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牛津8B Unit 1 Interated skills

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8B Unit 1 Past and Present Integrated Skills

Learning aims
1.Compare the two pictures to learn the changes to Starlight Town. 2. Learn more information about Starlight Town by listening to the tape. 3. Complete the letter and know more about Starlight Town.

Free talk:
The changes to Sunshine Town

Discussion: What kind of life do you
like better, the first or the second? Why?

Listen and complete the lists below.

Listen and complete the lists below.

natural lakes villages air birds bicycle the lakes

smaller modern railway flats offices train flats


Listen to the recordings and answer some questions.
? 1. In Starlight Town, what did people have in the past? They had lakes and small villages. ? 2. Was there any wildlife? Yes, there were many wild birds and ducks. ? 3. How did people get there?
People went there on foot or by bicycle.

? 4. Where did people live? They lived in small villages near the lakes. ? 5. What changes have taken place in this town?
It has become a modern town. There are many flats, a new railway station, shops, offices, tall buildings and new highways.

Simon is writing about Starlight Town in his diary. Help him complete his diary.
bicycle buildings changes modern moved railway station since taxi villages wildlife

changes wildlife modern railway station taxi bicycle buildings moved village since

? 阅读Simon’s diary, 叙述Starlight Town的变化 ? 完成导学案中的练习 ? 预习Speak up

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