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first name 名 last/family name姓 telephone number电话号码 ID card 身份证 middle school 中学

缩写:what's=what is ; name's= name is

I'm=I am he's= he is she's=she is 二、相关语法


当人称代词在句中做主语时,用主格形式;做宾语时,则用句首的就是主语,而用于动词或者是介词后面的就是宾语He is a good student here.在这个句子里,句子的宾语是student,而不是here.


1.There is a letter for________ (her 、hers) mother.

2.That is _____ (she ) coat. The coat is red.______ (its)is a new one. 3.Whose pens are these? _______(their) are ______ (we). 4.Give _______(he) a toy, please. 5.________(we) eyes are black.

6.Tim and Bill are twins. _________(them) parents are teachers. 7.Give the book to __________(I ). 8.These books are __________(we). 9.That is not ____kite. That kite is very small, but _____ is very big.( I ) 10.The dress is _________. Give it to _________. ( she )

11.Is this _________ watch? (you) No, it’s not _________ . ( I ) 12.____ is my brother. ___ name is Jack. Look! Those stamps are _____. ( he )


(1)询问姓名:what's your name?

(2)询问物品:what's this in English?

(3)询问颜色:what color is this pen?

(4)询问各种号码:what's your telephone number?

(5)询问其他情况:what's your address?



1,There is ___________ “ u ” and _______“ s” in the word “ useful”

A , an, a B, a, a C, an , the D, a, an

2, She is _________ English. And she is ___________ English student. A, an, an B, an, / C, the , an D, / , an

3, I have a cat. ________ name is Mimi.

A, Its B, It’s C, It

4,Is that your book?

Yes, ________ is.

A, that B, it C, its D, this

5,____________ his parents.

A, This is B, Those are C, These’s D, Those’s

6, Coco is the name _______ my dog.

A, in B, for C, of D, to

7,This is __________ ID card number.

A, my B, my an C, my a

8, This is a photo of _____________.

A, she B, mine C, I D, he

9, This is a photo of _______________.

A, lily B, my mother C, her D, Mary’s

10, There are many _________ on the farm.

A, bird C, duck C, horse D, sheep

11, There is a key. ___________ key is white.

A, My the B, The my D, This the D, The

12,Tony is four years old,_____ his friend Jenny is four years old,too. A,but B,so C, or D, and

13,My first teacher is very strict with ______.

A, me B, mine C,my D,I


1、Three and two is f_____

2O_____ and three is four.

3、Smith is my f____ name.

4、Tina is my f____. Bob is my f____, t____.

5、I am in NO2 m____ school.


1、你姓什么? _____ ____ your last name?

2、你的QQ号是多少? _____ _____your QQ number?


__________ that ___________ English?


___________ ________ name is Hand.


四、完型填空(第一遍 读文章, 第二遍 填空 , 第三遍 检查)


This is Jim Smith. His l____ name is Jim .His 2____ name is Smith. This is 3_____ school. His school's 4_____number is 307-5967. His teacher is Ms. White. Ms. White 5____ a good teacher. Li Lei is a Chinese(中国的)boy. Li Lei and Jim are 6_____ friends at school. Look! 7____ Jim's schoolbag. It's 8____. But where is 9____ watch? I don't know. Let's 10____ him at 506-7659.

( )1. A. first B. family C. last

( )2. A. first B. good C. last

( )3. A. my B. your C. his

( )4. A. phone B. book C. name

( )5. A. am B. is C. are

( )6. A. well B. good C. OK

( )7. A. What's B. That's C. This is

( )8. A. black B. a black C. the black

( )9. A. I B.her C.his

( )10. A. answer B. call C. meet


This is l6_____ photo 17._____ my room. Can you see my bed? It's here.It is nice. These 18______ my books. They are 19._____. My dictionary 20______ on the chair. Look! What's that? It's 21______ .What color is 22________? Do you know? 23_____ green.It's 24______the floor(地板). My schoolbag 25______ on the bed.I like my room.

16 A. a B. an C. /

17. A. to B. in C. Of

18. A. is B. am C. are

19. A. on desk B. on the desk C. under desk

20. A.am B.is C.are

21. A. model plane B. model planes C. a model plane

22 . A. these B. those C.it

23..A.It's B. She's C. He's

24.. A. to B.on C. in

25. A. am B.is C. are


A. 749-5903 B. 410-5743 C. 503-9765 D. 370-89432.

( )2. If you lost a set of keys, you may e-mail_______

A. Gina B.Maria C. Mary D. John

( )3._________ lost a notebook.

A. Tim B. Mary C. John D. Sonia

( )4. The ruler is________

A. red B. green C. white D.yellow

( )5. Sonia_______.

A. found a pen B. found a pencil box

C. lost a ruler D. lost her school ID card


Joe: Excuse me, Millie. Is this your schoolbag?

Millie: Oh ,no, it isn't.

Joe: Is this your schoolbag, Sophie?

Sophie: Yes, it is. Thank you

Joe: What's in your schoolbag?

Sophie: A dictionary, a book and a pencil box.

Joe: Yes. What's in the pencil box?

Sophie: A ruler, an eraser and a pencil.

Joe: What color is your pencil box?

Sophie: It's blue and red.

Joe: But this pencil box is yellow.

Sophie: Yellow? It isn't my pencil box. But this is my schoolbag.

Diana :Hey, this is my pencil box. But this isn't my schoolbag.

Joe: What a mess(混乱)!

( )6. Who found the schoolbag?

A. Joe B. Millie. C. Sophie. D. Diana.

( )7. What's in Sophie's schoolbag?

A. A dictionary B. A book. C. A pencil box. D. A,B and C.

( )8. What color is Sophie's pencil box?

A. Blue. B. Blue and red. C. Yellow. D. Red.

( )9. What's in the pencil box?

A. A ruler, an eraser and a pen. B. A pen, a ring and an eraser.

C. A ruler, a ring and a pencil. D. An eraser, a pencil and a ruler.

( )10. The yellow pencil box is_________ .

A Joe's B. Diana's C. Sophie's D. Millie's


My name is Tom.I am a boy.This is my room, It's very messy(凌乱的).my quilt is on the floor(地板).My books and dictionary are on my bed. The computer game is under the bed. My pencil box is on the dresser. My schoolbag is on the chair. My keys

are on the desk.

36. The boy's name is ______

A. Bob B. Tom C. Mike Jack

37.His room is_______

.A. clean B. tidy C. messy D.nice

38.. His quilt is________

A. on the floor B. on the dresser C. on the chair D. under the bed

39. His books are_______

A. on the dresser B. on his bed C. on the chair D. on the desk

40. _______ is/are on the desk.

A. His dictionary B. His pencil box

C. His keys D. His schoolbag

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