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牛津8B Unit 1-Welcome (可用)

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8B Unit 1 Welcome to the unit

Free Talk
1. How do you usually go to school? 2. How does your father/mother go to work? 3. If you want to travel this holiday, how do you want to go there? Why?

Do you know the name of these

following pictures?






light rail



Make a dialogue like this: A: What’s this/that? B: It’s a … A: Have you seen it before? B: Yes, I have. /No, I haven’t. A: When and Where did you see it? B: Oh,…

Read the following sentences and guess which form of transport they are describing:
1. It is a kind of bus, but it can carry
more people than a usual bus because of its two floors. ( double-decker ) 2. It’s faster and more expensive than bus, if you are in a hurry, you prefer it. ( taxi)

3. There are many of them. Each one

has wheels and takes you to many
places in and around your city. ( bus)

4. It has provided transport service for
people living in Beijing since 2002. ( light rail )

5. It is the fastest way of traveling and

was introduced to Beijing in 1958.
( plane )

6. Thousands of people travel to work
on it every day, it is faster than a bus but not expensive. ( underground )

7. It is a kind of bus, but it is used for carrying passenger(乘客) over long distances(距离). ( coach ) 8. It is the safest way of travling. It travels on the railway and has several carriages(车厢). ( train )

Make a short dialogue:
? A: When did people begin to use buses in Beijing? ? B: People began to use them in 1935 . Buses have been in use since 1935.

Listen and answer
1. Where was Hobo’s food?
It was in the bowl an hour ago.

2. What did Eddie do with the food? Why? Eddie ate Hobo’s food. Because he was hungry. 3. What does Hobo think of Eddie now?
He thinks Eddie is bad now.

Listen to the tape again, then fill in the blanks with proper words.

Hobo p__ owl and went ut some food in his b___
away. When he c____ ame back, the food wasn’t there any m___ ore . So he asked Eddie, “ Have you s____ een my food?” Eddie told him, “ I have just e____ aten it. ” Hobo became very a_____. ngry

He thought Eddie was k___ ind in the past, but now he is very b___. ad He doesn’t

want to p___ lay with him any more.

Put the following into English:
1) 一小时之前 an hour ago 2) 和某人一起玩 play with sb. 3) 不再…… not…any more

4) 我很饿。我想吃一些食物。
I’m hungry. I want to eat some food.

5) Jim变了很多。他现在学习很努力。 Jim has changed a lot. He works very
hard now.

Fill in the blanks:
1. He is working at _______.( present 目前) 2. I have never traveled by ____________. underground (地铁) 3. We have known each other _____ since (自从) we were born.

past (time before 4. I can’t remember the ____
the present). 5. You _____________( have changed 已经改变了), you wanted to play with me.

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