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一、根据句意或中文提示, 写出下列句子中的单词。(20分)

1. He has bad _________ (视力)because of too much computer work at night.

2. My English teacher has a good sense of __________(幽默).

3. He is 1.80 meters in h__________(高度).

4. Is today a __________ (特别的) day?

5.What do you think of these ___________ (广告) on TV?.

6.Sandy’s drawing is the best in the drawing ___________ (比赛).

7.Daniel wants to be as ___________ (受欢迎) as Yao Ming in the future..

8.If you feel ___________ (不舒服), you can go out for a walk with your friend.

9.My brother wants to be a __________ (社会的) worker.

10.You can park your car in the ___________ (广场).

11.He is very clever, because he always answers the questions _________(correct).

12. I am _________ (will) to teach these children.

13. I love music very much. Are you __________ (music) too?

14. Yang Zhenning is one of ___________ (famous) scientists in China.

15. Which is __________ (hot) season of the year?

16. It is very ___________ (please) to live with her.

17. Laura is a lovely girl with __________ (smile) eyes.

18. Which city is __________ (far) to the sea, Beijing or Tianjin?

19. I never feel _________ (bore) when my sister is with me.

20. The coat is one of the __________ (sing).

二、句型转换 (10分)

1. Cycling is exciting. Skiing is exciting too. (合并成一句)

Cycling is ___________ ___________ ___________ skiing.

5. Japanese isn’t as interesting as English. (同义句)

Japanese is __________ interesting than English.

English is __________ interesting than Japanese.

6. I live in the bedroom with my sister. (同义句)

I________ the bedroom _________ my sister.

三、选择填空 (20分)

( ) 2. Lucy is ______ of the twins.

A. taller B. the taller C. the tallest D. tall

( ) 3. There isn't ______ with your bike.

A. wrong anything B. something wrong C. anything wrong D. wrong something

( ) 4. The boy is very fat ___________too much food.

A. so B. so of C. because D. because of

( ) 5. Don't eat that meat. It smells ________.

A. dirty B. delicious C. bad D badly


A .a; a B .an; the C. a; the D. the; the

( ) 7. The Yellow River is ________ river in China.

A. the longest B. the longer C. the second longer D. the second longest

( ) 8. He always tells funny things to me and always ___________.

A. makes me to laugh B. makes me laughing


C. makes me laugh D. makes me laughs

( ) 9. Today you look ___________ better.

A. little B. a little C. less D. very

( ) 10. I want to sing around the world __________.

A. in the future B. in a future

C. on future D. on the future

( ) 11. I think swimming is __________ hiking.

A. not as interesting as B. not interesting as

C. not more interesting as D. not the most interesting

( ) 12. She is ready to help people ________.

A. any time B. anytime C. some time D. sometime

( ) 14. China is larger than ________ country in Africa(非洲).

A. any B. any other C. other D. another

( ) 17.May is my best friend, I’ll _______ her.

A. vote at B. vote for C. voted for D. vote in

( ) 20.My best friend Jack looks happy, and he always ________ a smile ________ his face.

A. wear; on B. put; in C. wears; on D. wears; in

( )1. I have ________ to tell you about my best friend.

A. something other B. other something

C. something else D. else something

( )2. Jenny is so kind that she often _____her toys with her friends.

A. shows B. gives C. shares D. brings

( )5. Mum, I'm feeling even _______ than yesterday.

A. bad B. worse C. worst D. the worst

( )8. _________ he is, _______ he feels.

A. The busier, the happy B. The busy, the happy

C. The busier, the happier D. The busier, the happiest

( )9. Nicole always __ ____happy childhood when she feels sad.

A. thinks over B. thinks to C. thinks with D. thinks of

( )14. It's known that Suzhou is __________ in the world.

A. one of the most beautiful countries B. one of the beautiful countries

C. one of the most beautiful cities D. one of the most beautiful city

( )15. My roommate is a girl __________ round eyes and long hair.

A. has B. with C. had D. is having

( )16. She makes her class ,and she always makes the students .

A. interesting, laughing B. interested, laugh

C. interesting, laugh D. interested, laughing

( )17. Su Ning plays and very well.

A. the football, piano B. the football, the piano

C. foot ball, piano D. football, the piano

( )18. She is good at Chinese but sometimes she is .

A. careful B. polite C. brave D. careless 2

91. It’s for us polite in class.

A. interesting; to become B. necessary; to be

C. good, to D. important, to

四 用所给动词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. You should try your best (make) people happy.

2. What about ________ some milk? (drink)

3. Can you give me something ____________? (eat)

4. Would you please __________ (not open) the door? It’s so cold.

5. She didn’t get better grades because of _________ (play) games too much.

6. My mother hoped __________ (become) a scientist when she was young.

7. Is Millie ready ___________ (share) her cake with her friends?

9. The teacher often makes Jack ___________ (stand) in class.

10. There ____________ (be) an English party tonight, is there?

五 完成句子 (15分)


_________ football and __________ __________ __________ __________ _________.


We should not ________ a _________ _________ __________ __________.


Children are always _________ _________ help _________ ________ ________.


My teacher has a


the table.


He his sister .



1. Peter wants to be a policeman when he grows up _____________.

2. There is a saying " A friend _______is a friend indeed."

3. Yesterday he walked past my table, and _____my bowls and dishes.

4. We ought to _______________________learn English well.

5. Our teacher was ill __________ too much teaching work.

六 完形填空 (5分)

工作). He went from one company(公司) to another but _2_ wanted him. Now he had little money. He had to go back to his small town. So 3

At that time, a woman with a crying baby walked to him. She asked him to sell her the ticket. He 长凳) and didn’“”

( ) 1. A. find B. see C. look for D. buy

( ) 2. A. everyone B. no one C. nothing D. something

( ) 3. A. happy B. interesting C. sad D. glad

( ) 4. A. the city B. the company C. the farm D. the station

( ) 5. A. to buy B. to sell C. to give D. to pass

( ) 6. A. less than B. more than C. smaller them D. worse than

( ) 7. A. Tom B. the bus C. the train D. the old man

( ) 8. A. what B. which C. why D. where

( ) 9. A. have seen B. don’t know C. don’t like D. have done

( ) 10. A. the woman B. you C. the baby D. her

八、书面表达 (10分)


1 Amy是我最好的朋友。我认识她已经十年了。

2 她方脸,长鼻,明亮而微笑的眼睛,齐肩发。

3 她在任何时候乐意助人。常常帮我辅导作业。

4 长大后她想当社会工作者。

5 这样她可以听取人们的问题,并帮他们解决问题。

6 我们总是愿意分享彼此的欢乐和悲伤(sadness),我们将永远是好朋友。


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