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人教版九年级英语unit 8第三课时课件

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What’s your hobbies? What do you like to do?


3a Being a volunteer is great!
Number 77 High School is home to three very special young people: Li Huiping, Lan Pei,and Zhu Ming. These three students all volunteer their time to help other people. This volunteer work takes each of them several hours a week, so it is a major commitment. Huiping loves to read, and she puts this love to good use by working in the after-school care center at her local elementary school. Here, she helps young children to read. Pei loves animals, and plans to study to be a veterinarian when he leaves school. He spends every Saturday morning working in an animal hospital. Ming wants

to be a professional singer. He sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up. “Volunteering is great!” says Huiping. “Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do.” Pei says he has learned more about animals. Ming says he has met some wonderful people at the hospital. The therr students plan to set up a student volunteer project “Become a volunteer today!”



Volunteer work
help young children to read

feels good about helping other people, does things he likes

Lin Pei


spend every has learned more Saturday doing about animals volunteering work in an animal hospital
Sings for a group has met some of people at the wonderful people city hospital in the hospital

Zhu Ming singing

Volunteer work the 3 students do and the reasons helps young children to read Li Huiping
loves to read

Lin Pei

works in an animal hospital

loves animals

Zhu Ming

sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up wants to be a professional singer




Could start a football club turn the city people’s life into stories show free movies to villagers sing for the old people

Xu Hui


Xiao Tang writing stories Joy Movies

Gong Wei music

1.be home to sb./ sth. 是……的家园/栖息地 Sichuan is the home to pandas. 2.Voluneer 1)动词,自愿(做某事), volunteer one’s time to do sth. 自愿花时间做……。 volunteer to do sth. 自愿…… 2)名词,志愿者 I want to be a volunteer. 3.major 1) 形容词,主要的;重要的 2)动词 专修 Jim major in history in college. 4. 1) put sth. to good/ bad use 充分(无效)利用 2)make good use /bad of sth 好好(滥)用 3)be of no use = be useless 4)be of good use = be usefull

5. Not only… , but( also)… 不仅 ……… ,而且……, 1)可以连接相同的句子成分或并列句。连接并列主语时,句子主语应和but also后的主语的人称和数保持一致。 Not only Tom but also Mary is interested in math. 2)连接两个简单句时, not only放在句首,表示强调,这时 not only后的 句子要用部分倒装,而but also引导的句子则不用倒装。 Not only does my brother likes English, but also

he likes PE. 6.get to do sth. 逐步做 ………;开始做……… How did you get to know Jim had an accident? After you get up , yon may understand these things. 7.coach 动词,指导,训练 coach sb.( in /for sth. ) Her father coach her for the Olympics. 名词,教练

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