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八年级英语短语句型 unit 1

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Unit1 知识点归纳


1.stay at home 呆在家 13.feel like 感受到.../想要

2.on vacation 在度假 14.Chinese traders 中国商人

3.quite a few 相当多的 15.in the past 在过去

4.most of the time 大部分时间 16.enjoy walking around... 喜欢到处走

5.long time no see 很久不见 17.make a difference 产生差别

6.anything special 任何特别的东西 18.walk up to the top 走到山顶

7.of course 当然 19.wait over an hour for... 等...一个多小时

feed sb.(with/on sth.) 给某人喂...... 20.because of 因为

feed sth. to sb. 21.enough money 足够的钱

9.diary entries 几则日记 22.along the way 沿途

10.decide to do... 决定去做...... 23.another two hours 又/再两小时

11.arrive in(大)/at(小) 到达 24.seem to do sth. 好像要做...

12.ride bicycles 骑自行车 25.too many people 太多人


1.——Where did you go on vacation ? ——你到哪度假?

——I went to the palace Museum. ——我去了故宫。

2.——Did you go with anyone ? ——你和什么人一起去了吗?

——No, Everyone was on vacation. ——不,所有人都在度假。

3.——Did you buy anything expensive ? ——你买了什么昂贵的东西吗?

——No,I bought nothing ——不,我什么也没买。

4.——Did everyone have a good time ? ——大家玩得开心吗?

——Yes,Everything was excellent . ——是的,一切都很好。

5.How did you feel about it ? /How did you like it ? /What did you think of it ? 你认为它怎么样?

6.——Why didn’t you buy anything for yourself ? 你为什么不给自己买什么东西呢?

7.The only problem was that there was nothing much to do in the evening but read.


8.I felt like I was a bird. 我感觉我是一只小鸟。

9.For lunch ,we had something very special. 午餐,我们吃了非常特别的东西。

10.We saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100years ago.


11.I wonder what life was like here in the past. 我想知道这儿过去的生活是什么样的。

12.What a difference a day makes! 一天产生的差别多么大啊!

13.It started raining a little so we decided to take the train. 天开始下起小雨,所以我们决定搭乘火车。

14.And because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below.因为坏天气,我们看不到下面的任何东西。

15.But the next day was not as good. 但是第二天并不是一样好。

16.Still no one seemed to be bored. 似乎仍然没有人感到无聊。

17.We waited over an hour for the train,because there were too many people.


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