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unit7_how_much_are_these_socks 2

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Unit 7 How much are these socks?







What’s this ? What color is it?


How much is it?



What’s this ?

What color is it?
skirt How much is it?

What’re these?

What color are they?

How much are they?


What’re these? What color are they?

How much are they? socks

Match the pictures with the prices. Then make a report

Match the pictures with the prices. $35 $3 $99



This is a ____ . It’s _____ . It’s _____ dollars. These are ____. They’re ____. They’re ____ dollars.

A: Can I help you ?

B: Yes , please . I want …
A: What color do you want ? B: … A: Here you are . B: How much …? A: … B: I’ll take it (them ). Thank you . A: You’re welcome .

进 店 时

挑 选 货 物

Can I help you ? 服务员首先打招呼 May I help you? What can I do for you? I’m looking for … 顾客讲出要求 需要购买时 I’d like … I want … Can I have a look at… 只是闲逛时 Just have a look. No, thanks. I’m just looking around. 询问顾客想买的商品时 What kind/color/size do you want? What about the color /size? 向顾客推荐商品时 How do you like…? How about…? How much is it? 询问和说明价格 How much are they? What ’s the price of…? It’s …/They’re… 决定购买 I’ll take it / them. 付钱 Here is the money.

根据情景选择句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 c A: 1 B: Yes, please. I want a skirt for my daughter. A: 2 b B: Green or blue. A: Look at the skirts over there. We have different colors. a. Can you help me? Which would you like? B: I think the green one is nice. g 3 b. What color would you like? c. Can I help you? A: It’s 150 yuan. B: Oh. It’s too expensive. d. Do you have a small one? f4 A: It’s only 60 yuan. e. How much are they? B: It’s cheap, but it is big. d5 f. What about this one? A: Yes. Here you are. g. What’s the price?

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