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新目标八年级下册Units 1--2专练

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新目标英语八年级下册Units 1—2 专练 A. relaxed B. upset C. original D. excited

一.单选: 18. Mike’s cousin is the same age him. They get on well

1. Yang Li wants to be astronaut, and his brother wants to be each other.

teacher. A. from, in B. from, with C. as, in D. as, with

A. a, a B. an, an C. a, an D. an, a 19. –Tom won’t go boating with me. –I won’t, 2. The train will arrive twenty minutes. A. both B. also C. too D. either

A. on B. of C. in D. at 20. –Why not tell her the good news right now?

3. My sister wants to work as a(n) She is active and likes --Oh, no. I want to her.

talking to people. A. dress B. play C. surprise D. join

A. engineer B. reporter C. artist D. pianist 21. –Who helped them finish the work?

4. This question is really --Nobody. They did it by .

A. hard B. different C. possible D. simple A. they B. them C. themselves D. their

country will you travel to next month? –Canada. 22. Don’t little Lisa so hard. She is only 5 years old.

A. How B. Where C. Which D. When A. push B. send C. put D. want

6. –Is this doll yours, Susan? –Yes, it’s mine. I made it . 23. Everyone saw the film Havana Station , Lucy, so she

A. myself B. yourself C. himself D. herself knew nothing about it.

7. Don’t go there A. besides B. and C. with D. except

A. alive B. alone C. again D. also 24. It’s windy and cold outside. Please close the door to the cold. 8. Tony isn’t old enough to himself. He needs his mother’s help. A. take out B. come out C. keep out D. stay out

A. dress B. put on C. wear D. have 25. –I can’t find Ma LInlin. Where is she?

9. –Could you give me , Tom? I want to write a letter. --Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe you should .

--Sure, of course. A. call up she B. call she up C. call up her D. call her up

A. two pieces of papers B. two piece of papers 26. Now many students go to bed until eleven o’clock every night.

C. two piece of paper D. two pieces of paper A. don’t B. not C. didn’t D. aren’t

will you come back? –In an hour. 27. Barry is angry with me. What I to him?

A. How soon B. How often C. How far D. How long A. would, talk B. should, say C. must, speak D. need, tell

11. –Do you like living in the city or in the country? 28. Molly finds interesting to learn English by watching --It’s hard to say. In the city there are new things, but in the English movies.

country there is pollution. A. it B. this C. what D. them

A. less, more B. more, fewer C. more, less D. fewer, fewer 29. –What I do when my parents don’t agree with me?

12. It seems . You’d better take an umbrella with you. --You talk with them and let them know your thought

A. rains B. to rain C. rained D. raining A. should, could B. must, couldn’t

13. –Do you think there will be more cars in the future? C. shouldn’t, couldn’t D. mustn’t, could

--I don’t think so. I think people will buses and trains more.

A. takes B. taking C. take D. took –I forgot to bring my homework this morning. Mr. Liu was angry.

14. What do you think our school in fifty years? A. How do you do B. What do you do

A. is B. are C. be D. will be C. What’s the matter D. How do you like it

15. Kitty wants to be an actress. I believe that her dream will 二.词汇:

if she works hard. 1. Such a toy is (简单的) to make.

A. come on B. come true C. come in D. come over 2. I have had dinner (已经).

16. Could I book (预定) a ticket this tennis match the phone? 3. I dreamed of being a (科学家) when I was young.

A. of, in B. to, on C. to, at D. of, by 4. I had a job (面谈) yesterday.

17. –Why is Mary so ? 5. The little girl cried out at the sight of the (蛇). --Her father didn’t allow her to go to the party. station in the future. to swim when he was very young. . in my city. People hardly see trees or stars. with my mother yesterday because she asked me to get up before seven o’clock on Sundays. with my bike. It doesn’t work. 13. Peter seemed to become crazy because he his math exam again. playing tennis, swimming and painting. me. Could you show me another pair? 16. Many students say that they are under much (press). 17. I really don’t know what (say ) to him. 18. Children often complain about ( have ) no time to relax. 19. The story is very well ( organize ). 20. The ( push ) parents always make their children study all the time. 21. 去年去北京旅游时,我爱上了它。 I Beijing when I went there to go sightseeing last year. 22. 关于世界杯你知道些什么? What do you know about the ? 23. 我们老远骑车到海滩去,只是为了好玩。 We rode all the way to the beach just . 24. 节假日的时候火车站总是有成百的人。 There are always people in the train station during the vacation. 25. 他的工作很枯燥,但是他很少感到厌烦。 His job is very boring, but he seldom 26. 你买这些东西花了多少钱? How much did you these things? 27. 父母与孩子们相处融洽很重要。 It’s important for parents to well with their children. 28. 另一方面,他总是这么安静。 29. 他对各种各样的电脑游戏都感兴趣。 He is interested in computer games. 30. 我们应该尽可能多地帮助别人。 We should help others much .

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