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牛津8B Unit 1 main task( 1 )

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Unit 1 Past and present
Main task

The changes to Sunshine Town

In the past:
30,000 people lived in the town. Some small restaurants, shops, market stalls, a small post office and an old cinema. The water pollution was terrible because the shoe factory dumped waste in to the river.

At present:
Many people have moved out to other areas A park ,a large shopping center and a theater The river is much cleaner.


Fact file 事实档案

In the past

At present

many new roads Environment quiet green hills around new buildings fresh air more people many buses pass Transport go to town by the town bicycle or on foot go there by taxi, bus or train a new railway station a modern life Advantages a good environment

less development

fewer trees

Moonlight Town is a place near Beijing and is not very far from Sunshine Town. It used hills to be a quiet ____place. There weregreen _______and fresh air. However, the area has changed over the years. There are now many new buildings ________, new roads ________ and a lot more people.
In the past, people could only go to by bicycleor on foot Things Moonlight town_______ ______. have changed a lot. Many _____pass there buses a new railway station now, and _________________has been in use since 2003.

Now, people can take the bus, the taxi or the train to Moonlight Town, and it is faster and easier to get there. The changes to Moonlight Town have brought many advantages but they have also caused _________, many problems for people. There are _____ fewer trees, and the environment is not as good as before. However, most young people feel happy because the changes modern have brought them a ________life.

Discuss and write a fact file: About changes to your hometown
1. Environment 环境 (river,road,street,house) 2. Transport 3. People 4. Advantages 5. Problems ……

Write your article !

The changes to Nanjing
In the past 空气清新,树木很多。街道窄(narrow),人们只 能乘公交车或骑自行车,人们生活贫穷,住着矮 小的房子。 At present 变化了许多,街道宽(wide),建造了新的机场. 可以乘干净漂亮的公交车,也可以乘坐地铁、 机场大巴、出租车,非常快捷方便,人们过上 了现代生活,但带来了污染。应该采取措施改 变它。

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