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11. Thanks for _________ (help) me.

12. His brother is a _________ (report). 13: This coat is _________ (expensive)than That one.

14. You can sit the most _________ (comfortable) at Sun Cinema.

15一What do you think of Funky Fashions? 一I think it’s the _________ (bad).It has really bad service .


16. The People’s Cinema is close _________ my home.

A. in B, out C. to D. of

17. _________ is the coat?

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How often

18. _________ is it from your home to school? 一Ten minutes by bus.

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How long

19. FM 97. 4 is the best_ _________ . Lt plays popular music every day.

A. fast food restaurant B. Clothing store

C. radio station D. music store

20.)The red pencil is _________ than the green one.

A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest 21: You can buy ticket _________ here.

A. the most quick B. the more quick C. the most quickly D. the more quickly

22..1 like the Big Screen Complex because it has _________ screen.

A. bigger B. the worst C. the biggest D. worst

23.-The weather is _________ today than yesterday.

A. bad B. worse C. badder D. badly

24: Which is__________season in Beijing?

A.better B. best C. the best D. good

25. Shu-how Lin is now one of _________ basketball players in the NBA.

A. popular B, more popular C. the most popular


26.It is about three miles from the market to the hospital.(对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it from the market to the hospital?

27. Movie World has big screens. Town Cinema has bigger screens.(合并成一句)

Town Cinema has__________ screens_ _________ Movie World.

28.Trendy Teens is the best clothes store in town.(对线部分提问)

_________ is the best clothes store in town?

29. This red jacket is cheaper than that blue one.(改为同义句)That blue jacket is _________ _________ than this red one.

30. Jim is taller than the other two.(改为同义句)Jim is _________ _________ of the three.

四、语法专练:形容词的比较级和最商级 用所给词的适当形式填空。

36.My mom is _________ (busy) in my family.

37.Which clothes store is__________ (good),

Trendy Teens or Jason’s?

38. Which city is _________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?

39. She is _________ (old) of us all.

40. What’s _________ (bad) radio station in town?

41.Oldies 102. 1 FM is _________ (bad) than All Talk 970 AM.

42. Which is _________ (big) of the five ( oranges?

43. Movie Palace has_ ________________ (comfortable) seats of the three.

44.0f all the boxes this one is _________ (heavy). 45.1 want to learn science hard. I think it is _________ (difficult) of all.


They _________ _________ _________ _________ in deciding the winner.


Talent shows are getting _________ _________ _________ _________。


What do you_ _________ _________ the shows?


Who sings _________ _________ _________ ?


31. English is my favorite subject, and I am good _________ it.

A. for B. to C, at D. of

32.All these talent shows have one thing

_________ comcmon.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

33.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon.

A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out

34.It’s fun _________ the talent show.

A. watch B, to watch C, watched D. watches

35.There are _________ school things in the store.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. different kind of D. all kinds of

36.Do you enjoy_ _________ English stories?

A. read B, to read C. reading D. reads

37. His dog is lost(丢了).He is_ _________ it .

A. looking for B. finding C. finding out D. looking at

38.The students take the exams__________ .

A. serious B. seriously C. bad D. worse

39.(2012,四)1l广安)-What a nice watch it is! 一Yes. It’s _________ one of all.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive

40.We decide _________ to Beijing tomorrow.

A. going B. go C. to go D. goes

41.They make the little boy_ _________ the room every day

A. cleans B. clean C. to clean D. cleaning

42.Parents play a role in _________ their children.

A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching

43.Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautifulC. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful

44.Which subject is_ _________ of all?

A. the most interested B. the most interesting

C. the more interested D. the more interesting

45. (2012,贵州毕节)When winter comes, days get _________ .

A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer D. shorter and shorter

五、句型转换46.Funky Fashions has the worst clothes in town.(改一般疑问句)_________ Funky Fashions _________ the worst clothes in town? 47,Mike’s hair is 5 cm long. Jack’s hair is 6 cm long.(合 并为一句)

Mike’s hair is _________ _________ _________ .

48.It costs about 180 yuan for a night in the hotel.(对画 线部分提问)_________ _________ does it _________ for a night in the hotel?

49.1 think Jason’s has the best clothes in town.(改为否 定句)

I _________think Jason’s _________ he best clothes in town.

50. This jacket is cheaper than that one.(改为同义句)That jacket is_ _________ _________ than this one.


1.It’s getting _________ . We should go now.

A. dark and dark B. more and more dark

C. darker and darker D. more and more darker

2.)Li Hua studies English very ___ and her English is __ _____ in her class.

A. careful,good B. carefully, well C, careful,best D. carefully,the best

3. Of all the subiects, chemistry seems to be _________ `for me.

A. difficult B. too difficult C, more difficult D. the most difficult

4. China is one of _________ countries in the world.

A. larger B. largest C. the largest

5.Li Kai jumped the _________ in the long jump. He won the game.

A. farthest B. highest C. longest

6,)-Which city has _________ popultion, Beijing,Guiyang or Xingyi?

一Xingyi,of course.

A.the largest B. the smallest C. the most D. the least一、用所给形容词或副词的适当形式填空

1.Which lesson is__________ (difficult) in Book 2?

2.Alice writes __________________ (carefully) than I.

3.This story is __________________ (interesting) than that one.

4.He is __________________ (clever) boy in the class.

5.This kind of food must be __________________ (delicious) than that one.

6.Can you show me_ _________ (near) shop?

7.Who’s __________________ ,(careful),Tom,Jim or Kate?

8.That is __________________ (easy) of all.

9.That was one of. __________________ (exciting) moments in 2013.

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