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牛津8B Unit 1 Integrated skills sophia

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Unit 1 Past and Present
Integrated skills

Wild duck

in the past



the lakes

Task 1: Discuss the changes
1. 2. 3. 4.
In the past Environment Wildlife Transport People

1. 2. 3. 4.

Now Environment Developments Transport People

1.In Starlight Town, what did people have in the past? 2.Was there any wildlife? 3.How did people get there? 4.Where did people live? 5.What changes have taken in this town?

borrow, lend, keep
will borrow 1.I ___________ a book from the school library this afternoon. lend 2. – Can you ___________ me your dictionary? -- Sorry, I’m using it. 3. Can I _________ borrow your bike? keep 4. How long can I _________ the pen? lent his bike to his classmate last 5. My brother ________ night.

Task 3: Correct the mistakes:
1. I agree with you. You are quietly right. quite ______ 2. The airport has been in serve ____ for many service years. called 3. There is a new house calling ____ Green house. 4. Things have changed a lot __ of the years. over 5. Have you ___ see my English book? seen 6. He hasn’t come back already. _____ yet 7. We can go there take a bus. by ____ 8. ____ They only took an hour to get to the center of the city. It

Task 5: Translate the sentences:

I am glad to hear from /get a letter fromyou.

Our school has changed a lot over the past years.

We were all surprised at /by the news.

I wish you a happy birthday!

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