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Unit 12
You’re supposed to shake hands.



You’re supposed to write quickly!
E-mail English is a new kind of written English
that is being used to save time.

E-mail English

on a mobile phone is supposed to be used________________

in class is not supposed to be used_____________

1. Before You Read

1a. Do you know these following expressions?
F2F How RU? CU? BTW CUL8r Face to face How are you? See you! By the way. See you later.

1b.Can you write more expressions like these. CSL RUOK IC YHX BRB ASAP Can’t stop laughing Are you OK? I see. Thanks. Be right back. As soon as possible.

2. While You Read
Learning strategy: cooperative learning Two brains can usually think better than one, and

faster too. To be creative or to learn better, work
together with somebody and be inspired by them.

Share your ideas.

Read the passage and answer the questi
1. What is e-mail English?
E-mail English is a new kind of written English that is being used to save time. 2. What is the advantages of using e-mail English? It helps us write quickly. So we can save time.

3. How many types of e-mail English are mentioned in this passage? What are they? Three. They are abbreviation, homophone, emoticons

4. Can we use e-mail English in our English test?

No, we can’t.
5. How many e-mail English words are mentioned in the passage? What are they? Six. ICQ, BTW, CSL, gr8, CUl8r, :)

3. After You Read
3a.Write the names of the three types of e-mail English at the top of each column. Then give an example.




abbreviations homophone emoticons


gr8, CUL8r


3b.Scan the reading and answer!
b ( ) 1. E-mail English is used a) to have fun b) to save time c c) to study faster ( ) 2. WBQ would mean a) with best wishes b) which queue c) write back quickly

( a)3. “Great” sounds most like a) late b) get c) seat ( c )4. In e-mail English, punctuation marks are used a) normally b) instead of c) to show feelings ( a )5. E-mail English is supposed to be used a) on mobile phones b) in class c) in tests

4. Go for it !

Complete the chart and discuss your answers with your partner.

Do these two on your own: 1.I had a great weekend. And you? 2. Oh no! I am going to be late.

My e-mail English ideas I had a gr8t weekend. And u? Oh no! I’m going to b l8.

Do these two with a partner: Our e-mail English ideas 3. I have seen that movie I hv sn that mov 4 four times. It’s great. times. It’s gr8. 4. Excuse me. Could you Ecus me. Cud u pls please help me? help me?

Choose the best answer.
( C)1. During winter vacation, I _______ sleeping late. A. used to B. was used for C. was used to D. use to (B ) 2. You _______ shake hands when you meet someone for the first time in China. A. would like to B. are supposed to C. want to D. will ( ) 3. Mum, my _______ are too short. Will you buy A me a new pair? A. trousers B. glasses C. clothes D. socks

(C )4. She’s back from Australi

a, _______ she? A. wasn’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t D. hasn’t (C ) 5. A _______ can do almost anything for man, but it can’t take the place of man. A. e-mail B. Internet C. Computer D. mobile phone (B ) 6. -Could you let me know ________ yesterday? -Because the traffic was bad. A. why did you come late B. why you came late. C. why do you come late D. why you come late

Write a note to some friends using e-mail English, or practice typing e-mail English messages on a computer.

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