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1、The package_______ a book and five CDs and the course________ many topics.

A. includes, covers B. including, is covered in

B. including, covers D. is included, is covered

2、Many people complain that some of KFCs in China_______the price of a hamburger by oneYuan.

A.rose B.raised C.dropped D.controlled

3、Can you ______who has lost the watch?

A.look for B.look up C.find D.find out

4、I like comedies because actors are always very funny and they make me ______.

A.to laugh B.laughing C.laugh D.laughed

5、The girl devoted all her time she had _____ poor children.

A.to help B.helping C.helped D.to helping

6、—Talking loudly in a library is impolite.

—In fact, we should also take care not to cough or sneeze loudly in public.

A.look after B.be careful C.take care of D.look up

7、_________! The music_________ so nice.

A.Listen; sounds B.Hear; sounds C.Listen; sound D.Hear; is listening

8、The window was broken. Try to ________who has broken it.

A.find B.look C.find out D.look for

9、Look at the new words. Please ______ in your notebook.

A. write it down B. write them down C. write down it

10、I want to watch the basketball match. Would you please ______ the TV?

A.turn on B.turn off C.turndown D.turn up

11、I have to _______ the room every morning.

A. clean B. cleans C. cleaning

12、 last year , my sister tried to lose weight (减肥), but ______ putting weight back on.

A.cut up B.looked up C.ended up D.made up

13、_________ your name on the paper and you can get a magazine.

A.Cut down B.Look down C.Turn down D.Put down

14、─Let’s play soccer.

─That A.looks B.watches C.sounds D.sound

15、I usually ______ books in the morning.

A.look B.read C.watch D.see

16、Don’t worry about him.He’s old enough to_______himself.

A.put on B.wear C.dress D.have on

17、—What should I do when the earthquake happens, Dad?

—First of all, it’s important to _________ and hide yourself in the corners of the room.

A.calm down B.put down C.get down D.fall down

18、Cathy ______ of medium build and ________ curly hair.

A.has, has B.is, is C.is, has D.is, has a

19、The bus came and we_________.

A.got off B.got up C.got on D.got to

20、 He never ______learning English. That was why he was successful at last.

A.gave in B.gave out C.gave up D.gave away

21、A.was used to tell B.is used to telling

C.used to tell D.used to telling

22、 –Can you __________ your e-dictionary to me, please?

–Of course. But you mustn’t __________ it to others.

A.borrow, lend B.lend, borrow C.borrow, borrow D.lend, lend

23、 —Sally failed in this math test. She is very sad now.

—Let’s go and_______.

A.laugh at her B.cheer her up

C.let her down D.learn from her

24、—What about _________grammar? —It is too boring.

A.finding B.studying C.writing D.playing

25、This pair of shoes ________ one of the _________ very well.

A.fits, girl B.fits, girls C.fit, girl D.fit, girls

26、——A.take, I will B.bring, I will

C.carry, I will D.take, I do

27、Can you tell me ___________?

A.what to keep fit B.how to keep fit

C.keeping fit D.to keep fit

28、He was born in Shanghai but____ in Beijing.

A. grew up B. slept late C. took vacations

29、Breakfast is ready, you’d better____.

A.not wake him up B.not to wake him up

C.to wake him up D.wake him up

30、They had a wonderful time _______

A.chating on the Internet B.chatting on the Internet

C.chating in the Internet D.chatting in the Internet.

31、--- Will Guo Jingming’s new book ___________ in August this year? --- Sorry, I’m not sure.

A.come from B.come out C.come back D.come down

32、A.to understand; reading B.understanding; reading

C.understanding;to read D.to understanding; to read

33、We are supposed ______ the lost child at once.

A.find B.to finding C.finding D.to find

34、A.hand out B.put up C.gave away D.get over

35、I’ll play basketball , because it can __________.

A. build me up B. to build up me C. build up me

36、—Is your brother a quiet boy?

—A.talk B.talking C.to talk D.talks

37、 —Why don’t we take a taxi to the Olympic Sports Center in Hexi? —I can’t ____ it. Let’s take the bus instead.

A.afford B.pay C.treat D.choose

38、That dictionary ______me.

A.is belonged to B.is belonging to

C.Belongs for D.belongs to

39、We love to sit on the floor and _____________ the beach and the sea.

A.look out of B.look out at C.look out D.look for

40、—How do you improve your listening skill, Mary?

—I often do it _________ tapes and English radios.

A.by hearing B.in listening to C.by listening to D.for listening

41、---What are the police doing there?

---They are _______ the building. A robber ran into it just now.

A.finding B.searching for C.searching D.looking for

42、— How about going hiking this weekend?

—A.to stay at home; go out B.to go out; stay at home

C.staying at home; go out D.going out; stay at home

43、I’m going to _______ from Uncle Wang.

A.get back it B.get it back C.get out it D.get it out

44、— Why are you often dressed in white?

— Because I think white can help me_______ when I feel stressed.

A.fall down B.calm down C.look down D.come down

45、Look, the little dog ________ a cat.

A.looks like B.is likes C.look like D.just like

46、A.not see B.not to see C.don’t see D.to not see

47、It’s easy to _____ this math problem.

A. work out B. find out C. look out

48、A.pays; on B.spends ; on C.costs; for D.takes; of

49、―_____ ‖.

A.don’t remember B.don’t know C.don’t believe D.don’t expect

50、We often hear her _________ this song.

A.sing B.sings C.to sing D.singing

51、The workers were made ______ all day and all night by bosses in the old days.

A.work B.working C.worked D.to work

52、I have decided ________her for her mistake____ everyone makes mistakes in life.

