ( )4.A.That's good. ( )5.A. Thank you. ( )6.A. Excuse me.

B. Her name is Anna. B. Good afternoon. B. Thanks.

B. They(他们) are good. B. Yes, it is. B. It's red.

C. His name is Bill. C. How are you? C. Morning. C. They are fine. C. No, I don't. C. It's a CD.


7.( ) 8.( ) 9.( ) 10.( )


( )11. A. A watch. ( )12. A. Brown. ( )13.A.Gina. ( )14.A. Yes, he is. ( )15.A.653..



B. A book. B. Blue. B. Smith. B.No, he isn't. B. 536. B. K-A-T-E.

- 1 -

C. A ruler. C. Yellow. C. Brown. C. We don't know. C. 365. C. No, it's Paul's. C. E-M-M-A.

( )16. A. No, it's Tom's. B. Yes, it's Anna's. ( )17.A. A-N-N-A.

( )18.A. A name list.

( )19.A. Baseballs. B. A notebook. B. Pictures. C. A dictionary. C. Clocks.

C. Five books. ( )20.A. Three books. B. Four books.

四、听短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。短文念3遍。(共5小题,计5分) ( )21.The girl's first name is ______.

A. Mary.

A. father.

A. one.

A. sister.

A. six. B. Helen. B. grandfather. B. two. B. friend. B. seven.

笔试部分(75分) C. Anna. C. brother. C. three. C. cousin. C. eight. ( )22.Paul is the girl's _____. ( )23. The girl's aunt has(有)_______ daughter(s). ( )24.Cindy is the girl's ______. ( )25.There are(有)______ people(人) in the girl's family.



( )26.John is my ( ( )28.---What’s her name? ---It’s Helen Green. Green is her ( )29.---What’s your ---It’s 86547931.


( )30. ---Nice to meet you. --- ____________

A. I’m fine. B. Nice to meet you, too. C. How do you do?

( )31. --- __________? --- Fine , thanks.

A. What color is it? B. What’s this? C. How are you?

( )32. I’m Tony Brown. My family name is _____________.

A. Tony B. Brown C. Tony Brown

( )33. Mary is a girl. _______name is Smith.

A. Her family

B. His last - 2 - C. Her first

( )34 .---Your pen is nice.

A. Thank you. B. No, it’s not good. C. Yes, it’s good.

( )35.---Hello, Tanya.

A. Thank you. B. Hello, Jenny. C. Yes.

( )36. ---Are you Miss Black? ---_________.

A. Yes, I am not B. No, I am C. Yes, I am

( )37. Is that your book _______the box?

A. in B. to C. at

( .

A. Yes, I can

( )39.— ________?

—It ’s 120-3574.

A. What’s this B. What’s your name C. What’s your phone number B.S-T-E-V-E, Steve C.OK

( ) 40.________they your friends ?

A. Are B. Is C. /

( )41.---Is that your friend? --- . It’s my brother.

A. Yes, it is B. No, she isn’t C. No, it isn’t

( )42.This is a picture _____Julia’s family.

A. in B. of C. at

( )43.These are my________.

A. parent

( )44.—________is it?

—It’s purple.

A What B. What’s color C .What color B. brothers C. friend

( )45.________your books.

A. Here is B. Is here C. Here are

( )46.---Is this _______book?

---Yes, it’s_______ English book.

A. a, a B. an, a C. a, an


A: Hello, Lucy!

B: Hi, Mary! Is this the photo of your family?

- 3 -

A: Yes, it is. B: A: Yes, they are. They are teachers. B: B: Is this your sister?

A: No, it isn’t. 47________. 48._______. 49.________. 50.________. 六、完形填空。(20分) A

an English boy . His telephone number 13389911456. Gao Hui is family name is number is 510124198308222617. She has a car. car is yellow. Her is 川A.WD366. ( )51. A. am ( )52. A .last ( )53.A.Her ( )54.A.is ( )55.A.an ( )56.A.His ( )57.A.Gao ( )58.A.telephone ( )59.A.A ( )60.A.car

B. is B.first B.His B.am B.a B.Your B.Hui B.ID card B.An B.phone

C. are C./ C.My C.are C./ C.Her C.Gao Hui C.car C.The C.ID card


Hello, boys and girls! Nice to you! My name is David Smith. I am a . I am thirteen. Look! is this? It's my family photo. people are in my family, my parents, my and I. My father and my mother teach(教) in the same (相同的) . I am in No.1 School. Emma is eleven. and I are in the same school. Look! This is Emma's telephone. The color is the same as the of mine. My telephone is red. me at it. ( )61.A. thank ( )62.A. boy

B. meet B. father

- 4 -

C. excuse C. friend

( )63.A. What

( )64.A.Three

( )65.A.sister

( )66.A.picture

( )67.A.it

( )68.A.red

( )69.A.box

( )70.A.call B. How B. Four B.brother B.school B.He B.blue B.color B.lose C. What's C. Five C.mother C.family C.She C.white C.number C.find

七、阅读对话, 判断正误。正确的在题前括号内写A,错误的写B。(10分)

Paul: Mom, this is my friend, Ken.

