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Quiz for Unit Four


Game On

1. Your Num. will be called. 2. You can choose questions of different levels. 3. If you get it, you'll get points. 4. If you fail, you'll lose points.

Choose your level
Easy(+1) Medium(+3)

如今,在校园中浪费电的现象十 分严重。请你用英语写一篇文章, 号召同学们从小事做起,节约用 电。 内容要点:1.目前许多同学浪费电, 比如离开时不关灯,整天使用空 调等...

2. 电的重要性,没有电我们会怎 样...(要用上课文的重点句)
3. 因此,我们应该怎样做...(要用 上情态动词)

最好另起一句 ? Now many students waste electricity at school. For example, some students don’t switch off the lights when they leave the classroom, and some of them keep the air conditioner on all day. It’s not right for them to do so, because electricity is very important to us. 承上启下 ? Without it, we couldn’t study at school and our lives would become difficult. ? So I think it’s time for us to start out small and save electricity. If everyone tries his best, we will make a difference.

Therefore/ as a result


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