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第一部分 听力(30分)


1._________ 2._________ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________ II.听句子,选择恰当的应答语。(5分)

( )6. A.Mary B. His name’s Eric. C. I’m Gina. ( )7. A.Yes, I have one. B.Yes, I do. C. Yes, I am. ( )8. A.It’s black. B. Yes, it is. C. It’s in the backpack. ( )9. A.Yes, I do. B.Yes, thank you. C.No, I don’t. ( )10.A.That’s a baseball. B. No, it isn’t. C. That sounds good. III.听对话,选择最佳答案。(10分)

( )11. What color is the chair?

A.Red B. Blue C.yellow

( )12. The boy has a _________.

A.tennis ball B. volleyball C. ping-pong ball

( )13. The girl likes _________.

A.pears B.strawberries C. oranges

( )14. Where is the ruler?

A.In the backpack. B. On the desk. C. Under the backpack. ( )15. The girl likes fruit for_____.

A.breakfast B.lunch C.dinner


第二部分 笔试(120分)


( )21. ---Is this key? ---No, that one is key.

A. my , her B. your ,my C. her, his D. your ,his

( )22. -- is my notebook?--It’s 12 yuan.

A. Where B. What C. What color D. How much

( )23. I don’t like this hat . It’s too ____ . I need a big one .

A. small B. long C. short D. big

( )24. Anna a red skirt, but she doesn't a black one.

A. have; have B. has; have C. have; has D. has; has

( )25.--What's your favorite --Pears.

A. color B. fruit C. day D. vegetable

( )26. Miss Li is English teacher.

A. Tom and Tina B. Tom and Tina’s

C. Tom’s and Tina’s D. Tom’s and Tina

( )27.---Can you help me my math homework, Miss Zhang?

---OK. Come to my house Sunday morning.

A. with; in B. do; at C. to do; on D. to do; in

( )28. Our English teacher is Jenny Jones. We all call her

A. Mr. Jones B. Miss Jones C. Mrs. Jenny D. Mr. Jenny

( )29.My father doesn't play sports. He only ________ on TV.

A. watches it B. watch them C. watch it D. watches them

( )30. I am years old today. And my parents have a party for my

birthday . 新-课 -标- 第-一-网

A. twelfth; twelve B. twelfth; twelve

C. twelve; twelfth D. twelve; twelve

( )31.— ,is Jim American ?— , I don’t know.

A. Excuse me ,Excuse me B. Excuse me ,Sorry

C. Sorry ,Sorry D. Sorry, Excuse me

( )32. ---Do they have lots of ?---Yes, they do.


A. banana B. hamburger C. chicken D. pear ( )33. Thanks the photo your family.

A. of; about B. for; about C. of; for D. for; of ( )34.We can meet on .

A. January 13th,2012 B.2012 January 13th

C.13th January 2012 D.2012 13th January ( )35.I want a pen $4.

A.buy;for B.to buy;for C.buy ;in D.to buy;in ( )36.They have T-shirts green and black.

A.in B.for C.at D.of

( )37.—Where your pants. — on the bed.

A.is;It’s B.are;They are C.is;They are D.are;It’s

( )38.Can I ________ your new shirt, please?

A.look B.have a book C.have a look at

( )39.—Can I see your photo? —Yes.__________.

A.Thank you B.Give you C.Here you are D.You are here

( )40. —What do they do? —They are ________________.

A. man doctors B. women doctors

C. woman doctors D. men doctor


41.Tony’a brother is 5 years old.(对划线部分提问) is Tony’s brother?

42.Robert wants to go to a movie.(改为一般疑问句) Robert to go to a movie?

43.She has an Art Festival each year.(改为否定句) She an Art Festival each year.

44.That bag is black.(同义句) That a bag. 45.Your baseball is under the chair. (对划线部分提问) Your baseball?



(A) My name is Grace. Look ! This is a 46 of my family. A boy is in it. 47 is my brother, Tommy. Tommy is 48 the sofa. A woman is in the picture, too. She is my 49 .She is at the table. My father 50 in the picture. He is at 51 with his students. A plant and a backpack 52 on the table. The backpack is my brother's. Two 53 are under the chair. They are also my 54 .You can see some 55 . They are on the bookcase.

( )46.A. chair B. telephone C. plant D. picture

( )47.A. She B. He C. It D. They

( )48.A. on B. at C. under D. about

( )49.A. sister B. cousin C. mother D. friend

( )50.A. isn't B. are C. is D. doesn’t

( )51.A. hotel B. table C. school D. dresser

( )52.A. is B. are C. be D. /

( )53.A. rooms B. dictionarys C. brushs D. baseballs

( )54.A. brother B. brother's C. sister D. sister's

( )55.A. furniture B. CDs C. beds D. people


It’s 56 Monday. Scott comes to school at 8: 15 in the morning. He has science 57 eight thirty. He likes 58 because it’s interesting. 59 Scott doesn’t like math. At eleven he has math. The math teacher speaks very well, but Scott doesn’t like him. 60 favorite teacher is the P.E. teacher, Mr. Stone. He is fun. His class sounds funny. He 61 P.E on Monday afternoon. So Scott 62 Monday. From Monday to 63 , Scott has 64 at school at 11: 45. After school, Scott plays 65 on the school playground, then he goes home. On Saturday and Sunday Scott doesn’t go to school.

