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牛津8B Unit 1 Grammar (1)

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Unit 1

Unit 1, 8B


名称 时间 动动词形式 一般现在时 平时,经常 1.v 1.v 原形 2.v+s/es 2.v+s/es (三单 原形 (三单现) 现) am/is/are+v-ing am/is/are+v-ing 现在进行时 正在进行 1.will/shall+v原形 一般将来时 即将,计划 1.will/shall+v 原形 2.am/is/are going to +v原形 2.am/is/are going to +v原 1.v-ed(规则动词) 形 2.不规则动词 一般过去时 过去(与现 1.v-ed(规则动词) 在无关) was/were+v-ing 2. 不规则动词 过去进行时 过去某一时 was/were+v-ing

? 1.She works in a factory. 一般现在时 ? 2.I was doing my homework at this time yesterday. 过去进行时 ? 3.We are going to have a picnic this Sunday. 一般将来时

? 4.They held a sports meeting last week.

? 5.Are you helping your mother .

had breakfast
moved here in 2000


I’m not hungry now

I still live here

1.过去发生的动作对现在造成的影响或结果。 I have just had my breakfast. (现在我不饿)

I have lived here for eleven years. I have lived here since 2000/eleven years ago.



现在完成时动词构成 have /has+v 过去分词


haven’t hasn’t

Have you……? 疑问 Has he……?

? 1.规则动词
finish--finished--finished live--lived--lived carry--carried--carried stop—stopped--stopped

? 2.不规则动词

go—went—gone see---saw—seen forget—forgot--forgotten

过去分词的构成 cost cost
Type original


p.p cost read





come run

came ran met
caught spoke forgot drank

come run met
caught spoken forgotten drunk


catch speak forget drink

Make a sentence
finish, homework

I haven’t have finished my homework. He has Has he finished his homework No ,he hasn’t Yes,he has

Check the answers:

Making sentences
Mr.Wu asks the students to complete the sentences below using the present perfect tense. Help them complete the sentences.

have finished 1. They___________(finish) their homework. haven’t come 2. Mr. And Mrs.Li _____________(not come) back yet. has played (play) this computer game a few 3. John___________ times. have not seen 4. We _______________ (not see)that film yet 5. Mr Dong _______________ have not repaired (repair) over ten bicycle since last Monday. 6. You _________________ (not visit)me for a long have not visited time.

Chat time
Millie and Sandy are talking about an exhibition of the history of Beijing. Complete their conversation. Use the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets.

M : ______ ____ (see)any exhibition Have you seen recently, Sandy? S : No, I haven’t _______.What about you? have seen M : Yes, I _____________ (see) one. I saw it at the history museum last week. S : What is it about? forgotten (forget)

the title.It ’s M : I have ______________ about changes in Beijing over the past century.

heard S: Oh, yes. Ihave ____________ (hear) about go (go) with Did it._______ your cousin ____ you? didn’t M : No, he _______.He ________ has been (be) very busy this week. S : Did you enjoy the exhibition? learnt M : Yes, I did.I ___________ (learn)a lot about Beijing’s past and present. It’s a good exhibition and I _____________ have decide (decide) to see it again. Do you want to go with me? S : Sure. I won’t miss it this time.


1. He has waited (wait) for an hour. 2. I haven’t finished (not finish) the work yet. Have you known (know) him since then? 3. 4. I have heard (hear) from my father recently. 5. We have been (be) there many times in the past 3 years. have finished 6. They (finish)the work so far. 7. How long have you stayed (stay) at home already?

9. I haven’t read (not read) the book before. 10. He has just done (do) it. 11. My sister walked (walk) to school every day last year. will have(have) an exam again 12. We sometime next week. 13. By 2000, we had planted(plant) 2000 trees. 14. Lucy has gone (go) to Shanghai. She left (leave)this morning. 15. Tom have bought (buy) the bike for 2 years.

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