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人教版新目标英语九年级Unit 8知识点

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九年级复习 Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

60页 1. would like = want 想要 would like sb. to do sth.= want sb to do sth. 想要某人做某事 would like sth. = want sth. 想要某物 would like to do sth. = want to do sth. 想要做某事

2. clean up home→homeless care→careless hope→hopeless use→useless give out = hand out cheer up

help sb. with sth. My English teacher often helps me with my English. help sb. (to) do sth. My English teacher often helps me (to) study English. 61页.come up with = think up put off write down put up call up sb. ask sb. for sth. ask sb. (not)to do sth. set up = establish = start 62页 1. be home to + 地点 某处是某人的家

2. These three students all

①volunteer作名词讲表示志愿者 ②volunteer to do sth. 主动请求去做某事; 例如:Both of us volunteered to paint the house. volunteer与for连用,作为志愿者 例如:a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics 2008奥运会志愿者

3. put sth. to good use把东西很好的利用;投入某事到好用法

He'll be able to put his experience to good use in the new job.

4. plan to do sth. 计划做某事 leave school 毕业

2、Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spending time doing what I love to do. 关于帮助别人,我不但感觉很好,而且我开始花时间做我喜欢做的事。


Not only she but also I am responsible for it.不仅她而且我也有责任。


误:He did not only say it, but also did it. 正:He not only said it, but also did it.

(3)连接除主语以外的其他成分时,如果位于句首,not only后的主谓需要倒装(但but also后的主谓不能倒装):Not only has he been to America, but also he knows some American.

(4) get to do sth. 逐渐做某事

63页 1. run out of sth. = use up sth take after sb.= be similar to sb. 相像 give away 赠送 64页 1. try (not) to do sth.努力做某事 try doing sth. 尝试做某事 try one’s best to do sth尽力做某事 work out 产生结果;发展;成功;计算出 fix up 修理 65页 hang out 66页 1. thank you for sth. / doing sth. send sth./ sb. to + 地点 fill sth. with sth. 用……把……装满 如:I filled the glass with water.

sth.be filled with sth. 某物被填满…… 等于 be full of ,其主语通常为物 如: The glass is filled with water.= The glass is full of water.

2. pleased adj 感到高兴的、愉快的;感到满足的 (修饰人)

be pleased with 对……感到满意 如:She is pleased with her work.

pleasant adj 愉快的,满意的,可喜的(修饰物) pleasure n. 愉快,快乐,高兴

4. imagine doing sth. 想像做某事

5. answer the phone 接听电话 a friend of mine (划线处使用名词性物主代词) help sb. out 帮助某人解决困难 trained dog 被训练的狗(过去分词表示被动)

6. feel lucky to do sth. 做某事感到幸运

bring 带来 take 带走 fetch/get 去拿来

7. make it possible(for sb.) to do sth. 使(某人) 做某事成为可能 it 是形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的动词不定式,形容词possible 充当宾语补足语

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