( ) 56. A. on B. at C. \ D. the

( ) 57. A. at B. in C. on D. \

( ) 58. A. science B. English C. Chinese D. math

( ) 59. A. And B. But C. So D. Then

( ) 60. A. Scott B. he’s C. Scott’s D. him

( ) 61. A. have B. has C. have not D. having

( ) 62. A. like B. want C. wants D. likes

( ) 63. A. Wednesday B. Saturday C. Sunday D. Friday

( ) 64. A. lunch B. breakfast C. supper D. dinner

( ) 65. A. the football B. football C. a football D. footballs

第三部分 阅读理解(40分)



Hello! My name is Mike. I am from the USA. Now I an in China with my parents. I like China. I like Chinese food, too. I have breakfast 4

at home. I eat an egg, bread and porridge(粥)for breakfast. I do not like milk. I have no time to go home for lunch. So I have it at school. The lunch in our school is good. I can have different food for lunch. I eat rice, meat and vegetables. Sometimes I have noodles(面条) and dumplings(饺子). I have dinner at home with my parents. Sometimes we go out to eat with friends. We have chicken, vegetables and fruit. ( )66.Mike is .

A. American B. English C. Chinese D. Japanese ( )67.For breakfast, Mike has

A. an egg, an apple and porridge B. an egg, bread and porridge

C. an apple, bread and milk D. an egg, an apple and bread ( )68. He has lunch .

A. at school B. at home

C. in a restaurant D. with his parents\ ( )69. He has for lunch.

A. rice, meat and vegetables B. dumplings and noodles

C. chicken, meat and fruit D.A and B are both right. ( )70.Sometimes they have dinner .

A. at school B. in a restaurant with some friends \

C. at his friend’s home D. in the open air.(在户外)


Mike and Jane are brother and sister. They are Americans. They are in the same school. Their school is not far(远) from their home. Mike is in Mr Black's class. He is thirteen. He is one of the best(最好的) students in his class. Mr Black likes him. He is good at(在……学得好) Chinese.

Jane is eleven. She is in Mr Black's wife's class. Mrs Black is an English teacher. Jane is good at English, but she isn't good at Chinese.

( )71.Are Mike and Jane twins?

A.Yes, they are. B.No, they aren't.

C.Yes, they are in the same class.

( )72.How old is Jane?She is ________.

A.eleven B.twelve C.thirteen

( )73.Who is good at Chinese?

A.Mr Black. B.Mrs Black. C.Mike.

( )74.Where is Mike and Jane's school?

A.It's far from their home. B.The school is not big.

C.It's near their home.

( )75.Which of these is wrong?

A.Mike and Jane are from England.

B.Mike and Jane are in the same school.

C.Mrs Black is Jane's English teacher.



Mrs Smith is Jim’s mother.She loves her family very much.She ofthn buys food,fruit and clothes for Jim and his father.Now many clothes are on sale at a good price.

Mrs Smith comes to the store and she wants to buy some clothes.They have sweaters inall colors for¥15 each and sports shores for only ¥28.Mrs Smith likes the red sweaterand she buys one for herself(她自己).She buys a pair of sports shores for her son.The T-shirts in the store are just ¥18!She buys a white one for Mr Smith.And that’s not all.The sochs,in all colors,are ¥2 each.She buys five pairs.

( )76.Mrs Smith often buys for her family.

A. books and food B.fruit,coffee and shoes

C.food,fruit and clothes D.tea,vegetables and school things

( )77.The clothes in Spring Clothes Store are

A. expensive B.cheap C.not good D.very small

( )78.Mrs Smith likes .

A. the red sweater B.the blue T-shirt

C. the green T-shirt D.the white sweater

( )79.Mrs Smith buys for Mr Smith.

A.a T-shirt B.a pair of shores

C.a white sweater D.a pair of sports shoes

( )80.Mrs Smith spends(花费) on the socks.

A.¥2 B.¥4 C.¥10 D.¥20


My uncle is from Shanghai.Now he is in America.He studies computers there.

The students in my uncle’s class are very interesting.Henry is English.He’s from London.George is Australian(澳大利亚人).He’s from Sydney.Mary is American(美国人).She’s from New York.Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Canadian(加拿大人).They’re from Ottawa.Mr. and Mrs. Sato are 6

Japanese.They’re from Tokyo.My uncle’s friend Zhang Li and Wu Jun are Chinese,too.They’re from Taiwan. Yes,the students in my uncle’s class are very interesting.They’re from many different countries and they’re friends. ( )81.Uncle is in America because . A.he likes America B.American food is good C.American movies are exciting D.he wants to study computers ( )82. is from the UK. A.Henry B.George C.Mary D.Mr. Smith ( )83. come from Canada. 新 -课-标 -第 -一-网 A.George and Mary B.Mary and Henry C.Henry and George D.Mr. and Mrs. Smith ( )84.Sato is from . A.Kobe(神户) B.Sydney C.Japan D.Australia ( )85.Wu Jun can speak . A.Spanish B.Chinese C.French D.Japanese





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