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新目标七年级 上册第五单元Section B

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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?
Section B




soccer ball




用 have or has 填空。 第三人称单数用has,非第三人称单数和复数用have.

1. I ___ three friends in England.
have 2. They_____ a big room in China. has 3. Harry ____ two cats. have 4. Jeff and Jean ___ a son.


has 5. She ____ a big apple.

6.Do you____ a bag ?

7.Bob’s brother ___a nice watch.


New Words fun 有趣的, 令人愉快的

Haha, it’s fun..

interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的 /'?ntr?st??/
Woo, it’s interesting.

Ah, it’s relaxing.

relaxing 轻松的


difficult 困难的


9687462329783 +782357682 ×778698563433 ? =

Haha! It’s difficult.

boring 无聊的,令人生厌的


Hm. It’s boring.

1. interesting 有趣的, 令人感兴趣的 2. fun 有趣的, 令人愉快的

3. relaxing 4. difficult
5. boring

轻松的 困难的
无聊的, 令人生厌的

1a.Match the words with the picture.
c 1. interesting ____
2. boring

b, e 3. fun _____ 5. relaxing ____ a

b, e _____ 4. difficult _____ d

2c. Pairwork
A: Let’s …. B: That sounds …

play computer games

watch TV

play baseball

play tennis

play volleyball

play soccer ball

play basketball

A: Let’s

play computer games. play volleyball. watch TV. play basketball. sing .... interesting. difficult. boring. fun. relaxing. ....

B: That sounds

3a.Read this magazine article, and circle the sports things.

Ed smith has a great sports collection. He has 8 tennis rackets, 9 basketballs, and7 baseballs. He has 3 soccer balls

and 5 volleyballs. But he doesn’t play
sports – he only watched them on TV!

1. Ed has a great map collection. F

2. He has 5 volleyballs and 8 tennis rackets. T 3. He has no ping-pong balls. T
4. He likes playing sports. F

5. He only watches sports on TV. T

3b. Look at the picture, and fill in the blanks in this magazine article about Sonia Hall.

Sonia Hall has a sports collection. She

has five ________(1), eight __________ baseballs basketballs
(2), four _____________(3), and three tennis rackets

__________(4). She plays sports every volleyballs

单项选择 1. The question is not easy. It’s very ____. A. difficult C. relating B. difficulty D. not difficult

C 2. Let’s play _____ basketball. I don’t like playing _____violin(小提琴)at home. A. the, the B. the, × C. ×, the D. ×, ×

A 3. _____ your friend like English?
A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Has

Ⅱ. 根据句意和提示填空 play soccer ball 1. -- Let’s _________________(踢足球). -- That sounds ____________(很有趣). interesting 2. -- Let’s play basketball. -- I ____________ (没有)a basketball. don’t have -- Let’s play ping-pong. That sounds good -- ________________ (那太好了). Do have 3. -- _____ you _______ (你有) a baseball bat? -- No, I don’t. watch TV -- Let’s ___________ (看电视). -- That sounds __

_______ (没意思). boring

Write about sports things or other things you have.
I have a ________ collection. I have _ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ______________.

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