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英 语 试 卷



第一节 单项选择。(共10小题,每小题2分)

1. Frank acts well in the school play. He is a good ______.

A. actor B. actress C. teacher

2. Now it’s time ________ our class.

A. starting B. to start C. started

3. Please be friendly _______ the animals.

A. in B. for C. to

4. — What did she last weekend?

— She her homework.

A. do, does B. do, do C. do, did

5. — Why don’t you like history?

— _________it’s difficult and boring.

A.But B.And C.Because

6. There ____ any tea in the cup.

A. are B. is C. isn’t

7. We had great fun ________ in the water.

A. play B. playing C. to play

8. Do you want a job _______ a bank clerk?

A. in B. for C. as

9. ---_____? ---It’s cloudy.

A. How’s the weather like in Shanghai

B. How’s the weather in Shanghai

C. What is the weather in Shanghai

10._______ football in the street! It's dangerous.

A. No play B. No playing C. Don't play.

第二节 完形填空


Do you have a beautiful dream(梦想)? I know everyone their own dreams in their life. The dreams are very important(重要的)hard. I am studying in a school now. My dream is . Their families are very poor and the parents have to change(改变) their life. Teachers are wanted there, so I want to be a teacher to help them. I . job in the world..

11. A. have B. has C. is

12. A. at B. to C. in

13. A. to work B. . work C working

14. A. be B. to make C. to be

15. A. and B. . or C but 16. A. no B. much C. many 17. A. way B. street C. road

18. A. will be B. was C. am going to 19. A. they B. their C.them 20. A. great B greater C the greatest



( )21.If you’d like hamburgers, you can .

A. go to 102 Ting Street B. call 62550011 C. call 88819056 .

( )22. What can’t you have in Big Pizza ?

A. French fries B.coffee C. fruit pizza

( )23. What can you have at 11:30 p.m.?

A. hamburgers B.porridge C. pizza


Which picture is the sign of swimming _________ .


25. If you go to , maybe some people can understand you.

阅读下面的短文,判断文后的句子是否符合短文内容。符合的写“T”,不符合的写“F”。 (A)

Today is Sunday, so Peter doesn’t go out. He asks his parents about the

traditional Chinese clothes. Mother tells him that Qipao is the traditional

dress for women in China. It is usually made of colourful silk and

sometimes made of cotton. Many women in the West like it very much too.

Father can remember that all the VIPs wore Tang suit (唐装) at APEC(亚

太经济合作组织) in Shanghai. They all looked smart in the traditional

Chinese clothes. Many young people find it cool to wear the clothes in their own styles. Peter’s

cousin says the modern clothes are better. Finally, they think the fashion should be comfortable


26. Peter talk with his parents at APEC in Shanghai.

27. Qipao is usually made of silk.

28. The VIPs at APEC in Shanghai wore clothes in modern style.

29. Peter’s cousin is at his home too.

30. They think the clothes should be beautiful first.



Little Peter is a boy of nine. He began to go to school when he was six, and now he is in

Grade Three. He lives not far from the school, but he is often late for class. He likes

watching TV in the evening and goes to bed late, so he can't get up on time in the morning.

This term, Mrs. Black, Peter's aunt, works in Peter's school. She is strict with Peter and

often tells the boy to obey the school rules and come to school on time. Yesterday morning

Peter got up late. When he hurried(赶紧)to school , it was a quarter past eight . His aunt

was waiting for him at the school gate.

”You are ten minutes late for the first class, Peter , " Mrs. Black said angrily . " Why are

you often late for class? " " Every time , when I get to the street corner, I always see a

guidepost(路标). It says SCHOOL-GO SLOWLY! "

31. Peter is in school for___________________ years .

A. two B. three C. Six

32. Peter is often late for school because ____________________.

A. he likes watching TV and goes to bed late.

B. he doesn't like to go to school

C. he sleeps well at night

33. Mrs. Black is a _________________________.

A. Worker B. teacher C. mother

34. The first class begins at _________________

A. five past eight B. ten to eight C a quarter past eight

35. The guidepost is for__________________

A. drivers B. students C. Teachers


第一节 根据所给汉语或英语首字母写出短文中所缺英语单词的正确形式。(共10个小题,每小题1分) 请在答题卡中写出完整的单词。

I’ up at six o’clock every morning. I can’t meet my (38) 朋友) after school because I have to ’TV on school nights. And I have to be in

床) by ten o’clock. On weekends, I have to (42) my room and wash my clothes. Then I have to (43) (帮) my mom make dinner. Later I have to (44) (去) to the Children’s Palace to learn the (45) 钢琴). I never have any fun.What can I do?

第二节 句子翻译 阅读下面的短文,将画线部分的句子译成汉语或英语。(共5小题,计10分)

The waiter came up to them and asked ” “Please bring us two apples first . " said Tom .When the waiter put the two apples on the table, Tom said.” But I was right, “said Mike with a smile . " If I let you take first, which one will you choose? (选择)" " Of course I'll take the smaller one .”said Tom . “Yes,” Mike said, “If you take the smaller one, the bigger one will be mine. Don't you think so ? " ”Oh.” Tom couldn't answer.

46. _________________________________________

47. __________________________________________

48. __________________________________________

49. __________________________________________

50. __________________________________________

第三节,完成对话 从方框内选择最佳选项,并把字母序号写在对话后面的空格内。 (方框中有两个选项与对话内容无关)(10分)

A: ____51_____.

B: Yes, I do . I have a girl pen pal. Her name is Alice.

A: Really ? Where is she from ?

B: _____52_____

A: What does she look like ?

B: ____53________

A: Does she have curly blonde hair ?

B: Yes , she does.

A: ____54______

B: Yes , she is very beautiful .

A: What does she like ?

B: _____55_______

第四节 书面表达(10分)

请以“My best friend”为题写一篇不少于60字的作文。(注意:不能出现真实的班级和姓名)




I. 知识运用(1-10每题2分,11-20每题1分)

1-5____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 6-10____ ____ ____ ____ ____

11-15____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 16-20____ ____ ____ ____ ____ II. 阅读技能(30分)每题2分

21-25____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 26-30____ ____ ____ ____ ____

31-35 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

III. 写作技能 每题1分

36 _________ 37__________38___________ 39____________ 40 ____________

41_________42__________43__________ 44____________ 45____________ 翻译 每题2分

46 _______________________________________________________________

47 _______________________________________________________________

48 _______________________________________________________________


50 _______________________________________________________________ 补全对话 10分,每题2分

51-55 _______ _________ ________ ________ _________


My Best Friend









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