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1. Lincoln was born on ________.

A. February 12, 1809 B. 1809, February 12 C. 1809, 12 February D. February 1809,12

2. A _______ boy can sing the English song very well.

A. ten-year-old B. ten years old C. ten-year-old D. fifth years old

3. An hour later, _____ minister was sent to see the “magic cloth” woven by those two men.

A. two B. the second C. the two D. second

4. Abraham Lincoln was _______ President of the United States. A. 16 B. the 16 C. 16th D. the 16th

5. Do you think there is any room for us ________ ? A. two B. the two C. second D. the second

6. ----How many students are there in your class? ---________.

A. Twenty nine B. Thirty and two C. Forty-five D. fifties

7. Which number is wrong? _______. A. Ninety B. Ninteen C. Ninth D. Nineteenth

8. The People's Liberation Army was founded _______.

A. on August 1, 1927 B. in 1927, 1 August C. on August 1st 1927 D. in August 1, 1927

9. The number 4,123 is read _______.

A. four thousand one hundred and twenty-three B. four thousand and one hundred twenty-three

C. four thousand and a hundred and twenty-three D. four thousands a hundred and twenty-three

10. The old professor still works hard though he is _________.

A. in his sixty B. in his sixties C. in sixties D. in the sixty

11. This classroom is ________ ours.

A. three times big as B. as three times big as C. three times as big as D. as big three times as

12. The basketball team of our school ranks ________ in the match.

A. three B. third C. the three D. the third

13. Which is the car that he drives? It's ________.

A. fifty two B. the fifty-two cars C. the car fifty four D. the fifty-fourth car

14. Which of the following is wrong? ________.

A. He is a fifteen-year-old boy. B. He is at the age of 15. C. He is a boy of 15. D. He is fifteen year old.

15. Our school is not very big. There are only ________ students.

A. nine hundreds of B. nine hundred C. nine hundreds D. nine hundred of

16. -----How many new words are there in ________ lesson? -----There are only _________.

A. five; fifth B. fifth; five C. the fifth; the five D. the fifth; five

17. ________, Coca-Cola began to enter China's market.

A. In 1970's B. In 1970s C. In the 1970s' D. In the 1970s

18. There was no bus in that small town. We had a ________.

A. ten miles walk B. ten-mile walk C. ten mile's walk D. tenth mile walk

19. Today is the first day and ________.

A. Tuesday is fourth B. Thursday is the fourth C. second is Tuesday D. a second is Thursday

20. Which room do you live in? ________.

A. The 201 Room B. Room 201 C. Room 201st D. The 201's Room

21. How many magazines do you have? I have ________. A. two B. both C. twice D. the second

22. Three hundred thousand one hundred and seventy means A. 3,170 B. 3,117 C. 300,170 D. 30,170

23. On May ________, ________ people traveled round the country.

A. the first, millions B. the first, millions of C. first, the millionth D. first, millions

24. ________ of them are dining at school. A. Twelve B. Twelfth C. The twelve D. the 12th

25. It's 7:17 is read ________.

A. seven and seventeen B. seven seven C. seven one seven D. seven seventeen

26. Four ________ two is two. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

27. Three ________ five is eight. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

28. Three ________ seven is twenty-one. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

29. Forty-two ________ seven is six. A. plus B. minus C. times D. divided by

30. There are ________ days in a year.

A. three hundred sixty and five B. three hundred and sixty-five

C. three hundreds and sixty-five D. three hundred sixty-five

31. There are ________ students in that school.

A. two thousand eight-six B. two thousand eighty-six

C. two thousand and eighty-six D. two thousands and eighty-six

32. It took me ________ to get there.

A. two hours and a half B. two hours and half C. two hour and a half D. two hour and half

33. September is _________ month of the year.

A. the nineth B. the ninth C. nineth D. ninth

34. Please pass me _______ book on the left. A. third B. three C. the third D. the three

35. ________ is a very tall boy. A. The twelve B. The twelveth C. The twelfeth D.The twelfth

36. We have known each other for ________.

A. a year and half B. a year with half C. a year and a half D. a year with a half

37. “What year is it?” “It's ________.”

A. nineteen hundred and ninety-nine B. nineteen and ninety-nine

C. nineteen ninety and nine D. nineteen ninety-nine

38. “What's the date today?” “It's _________.”

A. Tuesday B. June Fourth C. June the four D. June the fourth

39. The train from Shanghai will arrive ________.

A. in quarter past six B. in a quarter past six C. at quarter past six D. at a quarter past six

40. My friend was born on _________.

A. three of July, 1979 B. the third of July,1979 C. 1979, July the third D. 1979, the third of July

41. ________ is less than ________.

A. One-third; two-thirds B. One-third; two-third C. First-three; first-threes D. One-third; one-three

42. Which lesson did you learn yesterday? ________.

A. Lesson Seven B. Lesson seventh C. The 7 Lesson D. 7 Lesson

43. “What day is it today?” “It's _______.”

A. the fourth of May B. the fourth May C. May D. Monday

44. 334 is read ________.

A. three hundreds and thirty four B. three hundreds thirty four

C. three hundred and thirty fourth D. three hundred and thirty-four

45. In February, there are only _________ days.

A. twenty nine B. twenty-nineth C. twenty-nine D. twenty eight

46. There will be a comedy on TV at ________ this evening.

A. seven past thirty B. half past seven C. seven the thirty D. thirty to seven

47. It took me ________ to find out the key to the drawer.

A. one and half hours B. one and a half hours C. one and a half hour D. one and half hour

48. I'm so tired after ________ walk. A. three hours B. three hours' C. three hour's D. three hour

49. There are ________ stars in the sky. A. million of B. millions of C. the million D. a million of

50. The street is ________ wide. A. two meters B. two meter C. the two meter D. a two meter

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