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九年级 Unit 1

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九年级 Unit 1 一.重点词组

1. 制作词汇表 make vocabulary lists

2. 为考试而学习 study for a test

3. 看英文光碟 watch English—language videos

4. 和朋友练习对话 practice conversations with friends

5. 小组学习 study with a group

6. 用英语写日记 keep a diary in English

7. 作笔记take notes

8. 处理 deal with

9. 害怕做某事be afraid / terrified to do

10. 一点也不not at all

11. 大声朗读练习发音read aloud to practice pronunciation

12. 在字典中查新单词 look up new words in a dictionary

13. 把。。。当作。。。 regard … as …

14. 将…和….相比较 compare … with …

15. 做某事最好的办法 the best way to do

16. 犯错 make mistakes

17. 首先 first of all

18. 以做某事告终end up doing

19. 做一个关于…的调查 do a survey about

20. 嘲笑(某人) laugh at

21. 时间流逝 Time goes by

22. 说本族语的人native speaker

23. 后来later on

24. 组成make up

25. 放弃give up

26. 决定不做 decide not to do

27. 对做某事感到兴奋get excited about 二,重点句型

1、你怎样为考试而学习 How do you study for a test?

2、我学习通过听磁带 I study by listening to tapes


Do you ever learn English by making flash cards ?


Yes, I do . It improves my speaking skills.

4、如果我们不处理好我们的问题,我们可能很容易变得不快乐。 Unless we deal with our problems, we can easily become unhappy.


She said that memorizing the words of pop songs also a little


I can’t get the pronunciation right. helped


She had trouble/ difficulties/problems making complete sentences


You should write down new English words in a vocabulary list.


The best way to improve your English is to join an English club.

10、你怎样处理你的问题 How do we deal with our problems? 三、句型转换

1、Grace learns English 对画线部分提问) _______ Grace learn English?

2、It is impossible that a child can lift such a heavy box(改为同义词) It is impossible for a _______ such a heavy box

3、James spent ten years in making this amazing film(改成同义词) ________ took James ten years _______ _______ this amazing film 四、汉译英


Students in school feel they have ______ ______ work ______ ______.


I ______ it ______ ______ if you don’t understand that word.


______ ______ ______ ______ our teacher , he has ______ great

______ 五,选填

1)---______do you improve your listening?

---I improve my listening ______watching English movies.

A. What, by B. How, by C. Where, on D. When, on

2)Usually we get _____about something and end up ____ in Chinese.

A. exciting, speaking B. exciting, speak

C. excited, speaking D. excited, speak

3)He’s been learning English _____five years.

A. in B. ago C. for D. since

4)--I’m worried, Jim. I don’t know how__ writing.

---Don’t worry! Why not _____ a pen pal?

A. learn, to find B. learn, find

C. to learn, find D. to learn, to find

六 词形填空







Most of us learn English by _________(study) our textbooks. Reading aloud can improve our ___________(speak) skills. I am free now. What about __________(go) out for a walk? A good dictionary is ________ (help) to your English-studying. Hearing they will see a moving, the students all got ________ (excite). Don’t speak too ________(quick), we can’t catch you.

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