A.forgiving; but B.to forgive; when

C.to forgive; since D.forgiving; until

53、---Does Daniel ________ after school ? ---No, he doesn't.

A.walk home B.walk to home

C.go to home on foot D.go home on feet

54、—I’m seeing Ann this Sunday. Do you want me to _________ any messages? —Yes, I do.

A.pass by B.pass on C.leave D.carry

55、I didn’t bring my homework, I ______ it at home.

A.forgot B.forget C.left

56、When I was young,my father used to________ me some interesting stories.

A. say B. tell C. talk

57、——OK. I’ll do it at once.

A. not make B. to make C. not to make

58、He prefers ______ at home reading to ______ out shopping on Sundays.

A.to stay, going B.to stay, go C.staying, going D.staying, to go

59、A.got out B.got mad at C.got over D.got on with

60、This pair of shoes________ me 100 yuan.

A.pays B.costs C.spends D.takes

61、My father ___________live in the country. But now he _______living in the city.

A used to, is used to B is used to , used to

C use, used to D used to , is used to

62、How much did you ______ the house?

A.pay for B.cost C.spend on D.take

63、 Last Sunday I had a good time _________volleyball with my frind Alan.

A.play B.to play C.playing D.played

64、Don’t worry! Let me_________ you after _________ .

A.help; a class B.help; class

C.to help; the class D.to help; class

65、Mr. Brown _____ go to bed early, but now he ____going to bed early.

A.used to, used to B.used to, is used to

C.is used to, sued to D.is used to, is used to

66、---You are great! Congratulations on winning the first prize!

---Thank you! Mr. Yu You__________ me to practice again and again every day.

A.enjoyed B.complained C.encouraged . D.celebrated

67、A.bought B.has had C.borrows D.has got

68、He ______ his homework at home yesterday.

A、leaves B、forgot C、left

69、You aren’t outgoing , so you’d better others.

A. make a friend C.make friends B.make friend with D.make friends with with

70、I can’t afford ______ the white car, it’s too expensive.

A.to buy B.buying C.in buy D.in buying

71、— What is Grandma cooking in the kitchen?

— Fish, I guess. How nice it _______!

A.sounds B.smells C.tastes D.looks

72、I don’t think this watch ______ as much as the one you ______ last time.______ last time.

A.spends; paid B.takes; spent C.pays; cost D.costs; paid for

73、Judy, don’t put your keys here. _____, please.

A. Put them away B. Put away them C. Put it away

74、A.explain B.explaining C.to explaining D.to explain

75、Lin Shuhao put all his effort _____ basketball training and _____ great progress at last.

A.into; made a B.to; made C.into; made D.to; made a

76、The factory ______ its waste into the river, but now it deals with the waste in a new way.

A.used to dump B.is used to dump

C.used to dumping D.is used to dumping

77、The little boy is very kind. He always ____ his food ____others.

A.share; with B.share; for C.shares; with D.shares ;for

78、These cabbages ______ well because they _____nice.

A.look, sell B.sell, are looked

C.sell, look D.are sold, look

79、Simon with his friends _________football on Tuesday afternoon.

A.play B.plays C.play the D.plays the

80、Simon’s colourful T-shirt __________ cool.

A.sees B.looks C.watches D.looks at

81、It will ________ much time if we drive instead of walking.

A.take B.spend C.save

82、-- I’m sorry we ________ all the educational CD-ROMs. Can you come next week?

-- Please call me as soon as the latest one _________.

A.have sold well, comes out B.have sold out, comes out

C.have sold well, is come out D.have sold out, is come out

83、Do you think a cafe is the best place ________friends?

A.to chat B.to chat with C.chat with D.chatting with

84、I need more physical and mental strength. Could you give me some ______?

A.suggestion B.idea C.advice D.thought

85、I’m sorry to say that I didn’t ________ him to become a successful writer .

A.let B.make C.hope D.expect

86、You used to be a top student. You shouldn’t ___________.

A.worry about not getting a good job

B.worried about you’ll not get a good job

C.worry about not get a good job

D.worry about having a good job

87、— What will they do to deal with the accident?

—A.worked out B.made up C.helped out D.belonged to

88、Let me _________ it.

A.does B.to do C.doing D.do

89、After a serious illness, he finally _______ how important his health is.

A.meant B.realized C.added D.impressed

90、Do you mind_________?

A.I smoking B.my smoking

C.my smoke D.me to smoke

91、That’s Jim’s bag.Give ________,please.

A.it him B.it to him C.them him D.him them

92、-David, can you _______ yourself?

-Of course, I can.

A. dress B. put on C. wear

93、---Can I ________ your pen?

----- _________________________.

A.borrow. No, you can’t. B.use, Give you.

C.borrow, Sure, here you are. D.use, Sorry, I have one.

94、---Tom, why not stop ________ a rest?

--- Oh, no, Mum. It’s so exciting that I can’t stop _______ the kite.

A.having; flying B.to have; to fly C.having; to fly D.to have; flying


--- Would you like black or white coffee?

--- Well, I ______ coffee ______ milk.

C.would rather; A.prefer ; to B.prefer; with D.like; better than

96、The synonym of the word ―need‖ is ______.

A.influence B.require C.realize D.wish

97、Scott spent the _______ day _______ with his grandpa.

A.all, fishing B.all, to fish C.whole, fishing D.whole, to fish

98、Peter and I ________ in the same class. ________ are good friends.

A.are, us B.are, we C.is, our D.am, we

99、---Hi, Peter. Tomorrow is Sunday. Would you like ______ with me? ---Yes. Thanks .

A.go swimming B.to go swim C.to go swimming D.go swim

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