Ken: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Green.

Mrs. Green: It’s nice to meet you, Ken.

Paul: And these are my grandparents, Kevin and Eileen Green. That is my brother, Martin, and

this is my cousin Mary.

Ken : Hello, and is this your sister ?

Paul: Yes, this is Carol.

( )71、Ken is Paul’s brother. ( )72、Kevin and Eileen are Paul’s grandparents.

( )73、Mrs. Green and Ken are cousins .

( )74、Martin and Paul are cousins .

( )75、Carol and Paul are sister and brother.

八、阅读理解。根据短文选择正确答案。(每小题2分,20分) A.

Hello! I’m Bill Gates! I’m English. This is my mother. Her first name is Mary. This is my

father. His first name is David. My telephone number is 786-9716.My friend is Li Hao. His

English name is Steve. He is Chinese. His telephone number is 821-5830. Look at this photo.

Who is the man? It’s our English teacher. His name is Li Donghua. He is a good teacher.

( )76.What’s Bill Gates’ first name?

A. Bill. B. Gates. C. Bill Gates.

( )77. Bill’s father’s last name is ______.

A. Bill B. David C. Gates

( )78.Bill’s telephone number is______.

A.821-5830 B.821-5380

- 5 - C.786-9716

( )79.What is Li Hao’s family name?


( )80.______is in the photo.

A. Liu Donghua B. Li Donghua


Here are three photos.

This is my friend, Wang Han. She is a good girl. She is in Beijing with her family. She likes green and blue. She doesn’t like black.

This is me. My name is Zhang Dan. I am 12. I am in a school in Shanghai. Shanghai is nice and I like it. I like green and white. I don’t like red.This is a picture of Dandan. Dandan is my special(特殊的)friend. She is not with(与...一起)me in Shanghai. She is in Tianjin with my sister Lingling. Dandan likes yellow. She likes Lingling and likes playing with her. Dandan is a cat(猫). She is a nice cat.

( )81.Zhang Dan’s ______ friends are talked about(谈论).

A.two B. three C. four

( )82.Lingling is in _______.

A. Beijing B. Shanghai C.Tianjin

( )83.What is the Chinese meaning of(...的汉语意思) of “special”?

A. 无聊的 B. 悲伤的 C. 特殊的

( )84.Which of the following statement is true(下列哪项陈述是正确的)?

A.Wang Han is as old as (和…一样大) Zhang Dan.

B.People in the pictures like green.

C.Here are three pictures of Wang Han, Zhang Dan and Lingling.

( )85.Which of the following could be the best title for the passage(下列哪项最适合做文 章的标题)?

A. My friend and I B. My Family Photos C. My cat and I



A. Good evening.

B. Good .

are you ?


- 6 - B.Li. C.Li Hao. C. Li Donghai

A. I’m OK.

A. Excuse me, what’s this English?

B. Oh, it .

A. B.M—A—P.


B. That’s OK.

二. 用所给词的适当形式填空,每词只能用一次,有两个多余词。(10分)

This is classroom(教室). Look! This is Bill's ? It's a ball. It's Tim's ball. Is this your ? No, it isn't. It's Sonia's red dictionary. The of my dictionary is blue. ! What's that on the book? It's a ring. Is it Jane's ? Let's her. What's her number? It's 421-4582.


A.将下列10句话或语段重排顺序,构成一篇意思连贯的短文,短文开头已给出。(5分)。 Hi,I’m Yang Mimi. 1-10______________

A.The dog is very nice.

B.I also see a bed next to the bookcase.

C.I’m a student at a middle school.

D.In it, I see some books and a radio.

E.First I see a bookcase.

F.My English teacher is Miss Lee.

G.On it, I see a hat and some keys.

H.In the bookcase I see a white dog,too.

I.So I like the dog very much.

J.Well, Miss Lee is very tidy.Now I’m in her room.


Look at the girl in this photo 阅读). - 7 -

Look! This is her English book. And she found it in the school library.

C. 阅读短文,完成信息(5分)

Hello! I am Bob. I'm 13. I'm an English boy. My last name is Brown. My phone number is 222-3457. This is Linda. Her family name is hand. Linda is my friend. She and I are from the same country(同一个国家). This is her jacket. It's red. Oh, my jacket is yellow.

四. 书面表达。(15分)

假设你是李雷,你和你的美国网友Dave第一次在网上聊天。Dave想了解你的一些家庭情况,请根据下列提示,把你的家庭情况(包括多少家庭成员、他们是谁、他们的年龄等)告诉他。要求:1.介绍要包括所有提示信息。 2.词数不少于40个单词。

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